Salon Management Software Development: Perks, Features and Process

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

Salon Management Software Development

The businesses of salons are propelling these days as awareness of pampering is growing among the customers. However, as a salon owner, it can be not easy to keep up with responsibilities such as ensuring enough employees for each shift, leasing new chairs, maintaining the appointment book, etc. It’s better to work smartly by investing in salon management software development to save time and effort.

Once you start using the software developed per your working style, it will be a game-changer for your business. Below, this entire blog is dedicated to showcasing some of the significant aspects involved in the development process of this salon management software.

So, let’s begin!

  • Salon management software is designed to streamline all your salon-related operations and improve your overall business management.
  • This software can offer numerous perks, such as streamlining your appointment management, handling your marketing and loyalty programs, providing detailed reporting and analytics, and much more.
  • Your investment in salon management software development can be fruitful if you consider integrating features like AI-driven appointment scheduling, AR hair and make-up try-ons, Biometric payment, etc.
  • Developing the salon management software can be easy; all you need is to follow these steps, which include researching and defining your project requirements, hiring the best development company, choosing the suitable tech stack, and more.

What Is Salon Management Software?

Salon management software is designed to help salon businesses thrive by managing the vital operations required within. This software can easily handle point-of-sale transactions, appointment booking, marketing, and others.

By developing software for salon management, you will have access to the tools and features that can assist in salon-related work. It improves efficiency, customer service, and overall business management.

Facts about salon management software

Benefits of Investing in Salon Management Software

So, now that you are aware of the market status, it’s significant to learn about the perks that your business can gain by investing in salon management software. We have mentioned some of the major ones for you:

Streamlined Appointment Management

One of the standout advantages of investing in this custom enterprise software development for salon management is its ability to streamline appointment management. With the software, you can effortlessly schedule appointments, reducing scheduling conflicts and optimizing staff utilization. It’s a game-changer for busy salons.

By getting customized management software, you will be able to simplify the entire process of making appointment management. Plus, it’s a time-saver for both you and your clients, enhancing the overall efficiency of your salon operations.

Marketing and Loyalty Programs

Now, your salon management software isn’t just about managing appointments; it’s also a powerful marketing tool. You can create and execute marketing campaigns and loyalty programs to attract and retain clients. It’s like having a built-in marketing team at your disposal.

You can send personalized offers and promotions to your clients based on their preferences and past visits. You can even automate birthday messages and special discounts, showing your clients that you care about their loyalty. These marketing features not only keep your current clients engaged but also help you bring in new ones, ultimately boosting your salon’s revenue.

Improved Customer Experience

You will have to agree that in the beauty industry, the customer experience is everything. Investing in this enterprise solutions for managing your salon will take your customer service to the next level. Clients can easily book appointments online, select their preferred stylist, and receive automated confirmations and reminders.

By using the software, you can maintain detailed client profiles and appointment histories, enabling personalized communication. It’s all about making your clients feel valued and appreciated, which leads to higher customer loyalty.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

The next benefit is that your salon management software provides you with a wealth of data and insights about your business. You can access detailed reports on salon performance, client preferences, and trends.

You will be able to track which services are the most popular, which stylists are the most requested, and when your peak booking times are. With this information, you can fine-tune your services, staff schedules, and marketing efforts to maximize your salon’s success. It’s all about staying ahead of the game and staying competitive in the market.

Informed Decision-Making

Lastly, you will be gaining the perk of informed decision-making, as it is the key to growing your salon business. Salon manager software empowers you with the knowledge you need to make strategic choices. You’ll have a clear understanding of what’s working and what needs improvement.

You will be able to expand your services, invest in staff training, or open new locations, all backed by data-driven insights. Whether it’s managing inventory, optimizing staff schedules, or adjusting your marketing strategy, you can make decisions that are grounded in facts rather than guesswork.

Benefits of Salon Management Software

Salon Management Software Features

After scrolling through the major perks that you can gain after investing in salon management software development, it’s time to learn about the features that it must have. Features are the backbone of any software; it is due to the features that a software solution can perform smoothly and be advanced.

In the table below, we have mentioned some of the common yet vital features of your online salon management software.

