Offshore Staff Augmentation for StartUps: A Solution to All Your Hiring Problems

Offshore Staff Augmentation for startups

As businesses finding the right talent for your project development can be a difficult task sometimes. It’s easy to understand as the global market is filled with a lot of tech professionals but finding the right one for a specific job is the real deal. Businesses often make a mistake hiring full-time resources that don’t prove to be beneficial in the long run. 

Offshore staff augmentation services can be a great help in filling the skill gap and providing skilled tech resources with verified experience to execute various project development. Along with a skilled development team, these services also deliver resources that carry out other tasks related to the project. 

The overall process of offshore staff is designed to reduce operational costs, enhance productivity, introduce innovation, and help your business in setting new milestones. It delivers all the qualities that a startup needs. 

What is Offshore Staff Augmentation?  

In any organization, large or small, the most important part is the workforce which is essential to maintain and increase a company’s strengths. In today’s radically changing world, every business is all about efficiency. Everyone is looking for excellent quality work at affordable prices, and why shouldn’t they? As global talent is growing exponentially every day, you need to offer more for less to stay competitive. These facts are truer for small companies or startups, which have to compete with large companies but lack what it takes to compete with the bigger fishes. 

Offshore staff augmentation, the result-oriented concept of adding tech resources, has been widely adopted by startups and small businesses around the world. This has enabled them to deal effectively with a skill gap, operational cost, and other problems. Time and costs associated with maintaining and training the industry can be easily avoided by implementing staff augmentation services. Well-trained resources are easily accessible and can be assigned to various projects without wasting time and money on training them to get accustomed to your working flow. 

Offshore staff augmentation enables your business to hire offshore resources with a wide array of skills to complete specific projects. It avoids the overhead costs of maintaining a full-time employee. Startups generally have a fluctuating workflow. In these cases, paying for non-working people is considered an unwanted expense while they can hire resources as per their requirements. 

Another challenge for startups or small business operations is that they get a variety of tasks to select the niche they want to proceed with; hence, a wide array of skills is needed to execute the tasks of various complexities. Hiring resources through offshore staff augmentation allow them to hire people as per their need and deliver flexibility to change the resources when needed. Thus, offshore staff augmentation is a well-designed concept that aligns perfectly with the goals of a startup or small business.

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Things Startups Should Consider Before Hiring Resources Through Offshore Staff Augmentation  

Businesses around the world are always in search of a quick and cost-effective solution to make their workflow more productive. Since the global market is attracted to the capabilities of staff augmentation services, businesses often choose to hire remote tech resources to simplify their business process. 

However, it’s a bitter truth that everything comes with a certain amount of risk; offshore staff augmentation is no different. But these minimal risks associated with the process can be avoided if businesses are aware of their exact requirements and proceed with a clear vision. Here are certain aspects that businesses should take into account before hiring any IT staff augmentation company. 

Things To Consider

1. Choose the Right Hiring Model  

Often businesses choose the hiring that is most cost-effective, which jeopardizes their project development quality and the workflow. The best way to deal with the problem is to analyze the overall requirements thoroughly and define a clear scope for a project. Whether your business needs a full-fledged team of developers or just a couple of dedicated tech resources, it should be clear from the start. Most reliable IT staff augmentation companies deliver flexible options to hire a complete development team, dedicated developers, and more.    

2. Manage Risks  

Managing risks is a key part of any project development process. However, when you hire an IT staff augmentation company, the risks are generally borne by the service provider. Project risks can be minimized by assessing any possible delays, failures, or risks associated with the project and taking the right steps to reduce the chances of them occurring. Before finalizing any project development with hired resources, make sure to analyze all the parameters and finalize the scope of the project to stay in the right direction.   

3. Project Expenditures  

Cost is an important aspect of businesses, and it should be discussed before making any decision about any project development. It is a simple fact that highly skilled tech resources don’t come cheap as the demand in the global market is higher. However, as resources can be paid by the hour, their skills and experience are as per the hiring model you have chosen. The highly experienced tech resources deliver solutions of high quality, and they have fewer crashes or problems; hence, maintenance or re-development cost is reduced. As a consumer, you should analyze all the costs related to hiring tech resources through the offshore staff augmentation model.  

