MLS Software Development – A Complete Guide

Updated on Apr 18th, 2024

MLS Software Development - A Complete Guide

You’ve probably heard the phrase “MLS” when searching to buy or sell a house. It stands for multiple listing service or multiple listing system and is a crucial tool utilized by real estate brokers. It makes it simpler for brokers and real estate agents to match their buyers with homes and sellers.

Continue reading to learn more about MLS in real estate and the advantages of MLS software development services for real estate organizations. We’ll also discuss why you should invest in MLS software for real estate!

  • In order to link property investors and dealers, an MLS enables agents to view each other’s profiles of real estate for sale.
  • The real estate MLS software development increases your property’s exposure to prospective purchasers. Thousands of real estate agents and brokers who’ve had access to the software can see your property when you post it on the MLS. It dramatically raises your property’s chances of selling.
  • An MLS facilitates communication between real estate professionals and agents by collecting and exchanging data while splitting commissions.
  • Predictive analytics, AR/VR integration and virtual tour are some of the advanced features of real estate MLS software.

So, let’s without any further ado, let’s get started!

What is MLS?

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a network of real estate professionals that work together. It is a software system that enables real estate firms and their agents to communicate information about available properties.  

Moving ahead, let’s talk about,

Benefits of MLS Software Development Services for Real Estate Businesses!

The primary purpose of the MLS software is to provide a list of properties for sale, organized by categories. These include, among other things, property type, business model, age, cost, geographic location, and built-up area. For cooperating real estate agents, a sizable, simple-to-consult database is produced.

Some of the top benefits of real estate MLS software are as:

Provides Expert Consultation

The MLS software provides expert advice to assist you in running your real estate firm. You can speak with a real estate agent or broker with MLS access if you have inquiries regarding a property or the market. To assist you in making wiser investment choices, these experts can offer insightful guidance.

The MLS also provides educational tools to assist you in learning more about real estate investing, such as publications and webinars. You can learn a lot from these sources and improve your grasp of the market. By utilizing these materials, you can improve as an investor.

Builds Networks

Real estate brokers, investors, and agents are connected by an MLS system. Buying and selling both benefit from it. For instance, the MLS will put you in touch with a real estate agent who has accessibility to the homes you’re engaged in if you’re a buyer searching for an estate. If you’re a seller, on the other hand, the MLS will put you in touch with prospective buyers who are concerned in your properties.

The MLS offers real estate agents a venue to advertise their estates to a larger clientele. It thereby improves the likelihood of a rapid and honest sale of a property. Additionally, timely sales of houses assist stabilize the real estate market and prevent low prices.

Flourishing Estate Markets

Each side greatly benefits when buyers and sellers are matched more effectively. Both buyers and sellers can get the exposure they need to identify the exact real estate they’re searching for and to ensure that it sells quickly for the great deals.

The real estate industry, which is one of the opaquest, is made more open and efficient overall because to the data provided on MLSs.

Property Information

Users of an MLS have access to a variety of data about the properties in the neighbourhood, including advertisements, specifications, location and size, amenities, and images of each estate. Since the information would be challenging to collect without a centralised database, it is only available to MLS users, which is a considerable advantage.


The MLS is the best tool available to sellers. An MLS profile may be seen by a buyer’s real estate agent and contains all the important information about your property that the buyer desires to know. The usage of multiple listing services by all zones’ real estate agents as their primary source of listing information ensures that a property receives the most exposure possible. They also permit agents to collaborate to share a commission during the event.

Multiple listing services provide equal chances for agents who work for small or large brokerage houses. The system enables marketers to look for houses in a specific budget with qualities they think their customers will find appealing.

Apart from above mentioned, some other benefits of MLS software development services are:

  • By dealing with an agent with MLS access, a buyer can access listed houses for sale and find one that meets their specific requirements. 
  • Real estate brokers also profit from MLS as it gives them access to more homes, enabling them to increase commissions from sales.
  • Through the MLS, a seller gets the most advertising for their property and can relax knowing that all the brokers in the neighborhood may view the house for sale.
  • For brokers and agents, the MLS continues to be a time-saving gem.

As you’ve seen the benefits of MLS software development services for real estate; now let’s move forward and discuss,

Top Must-Have Features of Real Estate MLS Software!

Following are some features that you can consider during real estate MLS software development:

Real Estate MLS Software - Features

Predictive Analytics

With algorithms that enable investment research, real-time predictions, market insights, and exact reporting, this functionality delivers valuation model- and predictive analytics-based solutions.

AR/VR Integration

In order to provide solutions that change the game, you can integrate AR/VR technology into your real estate software development. With the help of our AR/VR-compatible solutions, you may provide services like interactive floor plans, virtual tours, 3D property visualization, and more.


Users can save their preferred properties to their accounts for subsequent access. The “favorites” feature’s drawback is that a user must register for an account to store a piece of property. This is an excellent strategy for real estate brokers and agents to gather leads and then follow up with suitable bids.