For Users For Administrative
Appointment Booking Appointment Management
Reminders and Notifications Client Database
Profile and Preferences Inventory Management
Feedback and Reviews Staff Management

Below, we have mentioned some of the advanced features powered by the next-gen technologies that can enhance the functioning of your software. You can get these integrated within your customized software system by leveraging services from any reputable AI development company like Matellio. It is due to these features that your business will be able to stand unique from your competitors. So, let’s dive in:

Appointment SchedulingAI-Powered Appointment Scheduling

The feature of AI-powered appointment scheduling is a cutting-edge technology that enhances your salon management software. It analyzes past booking patterns, staff availability, and client preferences to suggest the most convenient appointment slots. It’s like having a personal assistant dedicated to optimizing your salon’s schedule.

No more manual juggling of appointments or worrying about double bookings. The AI ensures that every appointment fits seamlessly into your salon’s daily operations. It minimizes scheduling conflicts, maximizes staff efficiency, and keeps both you and your clients stress-free.

VR ConsultationsVirtual Reality (VR) Consultations

You can take your clients’ consultations to a whole new level with the feature of virtual reality (VR). By using this feature, your clients will be able to virtually step into your salon from the comfort of their homes. VR consultations enable them to explore different hairstyles, colors, and spa treatments in a fully immersive virtual environment. It is one of the best features if you have hair salon management software.

Clients can experiment with various looks, discuss options with their stylists, and gain a clear vision of their desired outcome. It’s a game-changer for ensuring clients are thrilled with their salon experience, and it’s a great way to stand out as a tech-savvy salon in your area.

Augmented Reality (AR)Augmented Reality (AR) Hair and Make-up Try-Ons

AR is revolutionizing the way clients make decisions about their hair and make-up. With the feature of AR try-ons integrated into your management software, clients can virtually try on different hairstyles, hair colors, and make-up looks in real time. It’s like having a virtual beauty mirror in your pocket.

Clients can snap a selfie, experiment with different styles, and make confident choices about their next salon visit. It’s not only fun but also incredibly practical for ensuring that clients get the exact look they desire.

To add this feature, you will be required to get it customized with the type of hair and make-up looks your salon can offer your clients. You can understand its technical aspects by leveraging the right technology consulting services from the experts in this field.

Biometric PaymentsBiometric Payments

Security and convenience are paramount in the world of salon payments. The features of biometric payments, like fingerprint or facial recognition, provide the utmost security while streamlining the checkout process.

Your clients can pay for their services with a simple touch or glance, eliminating the need for cards or cash. By using this technology, you not only enhance the payment experience but also build trust with your clients. It’s a win-win for both security-conscious clients and your salon’s operational efficiency.

Maintenance RemindersAutomated Aftercare and Maintenance Reminders

In order to have long-term success, you need to understand that your client relationships don’t end when they walk out of your salon door. With automated aftercare and maintenance reminders, your salon management software keeps the connection alive. Clients receive personalized messages with instructions on how to maintain their new hairstyle, hair color, or spa treatment effectively.

Features of Salon Management Software

Steps for Salon Management Software Development

Customizing the salon management software that can help you capture the attention of your target audience and effectively communicate your message is a good investment. But you need to leverage the best digital transformation services provider so that they can guide you about how well this software can help your business in this digital realm.

It would help if you learned the right direction, and so here we are with some of the significant steps that you can follow to make sure that your development cycle for this project is completed without hassle.

Research and Define the Requirement

The first step to begin your development process is to make sure you have clean and relevant data regarding the software that you want for your business. It is the reason why research should be the first step that you take for your project. It will not just give you clarity about your requirements for this project but also empower you with the ongoing market scenarios.

If you wish to custom-build this software solution, then you need to have clarity about the latest technologies that it is using. It would help if you also explored different trends related to this software. It will be better to conduct a competitor analysis before carving out the final requirement.

All of this will require time and effort because the data you gather from the research work should be relevant to your needs. So, to get perfect data, you can either go for a market research team or partner with a reputable software engineering studio that offers consulting services.

At Matellio, we offer free 30-minute digital consulting services to our clients. You can book a consultation slot by filling out our form!

After this, you will have a clear requirement for your project. You should have a proper understanding of your business goals that align with this software. Your strategies should be developed to support your objectives with this project.

