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Updated on Dec 15th, 2023

Website like Bewakoof

From retail to wholesale, locally to globally the e-commerce market has transformed the pattern of business. A few years back, the success of the retailers was confined to certain peripheries. Due to the introduction of e-commerce, even small retailers are able to get attention globally. Now it is impossible to know exactly from where it all started and It seems difficult to measure the scope of the e-commerce market due to the enormous possibilities of selling products through upgraded technology.

Growth of E-commerce Market

The growth rate of the global e-commerce market grew at 18% which was expected to increase by 15.3% from 2017 in the saturated market. According to the initial projections, the total purchase of consumers worldwide has been about $2.86 trillion. According to estimates, In 2018 E-Commerce penetration increased due to unsatisfactory total retail sales across the world. The retail sales increased by 3.3% in 2018 to $18.84 trillion from $18.25 trillion in 2017. The USA and China contribute more than half of the global e-commerce sales in 2017. In the same year, China increased its share by 1.3% in 2017 to 12.9%.

Fashion E-commerce market facts:

Due to the introduction of e-commerce in the fashion industry, the consumer needs a convenient medium to buy their needs. They would browse through mobile apps, consumer-generated content, best delivery option, etc. There is an essential readjustment for the fashion brands and retailers in their traditional business models by keeping pace with changing technology and consumers demand. It is predicted that the global online fashion market will reach $765 billion by the year 2022. Furthermore, according to a recent forecast from Forrester, 36% of total fashion retail sales are expected to be done online and were more than the half of the global online population has purchased their goods online. The major sales figure rose up in clothes and footwear fashion accessories. E-commerce dominated the fashion market with 27% of global fashion sales this year than the global retail sales of 15% for the previous year.

The concept which threw Bewakoof to success:


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The journey of Bewakoof.con was amusing as since the day of its inception on April fool day. The idea of the business came in the mind when both the founders were exchanging different business ideas outside the college. They wanted to get people’s attention to their brand with their catchy and interesting name. According to them, the name of the company shows that they do eat they love, no matter what society thinks. As most of the time, it calls you Bewakoof.

Therefore, the passion led with funny and humorous quotations printed on their product, the balance between relevance and innovative designs or lines. stands out among different e-commerce fashion retailers due to

  1. An immersive and interactive experience with attentive service features.
  2. The Bewakoof sells fashion apparels with very catchy and unique content.
  3. The customer finds their website attractive and well designed with high quality and high-resolution images.
  4. There are multiple images which are flattering and informative. Due to the handy tools, it eases the process of decision making for a customer.
  5. It delivers customers a rich experience with the available customization, design, usability, and content.
  6. The product categorization, product details, secured payment gateway, product suggestions, etc separate them from ubiquitous online fashion retailer.
  7. The website like is narrower, multi-device and easier to browse.

Features of an app like Bewakoof:Bewakoof App

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Lifestyle and fashion apps are usually mistaken as simple as e-commerce apps. The fashion market is speedily growing wherein, the UK alone its worth is £66bn. The industry researcher FashionUnited names it one of the most contested markets in the world. Here we will be sharing some important features of your app like along with the development path to help you beat the competitors. However, some essential features make them different from common e-commerce apps and e-commerce website development:

Attractive user interface: UI is the core thing, which keeps the user engaged. The success of an app greatly depends over the presentation which results in the conversion rate. The eye-catching themes, vibrant colors, alluring design, and catchy images stop the eyes of users.

Easy registration process: Today, there is a number of fashion apps available in the market, offering users myriad of options online. Therefore, it becomes hard to keep them engaged. The easy registration process ensures the customer to stay on your app for longer, which you can leverage with help of push notification. Whereas the tedious registration process discourages the user from stay longer on the app.

Smooth Navigation: Cluttered interface annoys the customer and makes the user jump back to another app. The uncluttered app interface with the products place at the relevant interface makes easy browsing and smooth navigation. Creating filters help in searching for the desired products with minimum clicks. Alongside, the slow loading speed is keeping the potential shoppers away from the app.

Push Notification: Once the user is registered, you can keep him aware of the deals with push notifications. The communication through push notification updates user with product launches, fair deals, and seasonal offers. This way you can build a direct relationship between the customer and your business.

