A Guide to Hire PHP Developers for Project Development

A Guide to Hire PHP Developers for Project Development

No one knew that a server-side language formed around 29 years ago would gain such immense popularity with time. We are talking about PHP; it was unleashed in 1994 as a small open-source project. With the digital revolutions and emergence of the latest technologies, PHP evolved.   

The Hypertext Processor or PHP is widely used by developers as it is one of the most versatile development languages. As per the reports, PHP is used by approx.80% of websites, including Facebook, Pinterest, WordPress, and others.   

The market currently is flooded with PHP developers for hire; however, you cannot choose randomly. Finding the quality that you need for your project will take some time and effort. This piece of content here will help you learn about in-depth aspects of PHP developers. So, let’s begin!  

  • Learning about the areas where you can use PHP to support your business growth is crucial.
  • For getting a customized solution or obtaining great quality work, there are different reasons why you should hire PHP developers.  
  • Whether it is technical such as having knowledge of LAMP, holding experience with HTML and others or non-technical skills such as good communication skill, having problem-solving approach and others, the PHP developers must have them. 
  • There are several factors, such as hiring models, execution process, and others, that you should pay attention to before hiring PHP developers.  
  • Different steps must be followed to hire the best PHP developers, from defining project goals to deciding the level of your PHP developers, checking their technical proficiency, and others. 

Benefits of Hiring PHP Developers 

Now after learning about the areas where you can use PHP, it’s time that we highlight the benefits that you can receive once you hire dedicated developers for PHP.   

Get the Customized Solutions  

If you are willing to have a custom software solution serving the needs of your business, PHP developers can do it for you. From designing to developing software that includes web applications, CMS, e-commerce solutions, and others, you can have it all tailored as per your requirement. Not just the development part, but if you hire PHP developers from a good enterprise software development company, you receive the services of maintenance and support. It ensures that the software developed using PHP is facing no issues and is upgraded.    

Higher Quality of Work  

Hiring PHP developers will enhance the quality of your project. The PHP developers, when hired from a development company, generally have expertise in their field. The PHP developers use their in-depth knowledge to build tailored solutions as per your requirement. When you have PHP developers for your project, they can perform the testing process for detecting and debugging any issue you face with the back end of your project. You can have high-quality work that is bug-free and cost-effective by leveraging the PHP developer’s services from a company like Matellio.  

Flexibility with Programming language  

As you are aware, PHP is a server-side scripting language, so PHP developers have the skills to use this language with different operating systems. With this, the application developed using PHP can easily migrate to different platforms as per your need, and its quality or functions will not be compromised. The PHP developers have knowledge of various programming languages and other technologies, which they can use to enhance your project. It can help in creating a robust solution offering every bit of the solution required by your business.

What Are the Skills That Your PHP Developers Must Have?

Now you have clarity about the advantages that you can receive by hiring the right PHP developer for your project. You can enjoy every bit of success that PHP can offer you, but all you need are the experts to guide your journey. It is the reason why you must check certain things before you hire dedicated developers for PHP. The skills of PHP developers can create a sturdy web solution or application that meets your business aims. Some of the major skill sets that you must consider before hiring PHP developers are:  

Technical Skills 

Should Have Knowledge About LAMP 

The PHP developers that you choose should have good information on the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). LAMP is one of the most common yet significant web environments that has been used for developing PHP solutions.   

Must Hold Experience with HTML And CSS 

HTML and CSS are significant blocks that are required while developing PHP solutions. So, when you have the option of a PHP developer for hire from a development company, make sure they have experience working on HTML and CSS.   

Should Have Exposure to the Content Management System 

You might use content control systems (CMS) to manage your website content material. Then make sure while you hire the PHP developers that they should have exposure to working with the CMS platforms.  

Should Follow Programming Approach, Which Is Object-oriented 

The PHP developers you choose must be well-versed in object-oriented programming standards to write efficient and scalable code. Using this technique, the developers can create a reusable application with less code and reduce the development time. 

Soft Skills 

Should Follow Problem-solving Technique 

Your PHP developer must have strong hassle-solving abilities to become aware of and connect coding problems. They need to be capable of debugging code and giving you modern answers to complex issues.  

Must Be Good with Interpersonal and Communication 

Communication is the key that can open doors for your business’s success. So, choose PHP developers with exquisite interpersonal and communication skills. It will help them to collaborate on your project with other team members.  

Should Adapt to the Change and Can Upgrade the Skills When Needed 

Technology is constantly evolving, so the PHP developers that you hire must be willing to analyze new technologies and upgrade their talents.   

What Must You Know Before Hiring PHP Developers?  

