Offshore Mobile App Development – A Quick Guide

Offshore Mobile App Development - A Quick Guide

As companies are digitizing and innovation is at every corner of the global market, the concept of offshore mobile app development is gaining pace. The market, valued at 122.58 billion in 2022, is soon predicted to surpass 283.45 billion by 2030! And why not? After all, offshore mobile app development is profitable for companies of all sizes and domains.    

In today’s fast-paced digital world, everybody likes to launch quality products quickly and cost-effectively. However, nobody likes to take the pain of hiring and maintaining a dedicated in-house development team. This is where offshore mobile app development comes in handy.   

Offshore mobile app development can be a game-changer for businesses, providing them access to a vast pool of talented developers at a fraction of the cost compared to in-house development. In this blog post, we will explore the basics of offshore mobile app development and how it can benefit businesses of all sizes. So, let’s dive in!  

  • Offshore mobile app development is a growing trend adopted by many global companies, whether startups, SMEs, enterprises, or even Fortune 500 firms.  
  • There are many benefits of hiring offshore mobile app developers like easy access to talented resources, needs-based hiring, faster and efficient app development, access to a wide range of development services, and reduced costs.  
  • When hiring offshore mobile app developers, always ensure that you check their portfolio and customer reviews, ensure that they follow the proper methodologies, and have access to next-gen tech experts. 
  • Your chosen offshore mobile app development company should also be weel-versed with the latest app development trends and should have in-depth industry expertise.  
  • Opt for the company that offers free expert consultation, a no-obligation quote, and market and competitor analysis services.

What is Offshore Mobile App Development?

Offshore mobile app development is the process of enhancing your project by outsourcing mobile app development to a firm located in a different country. You can hire app developers from a reputable company located in a different region to leverage their talent, expertise, and professional services for your business. Offshore mobile app development enables you to hire app developers at flexible pricing models and scale your development team per your project needs easily.   

And wait, that’s not all! There are several benefits that make this concept the best for companies worldwide. To name a few, we have:

Offshore Mobile App Development - Top Benefits

Cost-Effective App Development

Cost-effectiveness is the primary reason why businesses choose offshore mobile app development. There are many costs associated with in-house mobile app development, namely the cost of infrastructure, machines, salaries, pensions, taxes, etc. However, that’s not the case with offshore mobile app development.   

Since offshore app developers are frequently found in nations with a lower cost of living, this reduces your app development cost. With offshore mobile app development, you can hire qualified app developers who have a stronger skill set at a much lesser cost. All of that adds up to big financial savings for your company.   

Easy Access to Talented Resources

Another advantage of offshore mobile app development is access to a wider pool of talent. Offshore companies can provide access to a diverse range of developers with various skill sets, allowing businesses to choose the best for their projects.   

Not just that, you can also get various other resources, including DevOps engineers, testers, UI/UX engineers, designers, project managers, and even consultants, all in one place. That saves you time in finding the best resources and offers you more time to market your product.   

Innovative App Development Approach

There are many approaches to creating a custom mobile application. However, only experts know the best approach that ensures success for a specific type of mobile app, and a reputable offshore development company has those experts. The talented offshore mobile app developers have expertise in working with companies from a variety of industries. They have experience in delivering complex mobile applications on time. Thus, you can count on them to manage compliance, spot emerging industry trends, and research your competitors.  

Vast Options to Choose from

Finally, there are many offshore app development companies around the globe that offer you a comprehensive range of services for your project. You get vast options to choose from based on your needs and budget. Hence, that helps you leverage the best company and skillset for enhancing your business growth.

Due to such magnificent benefits, this concept has become increasingly popular, and companies, including Google, Amazon, Lyft, and more, are using this model. Don’t you believe us? Below is the market scenario of offshore app development that supports us!  

Market Scenario of Offshore Mobile App Development

As per Statista, 255 billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2022. Do you think all the companies build those mobile apps with an in-house development team? No! In fact, a majority of companies, including large enterprises, don’t have a dedicated in-house development team. They follow the league of successful businesses and outsource their project to an experienced offshore development team.  