Multiple Payment Option: Most of the fashion and lifestyle store website like bewakoof offer services to international buyers, which require multiple payment options.

Reviews: The user tends to get affected by product reviews and feedbacks. The experience of first-hand users plays a significant role in expanding sales. The positive review increases the trustworthiness of your brand.

Analytics: You can make the future strategy with the help of analytic and current trends. The analytics helps you in understanding consumer behavior on the basis of location and design the business strategy for e-commerce website development.

Image Color: When consumer changes color then changed, color must be applied to all producer views. The changed picture as according to the color selection must be available from all angles. It enables them to visualize their product in a better way. There must be consistency in images of the product between the color selections for the same product. There must be proper different angle views for every image with a different color.

Material Description: It is not easy for the customer to read the label, so he should be provided with all possible information about the product. The description should be so detailed like item number, inseam sizing, material, washing information, hem size, etc. It plays a vital role in accelerating the sale of a product.

Suggestions: While selecting their product, the consumer encounters the problem of matching color or outfit. The suggestion of available complementary items makes better chances of sale as it makes it easy to purchase for consumers.

Return Information: The facility of product return decimated the uncertainty in the consumer’s mind. It is an additional feature once the consumer is ready to add your product in his cart, there must not be any kind of discouragement like no facility of return. The information about shipping and return of products make you sure about more sales.

Notification about available size: Sometimes it happens that consumer could not find his size due to non-availability of the product. Now he can be notified for his desired size or color later by email or app notification. It enables the provider to fulfill the need of the customer by not losing him just for the limited availability of stock.

Delivery time –Consumer is always keen about tracking their delivery time after ordering their order. It is a crucial segment as it reduces the frequency of returns due to late delivery. The information about the estimated time of delivery makes their mind either to order a product or skip.


Pathway for e-commerce website development and app development:

Start with research: Research is the first most and critical step for the development of a website like bewakoof. It is just the tip of the iceberg. Before deciding what to sell online, the understanding of different platforms and business models is necessary. Therefore, the first thing to be done is to choose your niche by identifying the competition in the market. Further, there are many e-commerce platforms available such as Magento, Shopify, Big Cartel, etc. You must pick the right e-commerce platform to get success in online business.

Pricing and Ease of Use: Determining the cost of the development is a crucial task which also helps in altering the strategy. Many options available help in developing customized e-commerce stores through simple interfaces for small businesses and startups. These platforms cost less but in recurring format while providing limited options for functionality. Additionally, the admin interface must be easy for managing the front-end that is crucial for the success of an app.

Designs and Plugins: The design of your site produces an opinion in the mind of a new visitor. It is a general perspective that people do not trust on poorly designed sites. All of the E-commerce platforms offer a limited number of free professional, polished and customized design templates. They are so beautifully designed for convincing the potential customer to purchase the available product. The unique designs and theme make your app look different and woos the customer.

Additionally, the third party plug-in makes the application more capable. It enables the developer to integrate the crucial features like a payment gateway to the app. The plugin integration is subjected to the need of your app. The e-commerce development platform offers the handy plug-in suite for enabling the functionality of an app.

Payment Side: It is important to integrate the payment gateway which works optimally well with your e-commerce platform. Few third-party plug-ins available ensures the ease of payment offering multiple payment options for users. The futuristic solution like cryptocurrency is also popularly used for the payment which is an advantage if integrated by the e-commerce development company.

Nature of product and Its source: Stock is an axis of every e-commerce business and developer has to make sure about its nature, market, customer, etc. It is a fact that what you choose among different e-commerce designs should look compatible with your product. The research to figure out the ideal product shows the exact need for the market. Now it comes to the ways to search the suppliers which may be through online directories, trade group websites, etc.

How e-commerce development company can help?

The success of the fashion e-commerce app is significantly affected by the above factors. These factors when paid attention helps in retaining the clients. However, an app is built with certain technical aspects in mind, which is crucial for working in a smooth manner. The e-commerce development company ensures the app is built to work well on every platform and is entitled to the continuous maintenance operation for thriving through the competition. Collaborating with the renowned company or competent developers helps you in building the perfectly customized app in place of depending over the readymade platforms such as Shopify. E-commerce development can be fun if worked on the right path.


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