Pay at Table Solutions: How they can benefit your Restaurant Business?

Updated on Dec 15th, 2023

The way people spend money is changing. Simplicity and efficiency are becoming more important to time-pressed and highly digitally-savvy consumers, and the rapid growth of smartphone usage is propelling this development. Contactless payments have become popular recently, and restaurant operators are adopting this technology advantage rapidly. There are numerous advantages to this new technology for both restaurants and consumers, but one stands out above the rest: the convenience of payment.  

Pay-at-the-table solutions have been found to be beneficial to restaurants. They end up saving time, allowing waiters to waste less time on restaurant payments and much more time on improving dining experiences and fostering loyalty.  

  • Pay-at-the-table is simpler to set up and use, have a large number of third-party connectors, and can help with rewards and special offers.
  • Guests pay, and the POS closes the check, enabling the table to also be cleared and moved for another seat.

But what exactly are pay-at-table solutions? Why must restaurant businesses adopt pay-at-table solutions in 2022?  

Let’s find out! 

What are Pay-at-Table Solutions?  

As the name suggests, guests will be able to place orders and pay from the convenience of their table.  

With pay at table POS, staff can give customers a QR code that they can scan and pay with their ewallet,  debit, or credit card, and everything will be taken care of instantly. Workers save time by being able to monitor multiple transactions at the same time, depending on how many devices are installed across the restaurant. When pay at the table solutions is installed, the average server can handle twice as many customers, bringing in more money!  

Why Order & Pay at Table Solutions are Important for Restaurants? 

Many restaurants want to deliver integrated, intuitive experiences for their customers and optimize their internal procedures. This frictionless ambition is addressed by smart pay-at-table solutions that are connected with restaurant POS systems. Guests pay, and the POS closes the check, enabling the table to also be cleared and moved for another seat.  

Most restaurant businesses that use this technology are seeing an increase in revenue since order & pay at table solutions allow staff to handle more clients in less time because they are not stuck behind the counter manually swiping cards. Furthermore, restaurant operators will discover that contactless payments are far safer than cash.  

Apart from that it also ensures: 

  • Enable waiters to spend more time upselling or changing tables faster by removing the waiter from the payment process. 
  • Straight from the table, it’s simple to use, administer, and execute. 
  • Instead of integrating through a third party, get the most from your existing POS with a seamless integration. 
  • Customers may split invoices and add tips thanks to a simplified user interface. 
  • Data interoperability and security levels that are best in class, featuring point-to-point encryption.  
  • Restaurant can generate both e-receipts and paper receipts. 

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Moving ahead, let’s talk about,  

Why must Restaurant Businesses use Pay at Table Apps? Top Potential Benefits! Benefits-of-Pay-at-Table-Solutions 

Enhances Customer Satisfaction 

Pay at table POS goes a long way in creating an operational environment that enhances customer satisfaction. It enables restaurants to keep tabs on how a customer is being serviced and can optimize their operations to increase customer satisfaction. Along with an integrated restaurant software system, you can seamlessly offer many additional perks to your customers as an on-demand review system. By preempting any bad reviews, you can get and being forthcoming with your customers, along with providing them with a seamless dining experience, you can cultivate brand loyalty among your customers.  

Improves Business’s Profitability 

You’ll be able to service more consumers if you’re able to collect payments from them quickly. It’s no secret that people despise having to wait. However, there may be occasions when people are waiting for a table in your restaurant. During busy days, you’ll want to make the most of your tables. Pay at the table solutions can assist you in this endeavor.  

Improves Marketing Efforts 

Through different screen prompts throughout the checkout cycle, pay at the table POS allows you to obtain valuable customer information. This useful information can indeed be used to inform your customers about any deals or developments in your restaurant. It also enables you to promote yourself more effectively to your clientele in the future.   

Highly Secured 

Among the most compelling reasons to install a pay-at-table solution in your restaurant is that it offers unrivaled security. The pay at the table POS fully eliminates this risk and instead provides you with a secure system that is secured by multiple layers of encryption and security. As a result, both restaurants and consumers can feel secure about their money.  

Improves Customer Experience 

Customers may relax and feel secure because they don’t have to risk leaving their personal credit cards with others. As previously said, the most significant advantage for customers is that they may enjoy their experience in the restaurant without the worry and hassle that comes with convenient payment options. People prefer convenience over inconvenience, which is why this solutions is so popular.  

Risk Mitigation 

When you contemplate the security features connected with pay-at-table gates, you can get the very same peace of mind that your diners do. Credit card fraud and employee theft are much less likely when the entire procedure takes place immediately in front of the customers. Instead of focusing on sorting out potential payroll fraudsters, you may help educate your employees. 

Enhances Operational Efficiency 

To create a fantastic customer experience, a decent restaurant pay at table app will effortlessly interact with your existing POS software. You may boost your establishment’s order fulfillment capability and better serve your consumers by incorporating this solution. Simultaneously, you expand your capacity to service more customers efficiently by reducing processing time and speeding up table turnaround time.  

Easily Integrable  

Pay at the table solutions are straightforward to stay updated and link with other systems your business utilizes, such as accounting software and order management system, because they use cutting-edge technology. You can build another data trail to link with your operations by employing pay-at-the-table solutions. Other key mobile restaurant systems, such as workforce management, online ordering and delivery, and cost management, are considerably easier to integrate with restaurant pay at the table app than traditional systems, giving the user more overall value.  

Moving ahead, now let’s check,

Top Features that make Restaurants Pay at the Table App more Successful!  

Features are the most important element that makes an app a big hit in the marketplace and can enhance customer experience. Below, we’ve listed top features that make the restaurant pay at the table app more efficient and easier to use: 

Real-Time Analytics

 Pay-at-table solutions provide restaurateurs with a wealth of information in real-time. Whether or not they are physically there, restaurateurs may get a real-time view of their establishment. Check to see which waiters have the most tables, how much money has been brought in so far that night, and how many customers are waiting for tables. Real-time data can help determine whether issues are one-time occurrences or ongoing issues that need to be handled. Payment at the table systems also enables real-time feedback, as payment triggers an immediate (but private) review. You can notice a negative review before a customer leaves your restaurant, giving you the chance to set things right before they depart.

Order at the Table

Allow guests to go over your menu and place orders at their table. The menu can indeed be accessed by scanning a QR code or clicking on a link on the site. The customer’s experience is improved with contactless payment and seamless ordering.  

Add Tip

Encourage your customers to leave a tip. During the ordering procedure, customers have the option of tipping the personnel. This can be combined with your restaurant’s pay-at-table app, resulting in bigger gratuities for bartenders and staff.  

Read Reviews

To give a review and rating regarding a restaurant, a diner must be authenticated as being sat there. This function is quite useful, as it avoids fraudulent and encouraging reviews.  

Guest Order

With their email address and contact information, diners can register in the restaurant pay at table app. They can indeed also use their Facebook or Google accounts to sign up.  If visitors do not wish to register, they can also do guest order by simply using their mobile or email.

Apart from the above, there’re many other features that you can include in your custom restaurant pay at table app. If you want to know more functionalities for pay at table apps, then hire a top restaurant software development company. 


For a variety of reasons, restaurant owners have started to depend on the restaurant pay at the table app. They’re simpler to set up and use, have a large number of third-party connectors, and can help with rewards and special offers.  

Pay-at-the-table is a cutting-edge technology that contemporary restaurants require. As a result, it’s so important for businesses to implement pay at the table POS into their billing process.   

However, you may require professional assistance in selecting the appropriate solutions and integrating them with your existing restaurant systems. Contact us for a free consultation for pay at table solution.

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