Virtual Tour

Users have an interactive platform to view the property, thanks to the functionality of the virtual tour. Additionally, people can use this in the convenience of their own house. Of course, incorporating images and videos is still essential. However, customers may view the property from whatever angle they choose, thanks to the virtual tour.

Connect Management

With this functionality, the user can add or change contacts, search for customers, create mailing lists for pre-planning auto-emails to prospects, and generate and email MLS reports, among other functionalities.


Give your users the option to calculate the overall cost of their property, accounting for loan interest and repayments, installments, taxes, and insurance rates.

Contracts & Listings

This functionality allows users to add, edit, and view contracts and forms. They can also enable placing contract templates, and some users can print, send, and e-sign the contracts. Additionally, it can add/edit new listings, schedule listing additions, save prior searches, and make notes about favorite properties for later use.


Your users can enter the precise information about the property they desire using the Filters option. Looking for properties will improve your use of the software overall. As a result, your clients will be able to use the software more conveniently and hassle-free.

User Management

Manage your teams and office employees while adding new agents, realtors, and users to the multiple listing service for real estate. Additionally, it allows the administrator to allocate and limit users’ access to features, functionalities, and data.

As you’ve seen the benefits and features of real estate MLS software development; now, let’s move forward and discuss,

MLS Real Estate Software

Getting Started with MLS Software Development – Key Steps to Follow

Following are the steps that you must consider while custom real estate software development!

MLS Software Development - Key Steps to Follow

Build A PlanBuild a plan

An extensive analysis of the project’s core constitutes the first stage of real estate software development services.

Understanding and defining the target audience is another aspect of software development that would benefit from knowledge about previous applications. Evaluate your software concept’s competitors before diving headfirst into real estate software development.

Design WireframesDesign Wireframes

A wireframe is a low-fidelity representation of your software’s UI and UX, giving you a general idea of how it works and flows without going into the specifics of style and pattern.

The UX and UI designers will enhance the chosen wireframes to make the software seem appealing. In this step, UI elements will be built, and the user will be designed, among other things. It’s vital to remember that this stage calls for the creation of a high-fidelity mock-up. Then, your developers can convert this prototype into usable software.

Software that is easy to use tends to have more user engagement. As a result, keep your real estate MLS software simple and avoid making the functionality too complex.

Choose A Professional Real Estate Software Development CompanyChoose A Professional Real Estate Software Development Company

A dedicated development team is needed to create an efficient and successful final result, as real estate software development services are a difficult and time-consuming procedure.

You need to include the following roles for your real estate MLS software development project:

  • Front-end developers 
  • Back-end developers 
  • UI/UX designers 
  • QA testers 
  • Project manager 
  • Business analyst


Start DevelopmentStart the Development

During this stage, your developers will begin creating the software’s code. The development stage of the process takes the longest. This is because your real estate software developers will draw many models before finding one that meets your expectations. 

Although effective communication with your developers is crucial to maintaining a smooth development process, you’ll be able to comprehend the foundation of the software’s concept thanks to this, which will be useful in the future. Knowing the software’s core will make updates and testing the custom real estate software easier.

Test Your MLS Software SolutionTest Your MLS Software Solution

During this stage, you are preparing your software for release and ensuring that the intended audience can use it. Software testing is the most important stage because it ensures quality and obviates errors. Several techniques can be used to test your software. You can choose a small group of prospective users and make the software available to them if you wish to beta-test it. You can more successfully test the software by using their feedback.

Are-YouReal Estate MLS Software Development

How much will MLS software development cost in 2023?

Numerous deciding elements affect the overall custom real estate software development cost, making it impossible to pinpoint the time and cost of developing real estate MLS software.

Factors affecting the cost are:

  • Features & functionalities 
  • Hired real estate software development company 
  • Platform used 
  • Software’s complexity

Therefore, it’s crucial to understand the scope of your project and set reasonable expectations for your real estate software developers. You can get assistance with this aspect from a variety of real estate software development companies. The optimal strategy, however, involves comprehending the steps and adding up the associated expenditures.

How can Matellio help?

If you lack the expertise, creating a real estate MLS software development might be difficult to comprehend the project to include the essential features. As a result, you will require round-the-clock assistance from a group of real estate software development companies. That’s where experts at Matellio can help!

Our talented real estate software developers work together to build user-friendly software solutions that support the goals of our clients. So, get in contact with us if you’re looking for reliable and efficient real estate MLS software.


In recent years, the real estate sector has grown significantly. Since it expedites and simplifies the house purchase or rental process and has the potential to satisfy both clients and agents, a real estate MLS software development is bound to be a success. However, to continue accomplishing great things as the volume of traffic rises, be sure to build a software that is easy to scale and manage.

If you are looking for an experienced real estate software development company, we are the ideal partner! Get in touch with our expert team to discuss your project requirements and begin your real estate MLS software development in no time!

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