You know about the skills that you must consider within your PHP developers; now it’s time to know what other information you should gather before hiring them. PHP can do wonders for your business. It can develop a fully functional web application or website, whatever you want. But to ensure that the PHP-based website will be a successful investment for you, the assistance of the right PHP developer is required. It doesn’t matter what framework or database you are selecting for your PHP project. Everything will fall into the right place once you have the right PHP programmers with you. Here we have come up with three major factors that can affect your PHP developer’s hiring process:  

Understand Their Execution Process 

Every developer or development company from where you choose your developers has its own ways or methodology of work. The development, as well as the execution process, can be different from what they follow for your project. So, it is recommended that while you hire PHP developers, do go through their process or method of execution for your project. The project should be discussed, and it is vital to understand their point of view about the development process of your project. It will give you clarity about how well you can align with the PHP developers that you are considering hiring for your project.    

The Hiring Model Should Be Pre-decided  

Another important factor before you decide to hire PHP developers is the hiring model that you would like to choose. Pre-deciding the hiring model will let you hire from the right development company. Hiring a model is not just a step in the development of your project but rather a strategy by which the entire development process will be aligned. There are hiring models like fixed models, hourly-based models, dedicated models, and others. You can choose the hiring model as per your project requirements, and it will help you to hire the right PHP developers.  

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Check For the Reference

Lastly, you must ask for references for similar projects from the development company before hiring PHP developers. It is significant to learn about the past projects that the PHP developers have worked on. It will help you to identify the capabilities and expertise you can use in your project. The requirements that you have should align with what they offer

5 Steps That Follow and Hire A PHP Developer

Steps to Hire PHP Developer

Define your Goals 

Before you start the selection process for your PHP developer, it’s helpful to have clarity about the goals that you have. When you have a clear outline starting with your goals related to the project, then the research for the right PHP developer becomes easy. It will help you identify the skills and experience of the developers that will suit your goals.  

Decide On the Level of PHP Developer as Per Your Project 

The next step is to identify the level of the developer that you want for your project as per your goals.   

PHP developers for hire can be distinguished into three levels:  

Beginner Level 

If you are planning to hire the entire in-house team for this project, then you can choose the beginner level. The PHP developers who have just started in the industry and require training fall under this level.   


If you have a restricted budget and require the best PHP solution for your project, then mid-level is suited for you. The PHP developers of Mid-level have experience working in the industry and can deliver you the work as per your project requirement.   

Expert level 

Lastly, if you need to have a flawless development process with an effective solution, you need industry experts by your side. You can hire PHP experts from the PHP development company and get highly skilled and experienced developers on board.   

Enlist the Frameworks  

Now that you have decided which level of PHP developers you wish to have for your project, it’s time to make a list of the PHP frameworks. There are different types of PHP frameworks available, but you need to choose the one suiting your project requirement. Selecting a framework earlier will help you in deciding on the PHP developers you want. It will let you search for the expertise and skills that align with your PHP development project. Some of the major PHP frameworks are Symfony, Cake PHP, Laravel, Laminas, and others.  

Check for the Technical Proficiency of the PHP developer

The fourth step that will help to partner with the right PHP developers for your project is to assess the skills and technical or non-tec proficiency they have. The PHP developers need to understand the core complexities that your project might face and come up with a solution to make the entire process effective. You should focus on the experience that they have with the projects on PHP development and also check the knowledge they have regarding the same. Their communication skills should also be analyzed before you say yes and welcome them on board.  

Make Your Choice

Now it’s time to make one of the most vital decisions that can decide the fate of your PHP development project. You need to choose the type of corporation for hiring PHP developers. You have two choices with you:  

You can choose to go with setting up the in-house development team of PHP developers. But it will require you to have a heavy budget for hiring full-time developers, training them as per your requirement, and others. On the other hand, you have the choice of hiring PHP developers from a company that offers IT staff augmentation services for your project. You need to be invested in training or any technology needed. Rather, you will have experts in the PHP field with you.  

Why Will Matellio Be Best for Hiring PHP Developers?  

Now you have clarity about almost every aspect that you should know while hiring PHP developers for your project. They must have a mixture of technical capabilities and smooth skills and the capacity to work collaboratively to add success to your project.  

Thinking about where to locate the best PHP developers? Well, Matellio is known as one of the main providers of PHP improvement services, and there are numerous reasons why we must be your choice:  

We Have Expertise in PHP Development

Our skilled PHP developers have in-depth knowledge of different PHP frameworks and hold experience in working on different PHP projects.   

With Us, You Get an Agile Development Methodology

We follow agile development methodology, and so our PHP developers are trained to collaborate with you on every step of your project. You will be able to track every step taken by our developers for your project and can give your feedback accordingly. It will smoothen up the development cycle and prevent any issues with the project after it’s completed.  

Our Focus Is on Quality 

We understand the amount of hard work, time, and money that you put into any of your projects, and so our aim is to offer you a service that is up to the market standards. Our PHP experts will complete your project by the given deadline but without compromising the quality that you deserve.  


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