Top 10 Personal Finance Software Options of 2020

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

Top 10 Personal Finance Software Options of 2020

In this digital world, things are becoming much more accessible, all thanks to the latest advancements in technology. From AI to Big Data, recent technological advancements are making the lives of people easier and their work more efficient. Personal finance software is one such robust financial solution that is transforming the lives of ordinary people. Through personal finance software and apps, you can seamlessly master the basics of managing your money and expenses.

According to sources, the total market value of Personal Finance and Money Management software is predicted to be $399 million by the end of 2020. Also, it is predicted to reach $1213 million by the year 2023. Clearly, personal finance software is gaining momentum at a fast pace.

However, choosing the best personal finance software is not an easy task. It entirely depends on your business needs and wants. And to add to the confusion, there are different categories of best personal finance software that caters to the various needs of users. So, to simplify your work, our experts have made a detailed list of best personal finance software that suits perfectly to your personal needs.

Top 10 Best Personal Finance Software Options of 2020

  1. Quicken – Best Overall
  2. GnuCash – Best For Accounting
  3. Mint – Best For Budgeting
  4. Personal Capital – Best For Trading
  5. YNAB – Best For Habit Building
  6. Acorns – Best For Investments
  7. TurboTax – Best For Taxes
  8. Tiller – Best For Spreadsheet Management
  9. LearnVest – Best For Tracking Spendings
  10. TrueBill – Best For Bill Management

Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Quicken- Best Overall

QuickenQuicken is the most popular and established personal finance software in the global market. It has been around for quite some time now and serves as the all-rounder in the finance market. Through Quicken, you can seamlessly manage your investments, budget, and even taxes using a centralized platform. It also enables the user to manipulate and perform the advanced calculation on their critical data using the Excel Reporting feature.

Not only that, but you can even track the exact value of all your assets to get an accurate estimation of your total net worth. Besides that, this powerful financial solution enables you to pay your bills, handle rental payments, and manage your personal and business expenses efficiently.


  1. Seamless Integration
  2. Account Management
  3. Efficient Documentation
  4. Online Banking
  5. Budgeting and Investment

Available For: iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows

Price: Starts from $34.99 and goes till $99.99

2. GnuCash – Best For Accounting

GnuCash - Best For AccountingGnuCash is another all-purpose financial solution that aims to simplify the life of a modern-day user. It can serve as the perfect accounting software for streamlining the financial tasks of individuals and small businesses. It is an open-source personal finance software that enables you to track your spendings and stocks efficiently.

Besides that, it also offers some advanced functionality with which you can import the data from other websites. Talking about the user-interface, GnuCash has got quite a simple interface and easy-to-use features. You can create visual-rich reports and can even perform complex calculations such as double-entry using this fantastic personal finance software.


  1. Checkbook-Styled Register
  2. Account Management
  3. Double Entry
  4. Visual-rich Reports
  5. Multi-Currency Support

Available For: Linux, Windows, macOS, and Android

Price: Free

3. Mint – Best For Budgeting

Mint - Best For Budgeting

With its intuitive and mobile-friendly user experience, Mint is a powerful personal finance software that aims to make your financial tasks simpler. It helps in budgeting and expense tracking and also provides a centralized dashboard to offer full control over your finance operations. You can leverage the robust functionalities of Mint to manage your banking operations and cards from one place.

Besides that, it also helps in analyzing your spending and provides critical areas where you can cut down your expenses to improve your finances. Moreover, it also sets up alerts for due dates or low balances to update you on the current situation. Not only that, if you have set some budget boundaries, then Mint provides you real-time information over where to spend and where to not.


  1. Bill Payment Tracker
  2. Investment Tracker
  3. Budget Alerts
  4. Free Credit Score
  5. Centralized Data

Available For: Desktop, iOS, and Android

Price: Free

4. Personal Capital – Best For Trading

Personal Capital - Best For Trading

Personal Capital is the one-stop solution for managing all your financial accounts right from a single place. You can include your bank account, mortgage, investment accounts, and other credit card accounts to get a clear financial picture right in front of you. Not only that, you can even track your investment goals, retirement goals, and can also know whether you’re paying extra or not.

Not only that, if you have multiple bank accounts, then you can seamlessly operate all those, or can switch between any of those using Personal Capital Software. Moreover, it provides you personalized financial advice if you’re managing a portfolio of more than $100,000. The core software is free, whereas the additional features are paid.


  1. Sidebar Updates
  2. Retirement Planner
  3. Cash Flow Analyses
  4. Investment Checkup tool
  5. Net Worth Calculator

Available For: Windows, Android, and iOS

Price: Core Module (Free)

5. YNAB – Best For Habit Building

YNAB - Best For Habit Building

YNAB, or ‘You Need A Budget,’ is a financial solution that aims to enhance your business knowledge as you manage your monthly expenses. This powerful personal finance software provides you excellent tutorials over complex financial topics as you track your expenses. It is a unique financial solution for the people who are poor at managing their finances or are in significant debt.