Offshore app development has become a common practice in the market. Not just Fortune 500 companies but even SMEs and Unicorns today are investing in offshore services to boost their product development process and get a quality solution matching their brand value.   

As per a trusted source, more than 60% of the companies worldwide outsource their projects to an offshore development company. Another stat confirms this growth and predicts that the number will grow to 70% in the coming years.   

The market research also shows that the offshore app development market will grow exponentially with a CAGR of 10.13% from 2022 to 2030!   

Hence, it is clear that offshore app development is quickly gaining huge momentum, and companies, especially from the USA, Australia, and Europe, are investing in this profitable trend!   

Why Should You Hire Offshore Mobile App Developers for Your Project?

From the stats mentioned above, one thing is clear offshore mobile app development has not remained a new term in the market. In fact, large enterprises and SMEs are leveraging this concept to release new and innovative products in the market quickly and efficiently. But what makes offshore mobile app development a profitable concept for companies?  

In other words, how can you benefit from hiring offshore app developers for your project? Let’s explore!   

Cost SavingsCost Saving

The cost of your project will be greatly decreased by hiring offshore mobile app developers. That’s because they often reside in nations with lower living expenses; thus, employing offshore developers is also less expensive. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about giving them access to the same resources that you would need to give to internal developers, such as office space and tools.  

Expertise-and-ExperienceAccess to a Large Talent Pool

One of the primary benefits of offshore mobile app development is offering you wide access to experienced developers. You get a reliable development team for your project where each developer has vast experience in creating custom applications. Not just that, but you also get experienced testers, consultants, and designers that ensure the success of your custom mobile app.   


When you work with offshore mobile app developers, you have the freedom to scale your team according to the demands of your project. Additionally, some companies also offer flexible hiring models for different requirements so that you can employ developers for both short- and long-term projects.  

End-of-Line-Quality-AssuranceQuality Assurance

Most offshore mobile app developers are dedicated to delivering top-notch work and meeting deadlines. They are familiar with working with clients from other countries and value cooperation and communication. Hence, they strive to deliver tested products that perform efficiently across platforms and devices. Some companies also offer security, functional, performance, load testing services, and even automated testing services for your software product.   

Focus on Continuous ImprovementFocus on Core Competencies

You can concentrate on your core strengths by hiring offshore mobile app developers while leaving the creation of your application to professionals. Not just the development part, but some professional offshore mobile app development companies also offer services like consulting, DevOps, app analytics, UI/UX, testing, and even SEO for your custom application that help you build success for your product. This enables you to focus on other crucial facets of your company.  

Compliance RiskRisk and Compliance Management

By hiring offshore mobile app developers, you can reduce the risk of delays, budget overruns, and other issues that may arise during the app development process. Offshore developers often have a lot of experience working on similar projects, which means that they are able to anticipate and mitigate potential risks.

All in all, hiring an offshore app development company can help you win the competition curve. You remain free of hiring and maintaining an in-house team while simultaneously you get a dedicated development team working on your project.   

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Are you still confused about hiring an offshore team for mobile app development? Don’t worry; we have got you covered! Click below to book a free 30-min consultation slot with our experts and discover the most amazing benefits that you can enjoy by choosing us as your offshore app development partner!

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Things to Consider While Hiring Offshore Mobile App Developers?

Hiring Offshore Mobile App Developers - Things to Consider

So, we are at the most awaited section of our blog post – choosing the best offshore app development company. Well, the definition of ‘the best offshore app development company’ varies for different businesses. There may be a company that is liked by many, but you may not find them suitable. In other cases, you may find an offshore service provider well-suited even with less experience and portfolios.   

Hence, you can make the best decision by considering the points below:  

Language Barrier and Communication Skill

The language barrier is one of the major concerns that businesses face when opting for offshore mobile app development. There are several instances where companies choose offshore partners that cannot understand their native language.   

As a result, the project suffers. The client cannot communicate their problems effectively, and the offshore mobile app developers can’t transform their ideas and need into a business-focused app. Hence, always make sure that you choose an offshore mobile app development company that is fluent in your native language.   

