Telemedicine App Development: Why opt for it and what challenges to expect

Updated on Jan 12th, 2024

Telemedicine App Development

Change is inevitable and the healthcare industry is no exception. The healthcare industry has transformed significantly over time and all credit goes to digital platforms and recent technological advancements. And while talking about the digital healthcare industry, telemedicine is an important aspect that one can’t ignore. The amazing features and helpful functionality of the telemedicine app has attracted many patients, doctors, and even markets towards the digital healthcare sector. That’s why, today, almost 42% of the people worldwide prefer online appointments and almost 87% of healthcare experts use EHR to monitor patient’s medical data.

Clearly, the world is moving towards a more digitized era and if you want to survive in this competitive market, then you must enhance your operations and services. And the best way to achieve that is by leveraging the recent advancements and investing in telemedicine app development. An on-demand telemedicine app enables you to satisfy every need of your healthcare startup and even helps you promote your brand in the global market. It efficiently caters to every need of the patients, doctors, and also provides your good returns over your investments. Need more reasons to develop an on-demand telemedicine app? We’ve got you covered! Read this article till last to get amazing reasons over why you should invest in the telemedicine app development.

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Why Develop a Telemedicine App?

Telemedicine App

We all are well aware that the first and foremost priority of people, irrespective of age, location, and living standard, is to have good health and a fit body. That’s why, people frequently visit the doctors to get an expert consultation and to treat their illness. But, today, people are more engaged and time has become a crucial and limited resource. That’s where mobile apps, or to be precise, the digital healthcare apps are coming into play. According to Statista, the market size of the telemedicine sector will rise to almost $41.2 billion by the end of 2021.

The statistics mentioned above depicts that the mobile apps have received high popularity and are still gaining momentum in the global market. That’s why, telemedicine apps are trending in the global market. Let’s look at some more benefits of the telemedicine app development.

1. Readily Available Services

Telemedicine apps can work wonders in the far flung areas where proper healthcare services are not available to the patients. With a feature-rich telemedicine app, the patients, especially the elders and children can get better medical care facilities with just a single click. Not only that, but even the doctors could seamlessly prescribe the necessary medications to the patients over the app.

2. Time-efficient Medical Care

We have already discussed above that time has become one of the crucial resources for the people of the modern-world. And it is no surprise that standing in the queue and waiting for your turn to consult a doctor takes a lot of time. That’s where the telemedicine apps come into play. With powerful digital healthcare platforms like telemedicine apps, the patients and doctors could seamlessly stay connected. The patients can leverage these apps to get expert consultation from the doctors, and the doctors could utilize these apps to earn something extra.

3. Easily Accessible Records

We all know that it is a very difficult task to access old records, especially when you have to deal with hundreds of records each day. The healthcare industry is a perfect example of the above stated condition. However, the telemedicine apps could help the healthcare experts in solving that issue. With a telemedicine app, the doctors and other managerial staff could seamlessly access the healthcare records and past medical reports of the patients. Not only that, the patients too can search for the past medications prescribed by the physicians.

4. Secured Data Storage

Data security is still a major issue in the global market, and when it comes to the healthcare industry then data becomes utmost important. That’s why doctors and other healthcare experts utilize telemedicine apps that ensure complete safety of the crucial healthcare data. That signifies that the doctors could seamlessly share the prescriptions and can access the old healthcare records with ease and efficiency.

5. Time Management

The healthcare providers can manage their schedules and appointments efficiently using the telemedicine app. That means, the doctors could have more time to examine patients and improve their working efficiency. In short, more time ensures more satisfied patients!

6. Convenient Consultation

Getting consultation over your illness is a critical task, especially when it involves a specialist healthcare service provider. But, with a telemedicine app, the patients can seamlessly treat their disease in a better way. The telemedicine app ensures that no hindrance takes place between the doctor and the patient and an enhanced healthcare service is provided to the patients in need. Not just that, but the doctors can even access the blood reports and other medical data seamlessly through the telemedicine app. Additionally, the doctors can receive their consultation fees in one go via online payment platforms.

So, these were some of the benefits of the telemedicine app in the healthcare industry. Got questions? Read our other amazing article to get a complete guide on telemedicine app development. Now, if you have certainly made up your mind to develop a telemedicine app to boom your healthcare startup, then wait! Here are some crucial challenges that you need to resolve during the telemedicine app development.

The Challenges of Telemedicine App Development

1. User-friendly Interface

The first and foremost aspect that you need to take care of while developing a telemedicine app is your app interface. You need to have user-friendly functionalities and an interactive user interface to attract more users. Further, to make it more interactive even for the people with disabilities, you can introduce voice control options and can also leverage AI-driven chatbots.

2. Back-end Integration

Another crucial aspect that you might face during the mobile app development process is back-end integration. Powerful integrations are much needed to further enhance the functionality and utilization of your telemedicine app. You can include robust applications like EHR software, patient management system, online payment platforms, and so on to improve the functionality of your app. However, you must also check the feasibility of your application before integrating all those apps.

3. EHR Protection

Security is still one of the major concerns of the global market, especially when we are dealing in the healthcare industry. Hence, you should work more efficiently in making your telemedicine app secure and safe for both the patients and the doctors. Considering all the precautionary measures and leveraging powerful Blockchain technology could help you to make your app secure and safe. Also, you can outsource mobile app development company to make your telemedicine app error-free and secure. That will not only help you to enhance your customer service but will also help you build more success for your app in the global market.

4. Reimbursement Process

A telemedicine parity law has been enacted by the governments of various countries through which the healthcare service providers could charge their consultation fees from the remote patients. Having an online payment platform will not only ease the process of payment collection but will also help to develop a sense of trust in the doctor’s mind. Therefore, you must ensure that there is an online payment facility available in your telemedicine app.

5. Lack of Trust

Last, but not least, developing a sense of trust in the patient’s mind is utmost important especially when it comes to their health. Users get very sensible when it comes to their health and fitness and that’s where the authentication of a doctor’s profile becomes important. So, while developing the telemedicine app, you need to make sure that the healthcare experts present on your app are credible and trustworthy.

Telemedicine App

Final Words

So far we discussed that the healthcare industry has been progressing by leveraging the recent technological advancements and powerful digital platforms. We also discussed how crucial it is to introduce the security and other relevant features in your telemedicine app to outgrow your competitors and build success for your app in the global market. And the best way to ensure this is to hire a dedicated team of developers, either in-house or outsourced. Both the options have their advantages, but outsourcing an experienced mobile app development company like Matellio has its own perks. An experienced mobile app development company will be well aware about all the challenges that might come during your telemedicine app development. Not only that, but they will also be knowing about the solutions to all those challenges and will even help you to include all the crucial features in your app that will help you to stand out from the competitive market.

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