It keeps you on track by efficiently allocating your money to different critical aspects of your life. You can get a good grasp of financial management rules using YNAB software. It automatically links your bank account to the software to track the daily expenses made by you and to manage your budget effectively. It even offers you a 34-day free trial so that you can decide whether it’s good enough for you or not.


  1. Goal Tracking
  2. Personal Support
  3. Secured Data
  4. Accurate Reports
  5. Budget Management

Available For: Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android

Price: $6.99/month

6. Acorns – Best For Investments

Acorns - Best For Investments

Acorn is a great place to start if you want to get complete support for your investments. It automates your investment process with the help of its game-changing features and assists you in making more informed decisions. A great feature of Acorns is that instead of investing large sums, it lets you invest your loose change and give tremendous ROI over them.

Not only that, you can even improve your investment strategies using this robust financial solution. It provides you access tips and vital financial advice directly from its mobile app. The Acorns dedicated card feature automates your investment process over loose change. It is also quite suitable for all those who are looking for retirement saving software.


  1. Scheduled Deposits
  2. Retirement Planner
  3. Investment Planner
  4. Acorns Gift Cards
  5. Mobile Access

Available For: macOS, Android, iOS, and Windows,

Price: $1/month

7. TurboTax – Best For Taxes

TurboTax - Best For TaxesTurboTax is an affordable and top-selling online tax preparation software, popular in the US. It helps you manage your taxes and guides you in every aspect of tax filing through its interactive and user-friendly tools. Also, the process of entering your details is quite simple in this powerful personal finance software.

You can seamlessly import all the relevant information of your W-2 form and then can transfer it to your accounts department in the way of a form. The best part, if you used TurboTax last year, it remembers your details and asks if there have been any significant changes or not. You can even get personalized advice from a CPA or Enrolled Agent using this robust software.


  1. Tax Management
  2. Electronic Tax Filing
  3. Import financial Data
  4. Accurate Calculations
  5. Seamless Integrations

Available For: iOS, Android

Price: Starts from $39.99 and goes till $109.99

8. Tiller – Best For Spreadsheet Management

Tiller - Best For Spreadsheet ManagementTiller is a great spreadsheet management tool that lets you perform complex calculations for effectively managing your financial data. It syncs your banking, investment, credit card, and even your loan accounts into a single platform. You can export the data into Google Sheets and can then perform the specific calculation.

Not only that, but it also lets you download the data in the form of excel sheets to make your sharing process easy and flexible. You can select from several templates or can utilize customized design to manage your critical financial data properly. It also alerts you on every transaction made by you or for you.


  1. Easy Collaboration
  2. Automated Feed
  3. Customized Templates
  4. Encrypted Data
  5. User-Friendly

Available For: iOS only

Price: $59/year

9. LearnVest – Best For Tracking Spendings

LearnVest - Best For Tracking Spendings

LearnVest is an online advisor and an education website that provides useful modules over finance management. It offers compelling mobile applications for all of its users. Talking about the user-interface, LearnVest is somewhat similar to Mint, though it provides real-time information over the latest financial trends.

Besides that, it offers some great features that help the users to learn the basics of finance effectively. It helps you to manage your daily finances properly and is par in handling single-person accounts. It offers an extensive range of topics to choose from.


  1. Great UI
  2. Tracks Spendings
  3. Educates User
  4. Analyze Credit Scores
  5. Robust Tools

Available For: Web, iOS

Price: $299 (one-time cost)

10. Truebill – Best For Bill Management

Truebill - Best For Bill Management

If a person is looking for a genuine bill management solution, then none other than Truebill could help him/her. Truebill is a personal finance software that allows the user to manage and lower the cost of their bills. It also enables the user to upload their bills using its mobile app and even allow them to share that bill with their other teammates.

The service isn’t free of cost, but paying a little every month and making enormous profits by saving a lot is not a bad deal. Truebill takes approximately 40% of your total bill amount and, in return, helps you save lots on your bills.


  1. Seamless Integrations
  2. Bill Management
  3. Email Support
  4. Data Analysis
  5. Effective Savings

Available For: Windows, macOS

Final Takeaway!

Investing in useful and powerful financial solutions has become a necessity today. We cannot imagine surviving in the competitive market without having an excellent financial solution that aims to bring your expenses down and effectively manage your finances. As a person too, if you want to save more and want to control your spendings, then you need a robust system for that. And what better than a personal finance app can help you with that.
Still, if you want to get more details about the latest financial solutions or want to build a finance software for your business, then feel free to contact us. Our experts would always be there to solve all your queries.

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