The developers, testers, designers, and project managers should be able to understand and communicate with you effectively to understand your pain points and suggest the best possible solution for your problem. Additionally, they should also involve you at every stage of custom app development to ensure that you receive an expected software product resonating with your business goals.   

Cost of Services

Well, this is the most important factor that most companies look at when selecting an offshore mobile app development partner. And why not? Everybody likes to get a custom app at cost-effective prices. However, the cost and quality do not go together in the app development market.  

There is a high chance that you may not receive quality app development services by partnering with a low-cost app development company. They may not provide reliable support and maintenance services or consulting, or they do not have experienced developers. Hence, always look for quality before cost when investing in offshore mobile app development. After all, we are sure that you do not want any product that offers glitches and errors to your end-users after a few days of launching.   

So, rather than cost, look for offshore service providers who offer flexible pricing models for hiring app developers. They should also offer needs-based scaling services to help you increase or reduce your app development team anytime during the project.     

Range of Services Available

Nobody wants to take the pain of finding and hiring reliable resources for their project, and that’s why companies opt for offshore app development services. However, what if you do not get everything in one place even after choosing offshore mobile app development? You would feel cheated! So, don’t let that happen to you.  

Always partner with a company that offers all the services in one place. For instance, we at Matellio offer a wide array of services, including DevOps consulting, business and technology consulting, strategy creation, big data analytics, UI/UX, cloud migration, testing, and even managed services to our clients.   

We also offer a free 30-minute expert consultation along with market and competitor analysis to our clients, irrespective of the size and domain. Hence, you must choose a company that offers such a wide range of services so that you get everything in one place, and you have more time to market your product.   

Industry-specific Knowledge

Apart from providing a comprehensive range of services, your chosen offshore mobile app development company should also be well-versed in understanding your industry-specific concerns. There are many things that only an industry expert can know. For instance, the compliances followed in the healthcare and the finance industry or the trends in the retail sector.  

All these things make a big impact on your app development process and the final product. With an expert, you can know the best trends that can help you build success for your product. You can also eliminate the legal penalties by following the right compliances.    

Hence, you should always partner with a company that has industry-wide experience in designing and developing custom applications. Check out their portfolios to know whether they have worked with different businesses or not!    

Expertise in Next-gen Technologies

Today’s era is all about digitization, innovation, and competitiveness, and next-gen technologies are the only source of achieving all that for your business. Whether we talk about cloud computing, AI, IoT, AR/VR, or even Blockchain, businesses of all sizes and domains are implementing these next-gen technologies to become more sophisticated, advanced, and profitable. So, when everybody is doing it, why should you be left behind?  

Hence, always partner with an offshore mobile app development company that has expertise in providing next-gen solutions for your company. Your chosen offshore mobile app developers should carefully analyze your requirements to suggest the best next-gen tech suitable for your custom application.   

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Another crucial factor that you must consider while choosing an offshore app development partner is customer reviews and ratings. Nearly every site has a customer review section that lists the brands they have worked with and their feedback. Hence, you should invest some time in finding those partners and connecting with them personally to know the work culture and deliverance of the brand.  

Besides that, there are many platforms like Design Rush, Clutch, and others that list the top companies and rate them based on their services and quality of work. Hence, you should also consider those while choosing a trusted offshore partner for mobile app development.   

NDA Policy

Last but not least, you should always go with a company that follows a strict NDA policy. NDA stands for non-disclosure agreements that legally bind the company and its employees from sharing your information with other businesses. Hence, all your ideas and business data will remain secure and unaltered during the offshore development process.  

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How to Successfully Hire an Offshore Mobile App Development Team?

Well, by now, you will certainly have a few names in mind for offshore mobile app development. You may also have a detailed list of the features and your ideas for your custom mobile application. But how to hire an offshore mobile app development company is the biggest question!  

Here’s how you can find and hire an experienced offshore mobile app development company: 

List-Your-Business-RequirementsList Your Business Requirements

This is the very first step for hiring an experienced offshore mobile app development company for your project. You need to understand your business requirements and convey the same to your development partner in a crisp and easy-to-understand format.  

