The Hidden Benefits Of React Native App Development

Updated on Apr 23rd, 2021

The Hidden Benefits Of React Native App Development

According to the Statista, the mobile app industry will generate revenue of approximately $189 billion by 2020. The exponential development in mobile apps adoption should be attributed to platforms. It requires a significant and planned amount of time to develop and maintain an app. Furthermore, periodic updates, timely improvements, and fixes are important for substantial success in the long run.

React native is an open source framework. It allows cross-platform development of the mobile app. Prior to React native app development companies, enterprises had to manage the development of two different apps for Android and iOS smartphones from scratch. It enables you to code it just in a single language. It eradicated the requirement for hiring separate developers to develop the apps. The basic goal is to find a solution where an app works without much change in codebase on different platforms.

How did it come into existence?

Mark Zuckerberg realised that they had to explore more options to develop and great user experience. Alongside him, Christopher,  Lin He, Jordan, and Ashwin Bharambe took 2 days to generate native UI running on the end mobile device. After months of intense work, Facebook introduced React Native in Feb 2015.

Why native was necessary?

Today, mobile devices have become the half soul or life for us. Since the inception of Android development and iOS development, enterprises have been confused about the selection of app development platform. The decision to choose one among multiple platforms for the mobile app seems difficult. They are confused between offering User experience or User interface. And here the React Native app Development. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms. React Native apps popularity keep on increasing due to its time saving and economical approach.

Benefits for hiring React Native app development companies

It’s important to optimize the cost by doing it in a planned way. During the whole process, customer satisfaction and standard must be intact. Here the importance of React native app development offers the enterprise to save time and money with no compromises to quality services. It becomes comparatively quick, efficient and simple. Through React Native app development, user experience becomes smoothen. It fills the huge gap between the competitive extended marketplace and obtaining the profit. The story doesn’t end here, Let’s discuss more benefits of REACT Native development Framework here!

1: Single Codebase: Through React Native, one codebase works on iOS and Android platform. It doesn’t require a separate development team for app development. The native Java/swift codes and web UI components are used to develop a quicker app within your budget. It allows a developer to build one app to share between Android and iOS platforms with up to 70 percent of the code being reusable. The powe to reuse the code and easy shift to the newer platform makes it successful to deliver an omnichannel experience easing the task of react native app developers. According to the study of Monetate, up to 65 percent of all customers have a nature of switching mobile devices.  What’s more, sometimes up to 90 percent of the code is reused again through React Native framework.

2: Accelerate the development and saves money: React Native offers a one-time development of app using JavaScript.It is quite different from the native approach. The one code framework makes it economical in terms of time, maintenance and cost for building an app. If someone has made a website with the help of React, it can be reused. Our experience says that it would cost you 30 percent less than a native totally depends on the complexity and number of platform-specific benefits. The factors like productivity, time, and code sharing featured in the cross-platform framework. It boosts the intensive operation performance. React Native speeds up the process of development with its pre-developed components available in the open-source library. Thus, it becomes possible for startups to start with a small team , less administration cost, and payroll. The innovative development to in house mobile app development and outsources process.

3: Reduced debugging headache with React Native app development: The deliverance of the same mobile app for both platforms saves time in debugging. It offers fixing up one set of bugs, one backlog to monitor, and updating of only one version. There is no difference in the treatment of both platforms. In the case of React native app development the bug tracing needs less time and effort than the separate app for both platforms. It makes maintenance of an app cheaper and comfortable for developers. This is a prime advantage of using JavaScript. Furthermore, it is also known for its Live and Hot Reloading support. Live reloading assists in compiling and reading the changes made by the developer in a file. On the other hand, Hot reloading starts after the process of initial reloading.

4: More cooperation and continuous learning: Enterpriser’s decision to develop apps through React Native development framework extends their access to potential programmers. It has always been an organizational goal to prioritize their commitments. As Github data shows Javascript still remains the most used programming language with 2.3  pull requests. On the other hand, It seems a bit easier to form app team where javascript specialist exists in the web development team. This is an effort to maintain a healthy bond with the app development team. Apart from this, React Native development requires training to the web development team with new technologies. It happens to be an incentive for the self-development of employees. In today’s era of a large number of the workforce, it is the best choice to earn their loyalty. Udemy data shows that 42 percent of the total employees feel self-development is an important factor to grow loyalty towards enterprises.

5: Open source: It is an entirely open cross platform. That means that developers can use it’s open sourced library for free. It is functioned under the license of MIT. The developers are not required to make their source code public for sharing their software. There is no need to report the source code changes by them. The developed software can easily be modified under any license. The MIT license puts limited restrictions on the reuse of the software and gives legal protection.

6: Publishing Updates: Generally, it takes time for developers to publish updates.They have to go through with a build process for each app. But with the help of React native, the whole process has become simple and quick. The developers create updates of improvements through OTA (over the air)updates. It can be implemented even when the user is using the mobile app. So there is no need to make an updation of the app by app stores. It changes a long and steady process into a flexible and quick process.

7: Stable App with Modular architecture: It simplifies the data binding process for react native app developers. As a result, the app becomes more reliable and stable. It allows the update of the components which are permitted. Any modification would be done by changing and applying the updates. On the other hand, Modular programming inculcates the flexibility in the development. React native app developers can easily upgrade the mobile apps. The modules can also be reused as mobile API and codes for the web.

8: Third-Party Plugins Support: Most of the framework doesn’t allow third-party plug in support to developers. There is a concern about security issues to these developers. But the  React Native offers the Third Party plugins support. It offers JavaScript modules and native modules support from available options. It implies flexibility with customization. Add on third-party plugins offer a user-friendly and easy user interface. The themes and templates can be customized at any time.

Why should you hire React Native app developer from Matellio?

Developing a separate app for multiple platforms is not a solution for the fast pacing IT industry. Facebook has proposed the solution for the innovative business holders and helped them in the development of a multi-platform mobile app, which is easy to update and distribute. The mobile app development companies are no more bound with the fuss of app store optimization. The innovative solution requires a reliable partner to work upon, therefore, Matellio is a credible company with competent developers working for the clients. The success of the app is not limited to the features, rather linked to the quality of the code and the developers at Matellio excels in it.

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