4. Choose the Right IT Staff Augmentation Company  

Perform detailed market research to find out the best tech resource provider that aligns with your expectations. You should check their previous records, client reviews, projects undertaken, and more. Analyze every aspect and then proceed further.  

5. Ensure Security Standards  

While working with another company, businesses often face the problem of security. Before entering any contract of staff augmentation services, make sure the security standards of the service provider match the market standards. It should be mandatory for the provider to comply with all the international security standards such as PCI, ISO, HIPAA, etc. The staff augmentation company should maintain high standards in security, confidentiality, and privacy.  

How Offshore Staff Augmentation Helps Startups?  

How staff augmentation helps startups

Startups in the current times need a number of solutions to their varying problems related to operations, resources, and more. Staff augmentation services help in solving a lot of problems that startups generally face. Here are some of the most common problems that offshore staff augmentation solves for startups or small businesses. 

1. Saves Time  

Hiring full-time resources take up a lot of time and capital to do the project development and other related tasks. Whereas, when a startup hires a team of developers or other experts from an IT staff augmentation company, it consumes less time and effort and delivers excellent results. It delivers you highly qualified resources within less time period to develop your unique projects. 

2. Extreme Flexibility   

Any project development process comes with a fixed deadline, and completing a project within the decided time period becomes easy when you have the right resources at the right time. Offshore IT staff augmentation services deliver you qualified professionals with a wide array of skills and expertise in technology to meet the deadlines. With the right team for a specified job, you can quickly adhere to the sudden changes in the projects and launch the project within the specified time period. 

3. Highly Cost-Effective   

Any startup or small business doesn’t have enough budget to play around and invest in experiments to find the right resources for full-time work. Offshore IT staff augmentation delivers the feasibility to hire certified resources at an affordable cost. Since all the other expenditures of the hired resources are covered by the service provider, startups don’t have to worry about investing a large sum of money in maintaining their resources. Apart from the employee expenditures, staff augmentation services bring down the overall operational cost of the process, making it feasible for the startups to develop extremely complex projects at a minimum cost. 

4. Reduce Location Limitations   

Since the pandemic, the world is working online; it doesn’t matter from where your hired resources come from as long as they deliver extreme quality and meet your expectations. Working remotely is the new trend of the global market, and startups can benefit a lot from this working method. IT staff augmentation companies provide high-quality communication channels for you to stay connected with your hired resources at all times and receive regular updates about the project development to ensure the project is moving in the right direction. Startups just have to find a reliable IT resource augmentation company such as Matellio, find the right resources from the pool of talents, and initiate the project development. 

5. Extreme Budget Management   

When it comes to cost, any startups take decisions based on deep research since most of the startups run on a fixed budget. With a limited amount of capital, it becomes difficult to hire a full-time development team for your in-house project development. With offshore IT staff augmentation, startups can choose from a variety of engaging models and select the right ones that fit the purpose. Many IT staff augmentation companies provide hiring models that charge for the hours of hired developers or take the responsibility of a complete project at a fixed cost. At Matellio, we offer four extremely feasible hiring models that help in simplifying your budget management. Here are our hiring models.

Time & Material Model
Time & Material Model
Turnkey Project Model
Turnkey Project Model
Dedicated Developer Model
Dedicated Developer Model
Custom Hiring Model
Custom Hiring Model

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Ready to Start Your Success Journey with Matellio?  

Offshore IT staff augmentation enables startups to operate in the most cost-effective way possible. It delivers the flexibility to operate in the most feasible way. With certified hired resources, startups can develop the most complex projects in no time with great outcomes. It reduces the amount of paperwork, optimizes the workflow, and enhances productivity, all the things that a startup wants. 

At Matellio, we understand your business need at a grass-root level. We analyze your requirements thoroughly and derive a strategic plan to deliver you the best IT talents. Our certified resources are highly trained and possess vast experience that helps in introducing innovation in the process. Our resources are extremely comfortable with next-gen technologies and possess a wide array of skills. 

With our highly flexible hiring model, you can hire just the right number of resources that are required to boost your project development. IT staff augmentation is the key to success for startups and small businesses. Want to know more about IT staff augmentation? Get in touch with our experts over a 30-min consultation call now!!

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