  • Are there any specific features or technologies that you want to integrate in your app? 
  • Who is your target audience, and what are their concerns? 
  • Are there are any specific competitors that you want to analyze? 
  • What sort of resources do you need for offshore mobile app development? 

Once you answer such questions, you will have a clear understanding of your requirements and that will help you frame an effective app development strategy.  

Find-the-Resources-Required-for-Your-App-Development-ProjectFind the Resources Required for Your App Development Project

Post requirement analysis, the next step to hiring an offshore mobile app development company is to find the resources for your project. You will have a clear idea of what resources will you need to turn your ideas into a reality. You only need to find those offshore mobile app developers by partnering with an experienced app development company. For instance, you may need front-end and back-end developers, testers, and even AI developers (for cases where AI is required in the project).  

So, you should find a company that offers such resources to you in one place. The company should have easy access to all the resources required throughout the project. It should also offer flexible hiring models and needs-based scaling services.   

Choose-an-Offshore-App-Development-CompanyChoose an Offshore App Development Company

You can start looking for an offshore app development business that can deliver the resources you require for your project. Find a firm with a solid reputation in the market, experience creating apps similar to yours, and a team with the necessary knowledge and abilities. To learn more about their work, you can also look through their portfolio and client reviews.  

Select-a-Suitable-Cooperation-and-Hiring-ModelSelect a Suitable Cooperation and Hiring Model

When it comes to hiring an offshore mobile app development team, there are several cooperation and hiring models to choose from. You can choose to hire a team, outsource the entire project, or use a hybrid model.   

So, to choose the best model, you must consider your budget, project timeline, and the level of control you want to have over the development process. There are many companies that offer multiple hiring models based on your project needs and budget. Hence, you should always choose the best one or consult with an expert to identify the most promising model for your project.   

Monitor-Your-ProjectMonitor Your Project

Lastly, once you have selected an offshore mobile app development team and a cooperation model, it’s important to monitor your project closely. This includes setting clear milestones and deadlines, tracking progress, and communicating regularly with the offshore team. This will help you ensure that the project is on track and that the final product meets your business needs and objectives.  

Besides all that, also ensure that your hired offshore mobile app developers follow the Agile methodology to help you get constant updates on your project and deliver an expected product without any lags in the development time.  

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Cost Involved with Offshore Mobile App Development

So, we are at the most awaited section of our blog post – the cost of offshore mobile app development! Let’s find that out.

The cost of offshore mobile app development depends on several factors, and each of these factors needs to be considered before making a final estimation. For instance, the complexity involved in your app, the location of your hired offshore mobile app developers, the engagement model that you have chosen for hiring developers, etc.   

Besides that, things like next-gen tech integration, extra services opted by you, the number of developers working on your project, and the platform for which you need your app also affect your offshore mobile app development cost. So, now how to get an exact quote for your project?

Well, it is simple! You can fill out our form specifying your ideas and requirements, and our experts will offer you a free, no-obligation quote matching your business needs. They will carefully analyze your ideas over a free 30-minute consultation call and offer you a custom quote for your project!  

Offshore App Development

Why Is Matellio the Best Fit for Offshore Mobile App Development?

With a decade-long experience in delivering top-notch custom mobile applications, we are the first choice of companies for offshore mobile app development. Whether you need an enterprise mobility solution equipped with big data and AI or you need an on-demand app, our experts can fulfill all your business needs.  

We have worked with global companies of various industries and take pride in successfully delivering over 149+ projects of varying complexities. Our proven methodologies, in-depth industry knowledge, and expertise in next-gen tech can help you launch a custom app quickly and efficiently.   

Besides offering free consultation and market analysis, we also offer three types of flexible hiring models that perfectly fit the needs of your business. We also offer needs-based scaling services so that you can increase or decrease your development team throughout the app development.   

With all that, we also offer a wide range of services, ranging from consulting to maintenance, so that you get everything you need under one roof. Due to such excellent services and successful deliveries, platforms like Clutch have recognized us as the best mobile app development company.   

So, why wait and let your competitors win when you can start today? Reach our experts and hire talented developers for offshore mobile app development!

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