Must have features in video app like vine

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

Must have features in video app like vine

Vine was one app that was used by millions during its short lifespan but unfortunately stopped by its parent company, which then spawned many similar platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Tiktok.However, videos complied with Vine were most watched videos on YouTube and went on to become one of the most watched contents for the years. Over the years the videos created with Vine has crept into our pop culture and among the millennials. You would rarely see a millennial throwing an empty bottle without yelling ‘YEET’. Hence apps like Vine are becoming part and parcel of our culture. So to be relevant in the market of video app developments, it is crucial that you develop apps that are sought after. In this article, we will look into the features that you might consider incorporating in your video apps that would make it a success. For example, we will discuss the features of Vine as an app. The relevance of a video app in today’s market is no longer limited to the users of smartphone it is also being used by social media marketing companies to promote the products and brands.

Growing Video App Development Market

India is becoming the fastest app development market for mobile applications for both Google’s Android Play Store and Apple iOS. According to the App Annie company, one of the most sought after apps in the markets are those that have video features in them. As a result apart from Netflix and Tinder Facebook, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp become the most downloaded apps. With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram having their integrated video application in their individual apps resulted in Vine’s demise in 2016. Despite the aforementioned apps having integrated videos still, the demand for apps like Vine are growing.  This can be understood from some of the following statistics shared by some of the market researches

  • 24 million downloads were done of 25 free iPhone video and photo apps.
  • iTunes store has 16,924 video and photo apps and 6,307 are listed in Google Play Store.
  • Out of 508 video and photo apps, two-thirds were introduced in the last 12 months.
  • The demand for filter and effect as well as for looping facility in video and photo apps are increasing.
  • There is also the trend of the giant companies going for major acquisitions for such photo and video apps, e.g. Facebook’s plan to acquire Instagram.

So the time for the companies for video app developments are good, they are in a position where they can develop the apps that can be a hit among the users. Furthermore, the developers have an avenue for alternative monetization with the options given to the users for more in-app purchasing. So bringing the Vine back is a pretty worthy idea.

What is the Vine App?

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Vine was a free mobile application that allowed users to record videos and share it with other users of the app. The also enabled users to loop a video clip and share unlimited short videos that were of six seconds maximum. The app was founded in June 2012 and in October 2012 Twitter bought the app. In 2013 Vine was launched and any video that was published with Vine could be shared on social media networks like Twitter and Facebook. With Vine users were able to view the trending videos, browse videos with themes and was a good competitor to Instagram and Mobil. In 2015 despite Vine having 200 million active users, Twitter in 2017 October announced that it will disable any further video uploads on Vine but users could still watch and download videos. In 2017, January an archive for Vine videos was launched by Twitter so users can watch previously uploaded videos but no further actions can be taken and the Vine app was discontinued. The primary reason for the discontinuation of Vine was the result of many other competing platforms launching a similar app that allowed users with 15 seconds of video time. But despite the launch of the new modified version of short videos by other apps Vine still remains the path breaker because with it allowed video editing, stop motion animation and journalists also used to capture breaking news and events.

Who Uses Vine-Like Apps?

The social media users like Facebook and Twitter users primarily used vine. But it was not limited to them. Journalists used it to document historic events like the 2013 United States embassy bombing in Ankara. The social media marketing companies also used it as a promotional tool, e.g. the track listing of the album Random Access Memories by Daft Punk. Even Dunkin Donuts used it for television advertising. In its short span of existence, Vine was used for several activities on the Internet, social media websites and even to organize demonstrations. In 2015 the company launched Vine kids that allowed to create a space for children to watch videos that were appropriate for them. The videos for Vine children were vetted by the curators of Vine to ensure they were G-rated.  

What are the Key Features of Apps Like Vine?

The launch of any app is undoubtedly aimed for the revenue and the revenue of the app is determined by some uniquely essential and heart winning components. If you are one of the startups who wish to launch a video app like Vine there are key features that you must consider incorporating because they were the features that made Vine mattered and successful.

1. Countdown

The short videos are important to be exclusive and must contain the most hilarious moment. The count down helps user in becoming ready.

2. On-Screen Drawing

With Vine, user was able to draw on screen, which enables him to make video as creative as possible. It is the must have feature to include while developing an video sharing app.

3. Crop-Videos

With 6 seconds limitation, user need to use only the most hilarious bits of video for sharing. For this, Vine allows the user to crop the video content, which is an essential part to be added without giving a second thought.

4. Frontal Camera

The reaction videos using the small frontal camera are highly rising trends. Adding an overlay camera can help to build popularity using the trend.

  • It allowed people to capture videos of everything, giving a voice to everyone without discretion.
  • Consider having a kid-friendly section to the app that is vetted well.
  • It allowed music to be discovered with the modification of the pop music that became catchy and crowd puller.
  • Video looping is important and the uploading of new dance moves where dance craze becomes popular among young adults.
  • Consider producing in-touch pop artists as a smart producer of music
  • Be creative in popularizing comedy with a specific section dedicated to comedy
  • Consider in-app purchase to modify the video
  • Enable sharing it with as many social media platforms as possible to gain traction.

All these factors enabled Vine to be a success and you can make a success of a video app too.

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What are Benefits of Apps Like Vine?

Before diving into the pool of development of an app like vine, it is an essential step to first analyze it from a business perspective. Proper analysis and the well-thought process can be the cost and time saver. The spiking boom in the popularity of the original app and the people widely sharing the content are the good indicators of the success of Vine. There are a few more benefits, such as :

1. High Chances of Attracting Huge Investment

 There are many apps like vine which has raised a huge investment and gained high success. Among those flourishing apps are China-based app Luke which got $272 million as investment and Kwai, with a $ 350 million tencent investments. These success stories ensure app development a secure bet for stakeholders.

2. Growth of Smartphones Users

The prospective users of your apps are secure because almost every smartphone is interested in either making/uploading videos or sharing them. According to statista, there are almost 2.5 billion smartphone users in the world, and the same can be the number of prospective users of your app.

3. Direct Revenue Model

The video-sharing app is the easiest ready to borrow revenue model. Here one thing, you must focus over is the mistakes by the original app. The lack of management was the drawback of the vine and you can take advantage of successful similar apps like Snapchat and Asian Weishi.


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