Major Challenges of IT Staff Augmentation and How to Solve Them?

Updated on Apr 18th, 2024

IT staff augmentation

In the current time, businesses around the world have accepted IT staff augmentation services as a tool to reduce their product’s time to market duration. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is now aware of the extreme capabilities of the remote working model. 

Studies suggest that a large number of businesses are now finding it more feasible to hire remote tech resources to boost their project development rate. It enhances the overall productivity of the process and brings down the cost. With correct IT staffing and consulting models, businesses can now enhance their capabilities by expanding their team remotely without any hassle. 

However, when it comes to implementing the IT staff augmentation model, many businesses face a number of challenges. The challenges in the IT staff augmentation model are associated with the normal workflow and the implementation. And these challenges need to be addressed before starting any project development with remote tech resources to ensure optimum results that enhance the brand value of a concerned business. 

In this blog, we have listed the most common challenges businesses face while implementing the IT staff augmentation model and their solution.  

Top Challenges of IT Staff Augmentation & Solutions 

To quote Occam’s razor, “Every problem has a solution, and the simplest solution is usually the best one.”. Challenges are meant to be resolved, and while welcoming qualified tech resources into your in-house teams, these challenges can impact the order of business. Hence, it’s better to resolve them at an early stage. 

Here are the top challenges and their solutions for you to execute your team augmentation process swiftly and attain the desired results.

Top Challenges of IT Staff Augmentation

1. The Need for Coherent Communication 

Communication is the key for a business to run smoothly. For any project development, you need to be in constant communication with your remote team to ensure quality standards are met, deadlines are being fulfilled, and much more. 

Most businesses face the problem of poor communication with their remotely hired team through IT resource augmentation services. Poor communication often halts the progress of any project development and often leads to unsuccessful projects. It is needed in case of any addition to the project requirements or any modification in the project. If your business can’t reach the team in the time of need, the project development often gets delayed.


Coherent communication is the foundation of any successful project development. A reliable IT staff augmentation company will implement all measures to ensure a constant stream of communication. At Matellio, we implement the best practices in the market to ensure good and coherent communication between your business and our qualified team of experts.

In the case of different time zones, Matellio’s developers agree on a time that’s feasible for both parties and organize review meetings at that specified time. Our experts will send you a detailed progress report at regular intervals to ensure the quality standards are met, and there’s a regular evaluation that makes sure the project is moving as per the defined guidelines. 

 We use ultra-modern communication channels to keep constant communication between our experts and your team, such as task management tools, messenger tools, video conferencing tools, continuous integration tools, source code repository, etc.

2. Finding the Right Person for the Job 

While hiring remote resources for a certain project, businesses often face the problem of finding the right person for the job with the right set of skills and experience. Businesses around the world often face a skill gap in their teams to get the job done. For instance, more than half of the businesses in the UK think that they are facing a skill gap.  

The reason for these skill gaps is the modern and evolving technologies; most of the teams or employees often don’t update themselves in terms of skills which creates the need for a skilled person with the right set of expertise in a particular area. 


The most analytical solution to the skill gap problem is to train your in-house teams as per the raising market standards. But training your resources or hiring full-time employees asks for a whole lot of time and capital.  

The simplest solution is finding a reliable IT staff augmentation company with the right resources to fulfill your requirements. When it comes to finding the right talent, location doesn’t matter in the modern age. You can hire dedicated resources remotely to complete your project as per your guidelines at an affordable rate. 

At Matellio, we have a team of certified experts with a diversified portfolio. Our qualified team possesses vast hands-on experience in next-gen technologies like Blockchain, AI/ML, AWS, and more. Along with being highly experienced in their respective fields, they are highly adaptable to any working environment. Our various hiring model delivers you the feasibility to either hire a whole development team or just a few of our dedicated developers for your varying project needs.

3. The Amount of Investment and ROI 

It’s natural to calculate the risk involved in any deal to analyze the return one gets. In the case of staff augmentation, businesses often worry about the return on investment as they want results faster. 

 There are certain questions that arise with the staff augmentation model, such as what’s the time required for the augmented resources to adapt their workflow and practices? Will this investment be worthwhile for the business or not? These questions are easier to answer than you think, especially if you find a reliable staff augmentation company. 


The answer to the most asked question, “how much will I have to spend while augmenting a team from a trusted firm?” is simple—It depends on the number of developers and other experts you want to hire and on the IT staff augmentation model that your business chooses.  

If you look at the bigger picture, these expenses are nothing as compared to your in-house team expenses such as health insurance, retirement benefits, legal fees, and much more. You can eliminate these expenses with hired resources as the IT staffing and consulting provider bear them all. 

Matellio offers four IT staff augmentation models that suit different needs of your business. You can hire resources separately or a full team. Our hiring models are flexible and deliver the best ROI. Our IT staff augmentation models are as follows:

Time & Material Model
Time & Material Model
Turnkey Project Model
Turnkey Project Model
Dedicated Developer Model
Dedicated Developer Model
Custom Hiring Model
Custom Hiring Model

4. Distinct Expectations 

In any project development, every member of the team puts in a lot of effort and time, but all that work can go in vain if the expectations of both parties don’t get along. Businesses often face the problem of getting the final project that doesn’t satisfy their requirements. Often staffing partners and their developers get a different understanding of the project and the final outcome is a failed project. Despite putting in all that effort and the project fails and brings along a huge loss. 


The simple solution to get the project outcomes as expected is to set clear expectations at the time of augmenting a development team from an IT staff augmentation firm. Clear communication is the key, and before shaking hands on a team augmentation deal, you should thoroughly research the service provider firm. Find out the previous record, client feedback, and other related parameters to get an idea about the company’s workflow. 

At Matellio, our developers and experts listen to every single detail of the project to bring the best outcomes to meet your business standards. We get your expectations and put them in writing right from our first meeting. We enlist parameters of the project, response deadline and curate an effective communication schedule. Our developers and experts constantly stay in touch with your business for regular evaluations to ensure the project development is going in the right direction.

5. Inconsistent Knowledge Transfer 

Knowledge transfer is considered the most important part of any project development process.  Without a well-defined plan for transferring knowledge, businesses run a risk of organizational waste. With staff augmentation, businesses often face the problem of inconsistent knowledge transfer that leads to a waste of their time, efforts, and investment. 


The simplest solution to the knowledge transfer problem is to augment with a firm that has an exceptionally good track record and implement the best practices as per the global market standard. 

Matellio never disappoints when it comes to following the rules and implementing effective strategies. We deliver you a well-planned result-oriented knowledge transfer strategy to ensure seamless transfer of all the data. Our strategy ensures the required information is transferred as per the defined stage. Our team ensures all tech documentation is complete and precise. We conduct regular Q&A sessions and meetings to verify every piece of information at the scheduled time. 

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