Choose the Development Team

Choosing the correct development partner also affects the success of your project. If your development partner has expertise with next-gen technologies and follows the correct methodology, then the chances of your success will be increased exponentially.

An experienced software development company like Matellio can smoothen up your development journey while helping you explore and identify the latest market trends that are beneficial for your business.

Hence, from offering you a dedicated front end and back end to UI/UX and designers, the company you choose should offer you expert guidance in the entire development cycle.

Choosing the Right Technology

When designing your software, it’s important to choose the right technology. So, make sure that the development company that you choose should have good knowledge of different technologies suitable for your salon management software development.

It is best to consider factors such as scalability, flexibility, and ease of use when selecting the technology that you will use to build your software. Here, we are mentioning some of the general ones, and you can alter them as per your requirements:


  • JavaScript
  • UI/UX Frameworks: Utilize UI frameworks like Bootstrap or Material-UI to expedite the development of responsive and user-friendly interfaces.
  • AJAX and RESTful APIs: To facilitate real-time updates and data exchange between the front-end and back-end, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) is essential. RESTful APIs (Representational State Transfer) are often used to enable communication with the server.


  • Server-Side Language: Choose a server-side programming language based on your development team’s expertise and project requirements. Common choices include:
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • Ruby

Web Framework

  • Express.js (for Node.js)
  • Django (for Python)
  • Ruby on Rails (for Ruby)

Database Management System (DBMS)

Select a database management system to store and manage data efficiently. Common choices include:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB

API Framework

  • Tools like Express.js (Node.js) or Django REST framework (Python) can simplify API development.

Authentication and Authorization

  • Libraries like Passport.js (Node.js) or Devise (Ruby on Rails)

Other Technologies

  • Cloud Hosting: Host your application on cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or Microsoft Azure for scalability and reliability.
  • Websockets: For real-time features like chat or live updates, consider using Websockets, and frameworks like (Node.js) or ActionCable (Ruby on Rails).
  • Payment Gateway Integration: Integrate payment gateways like Stripe or PayPal to facilitate online payments for salon services and products.
  • Containerization and Orchestration: Use containerization technologies like Docker and container orchestration tools like Kubernetes for efficient deployment and management of your application.
  • Monitoring and Logging: Implement monitoring and logging solutions (e.g., ELK Stack, New Relic, or Datadog) to track application performance and troubleshoot issues.
  • Caching: Utilize caching mechanisms like Redis or Memcached to improve the speed and responsiveness of your application.
  • Version Control: Implement version control using Git to track changes in your codebase and collaborate effectively with your development team.
  • Testing and QA Tools: Incorporate testing frameworks like Jasmine (JavaScript), PyTest (Python), or RSpec (Ruby) to ensure the reliability and quality of your software.
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): Set up CI/CD pipelines using tools like Jenkins, Travis CI, or CircleCI for automated testing and deployment.

Hire Salon Software Developers

Develop, Test, and Deploy

Now that you have experts by your side, the right tech stack, user interface, and user experience design ready, it’s time to begin the development process of your salon management software.

You should make sure to choose Agile as your development methodology.

Agile methodology mitigates the risks associated with long development cycles. Delivering working increments of the software solution on a regular interval can help in identifying and addressing risks or usability issues within the development process.

Once the development is complete, your development team should start the testing process. At Matellio, we offer different testing techniques to ensure that your software is smooth with all its functionalities.

We offer both manual and automated software testing so that your custom-built software serves its purpose. Once your development testing is done with the testing part, it’s time to deploy your software on the cloud or the local server as per your requirements.

Maintain and Update the Software

Finally, it’s important to maintain and update your salon management software on a regular basis. It includes addressing any bugs or issues that arise, as well as adding new features as needed to keep your software up-to-date and relevant.

How Can Matellio Help You with Salon Management Software Development?

From investment benefits to advanced features and now the major development steps, you know it all, but is it enough for a successful project? No, you still need to choose a reliable development company for your salon management software development.

Matellio suits your list of requirements the best, and we can say it with confidence because our experts have had experience working with your industry. From offering you customized solutions, cutting-edge technologies, agile development approach, quality assurance, and others, we can be the best choice that you can make.

We make sure to follow robust security regulations to keep your data safe. If you are confused about our services and wish to learn about development cost, development time estimation, or any other information relevant to your project, please fill out this form.

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