Top 10 Reasons Why your Business Needs Progressive Web Apps

Updated on Jan 12th, 2024

In our last article, we compared progressive web apps with accelerated mobile pages, and helped you choose the better one. We even described what is progressive web app is, and stated how it works. If you have not gone through the article, here’s the link to it – Which is Better: Accelerated Mobile Pages or Progressive Web Apps? In today’s article, we will be giving you the top ten compelling reasons to choose progressive web apps for your business needs. Read on to know more!


Over the years, the global market witnessed some huge transformations, and progressive web apps were amongst those trending technologies. Although progressive web apps is relatively a new phenomenon, it has already been accepted by most of the leading industries today!

As per a research  by Gartner, PWAs will replace half of the consumer- facing apps by the end of 2020! Not only that, but other trusted findings reveal that, progressive web apps can increase the traffic on your app by over 68%. They can even increase the installation and loading speed of the apps, and can result in 52% increase in conversion rates

Still need more reasons to switch from traditional web apps to progressive web apps? Don’t worry, we will give you more!. Here are the top ten compelling reasons that will help you understand the importance of progressive web apps for your business growth. Let’s get started!

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps  

1. Less Development Cost

The first and foremost benefit of adapting PWAs in business operations is cost and time savings. Unlike traditional web applications, progressive web apps are much cheaper and also build faster than other apps. Reason? They do not require different versions for multiple devices; a single progressive web app can satisfy the requirements of all devices. 

All you need is a web browser to operate a PWA, and to make it compatible with all the other devices eliminating the need for creating multiple device versions. That not only results in much easier development for the programmers, but also saves upto three-four times less cost than native web applications.

2. More Secured


Cybersecurity has always been a hot trend for the global market. Even after so many years of tech-advancements and digitization, cybersecurity issues have risen to a great extent. That’s why developers today are shifting their website from HTTP to HTTPS, i.e., to a more secure environment provided by google. 

Progressive web apps also operate from HTTPS to offer a secure and trusted experience to its users and the business alike. That means, security is not a big issue with PWAs where you can assure your customers that their information is in safe hands!  

3. Offers Flexibility

If you are in love with the professional looks of the native web applications, then here’s something for you! A progressive web app can also mimic the exact gesture of any native application that you like. Meaning, PWAs are flexible enough to deliver a full native web application user experience.

PWAs offer functionalities ranging from user management to order history and even loyalty programs. Additionally, the user can seamlessly save the shortcut of progressive web apps on their home screens so that the app can be accessed anytime they want. 

4. Wide Customer Reach


The use of progressive web apps across multiple devices and platforms have made it popular amongst all the users. Be it mobile, desktop, laptop, or even tablets, PWAs can be operated smoothly without any loading delays. That’s why many leading firms are today leveraging PWAs to reach a greater audience in less time!

As we all know that progressive web apps, unlike traditional web applications are much faster, have high performance, and are SEO friendly. That means, you can seamlessly run SEO techniques to ensure quality leads and higher conversion rates. 

Traditional web applications have complex data that is not SEO-friendly, hence it requires exceptional ideas to reach to wider areas. 

 5. Push Notification Functionality

Push notifications are 40% more effective in generating leads as compared to the promotional email campaigns which are only 25%-30% effective! 

As discussed earlier, progressive web apps offer complete flexibility, that means the user can use it like their native web applications with enhanced features. Push notifications are also a part of the same aspect. In other worlds, while using PWAs, the user can seamlessly send push notifications to their users without even living on the browser. 

Push notifications have the capability to reach more audiences and to serve their issues in an efficient way. That’s why almost 60% of the users allow their applications to send them notifications for better offers and new launches. Moreover, as those notifications are displayed on the mobile screens, probabilities are high that users will click-through the notification to reach a landing page.

Hence, you can use this functionality to reach a greater audience and convert more leads into loyal customers.  Also, the significant increase in opportunities even helps you to promote your brand in a much easier and effective way! 


6. Works in Offline Mode

Although progressive web apps have many benefits over traditional web applications, one thing that makes them superior to any available apps is that it can work even in offline mode! Yes, you heard it right, PWAs can even operate in an offline mode. But, how?

The built-in service modules of PWAs cache the important features and data while eliminating the need to download them over the internet. That means, the user can even visit a new page without having an active internet connection. This particular functionality is very helpful for the retailers as their customers can see their catalogs anytime they want without any net issues. 

7. Multi-Platform Support


Unlike traditional web applications that require different versions for different devices, PWAs work smoothly on all the platforms. They do not require any special version to work on smartphones and tablets, a single web app can cater to the different needs of all the devices

Progressive web apps provide enhanced user-experience across all touchg-points and even allows switching between the devices as per the ease of the user. The settings and features will have no impact even after switching between different devices. Furthermore, progressive web apps are also highly responsive to form factors. That means, they can adapt to various screen sizes to properly fit the content.

8. No App Store Middleman

Deploying and maintaining traditional web applications on the App Store or Play Store can be very frustrating especially when releasing new versions of the app. The App store compels you to operate like a fully-fledged app development company with all the QA testing and constant release notes.

In short, they stand between you and your target audience, while preventing launches and new updates, thus slowing down the deployment and marketing time.

However, the case is totally different with progressive web apps. PWAs avoids the app store launching while saving you not only cost and time, but also enhancing your user experience. You can showcase the app to any target audience without thinking much of updates or app store regulations. 

Microsoft has even started to crawl PWAs to auto-ingest them into the Windows App Store. We are still waiting for Google and Apple to follow the same trend!

9. Profitable for Businesses


So, till this point we saw how profitable it is to adapt progressive web apps in our business operations. That’s why many of the leading firms have already started to leverage the high speed and cost-effective features of progressive web apps in enhancing their business growth.

Here are some of the best examples of the companies that have started to leverage PWAs in their business operations.

  • Twitter reduced their bounce rate by over 20% and increased their tweets sent by almost 75% after the adoption of PWAs. 
  • Make My Trip, a leading travel and tourism company saw a whopping 160% increase in their shopper sessions with PWAs. 
  • Lancome also witnessed 53% increases in their iOS engagement rate and increased their conversions to almost 17%

So, as evident, progressive web apps have not only helped companies to optimize their resources, but also enhanced their engagement ratios and conversion rates. What’s your take in that?    

10. Better and Faster Innovations

Lastly, we have been saying this throughout our article that PWAs are highly scalable, and have excellent loading speed, but they can even facilitate effective architecture and business strategy. Efficiency not only leads to cost and time savings, but it also supports faster innovations and better product development!  

There is no denying the fact that digital transformations are happening across the global market, and the companies that are quickly optimizing and digitizing their processes are becoming more profitable. They have sufficient time to think about new products and introduce them in the global market. 

Remember, if you are improving even a single web page and your competitors are engaged in two pages, you will have twice as much time to market your products and earn good profits! 

Become Future Ready with Progressive Web Apps!

So, those were some of the compelling reasons to help you understand the amazing benefits of the progressive web apps and to help you choose one for your business. To conclude, we can say that, native web applications aren’t going anywhere soon. However, we know that things change rapidly in today’s digital world and soon we will be witnessing huge adoption of PWAs across all the major sectors of the global market. 
With the rise in customer’s expectations and the want of marketers to receive maximum ROI, progressive web apps will soon captivate all of the global market including retail, hospitality, and e-commerce industries. When are you planning to adapt a progressive web app for your organization? 

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