Top 10 Reasons to Hire Dedicated Developers

Updated on Jan 12th, 2024

With rapid digitalization across industries, more and more businesses are switching to the mobile app or web development. Companies often choose highly skilled, talented, and experienced software developers to ensure their challenges are satisfied, and goals are addressed.   

However, it needs more than just a team of software developers. You also need to ensure that the team you are relying on has dedicated infrastructure, development centres capable of satisfying your demands, and a team that you can count on. Not only this, you need to keep your future goals in mind and hire reliable people who are in this with you for the long haul. While there are multiple ways to go for it, the best is to hire dedicated developers from an experienced and established software development company. Many reasons support this argument.  

Top 10 Reasons to Hire Dedicated Developers 

  1. Improved project outcomes 
  2. Better service quality 
  3. Easily accessible teams 
  4. Client-centric development strategy 
  5. Cost-effective services 
  6. Flexibility and team scalability 
  7. Easier management and tracking 
  8. Better turnaround time 
  9. Risk mitigation and quicker response to emergencies 
  10. Stability and continuity 

Let’s discuss these points in detail one by one.

Know more Reasons to Hire Dedicated Developers

1. Improved Project Outcomes

It is easier for freelance developers to lose track or get busy with multiple projects in hand. That said, they are not credible and don’t hold accountability for the projects. Not only this, in case any issues arise during or post-development, you don’t have a team of experts that can help you or provide solutions at the time you need.  

Having a dedicated team of resources working for you offers significant benefit in such a scenario. Remote developers are highly committed to your project, delivering the outcomes you aim to receive from a project. Whether it is project delay or any other problems that come up during the usage, you have a team to help you anytime you need. All this leads to better project outcomes. 

2. Better Service Quality

Accurate time estimation is one of the essential requirements for effective software project development. However, with a lack of experience, freelancers can often go wrong here, which leads to unmet expectations and disappointment for stakeholders. Therefore, it is vital to set target goals and deadlines and practical project tracking to provide value.  

That’s not the case when it comes to hire dedicated developers from a software development company. They use techniques that result in minimal team impact, greater estimation accuracy, better expectations, and satisfied customers. 

3. Easily Accessible Teams

While your project is in the development phase, you would need a team of developers who is easily reachable to ensure any delays in the response don’t cause you to panic. 

This goal is easier to achieve with dedicated development teams. They are not vague about the communication, regardless of the time zone. Not only they are highly professional and very stringent about client satisfaction. You can easily communicate with your team using various methods such as email, Skype, project management tools like Asana, Trello, etc. 

4. Client-centric Development Strategy

After working with 100s of clients over their tenure, development companies have gained a lot of experience across multiple business domains, mobile solutions and web applications. Therefore, they have already honed their processes to best suit the client’s demands and ensure prime customer satisfaction. They are capable of managing your project and keeping you updated about each stage of the development so that you have a tab on the project progress. 

5. Cost-Effective Services

Many organizations tend to hire freelancers or an in-house team to ensure that the project development is timely and their team is within their reach. While that may serve its purpose, the cost associated with this approach is often overlooked. You would have to hire new resources that would come with specific experience; hence the salary would be accordingly, not to mention the cost of setting up and maintaining the required infrastructure. You would also have to invest significant time and effort in training these employees. All this combined leads to over-budget project development.  

Hiring a dedicated team is a better option in such a scenario. Not only these teams are trained but also come at a mutually agreed hourly rate. With no investment required on training the employees and infrastructural setup, you save a considerable amount of money that can be well spent on the business strategies. 

6. Flexibility and Scalability

Imagine you have launched an android app for your business. However, with market demands, you want to expand your reachability to iOS customers.  

In case you have a team of in-house resources, you would not only have to set up an entirely new team with the cost required as above but even face particular challenges with flexibility and scalability. To scale the team up or down, you would need to strategize accordingly. Not to mention, if one or more team members are on leave or leave your organization.  

That’s not the case with dedicated development teams. With new requirements, you can always reach out to your project manager, who would introduce you to the team that would cater to it. You have the liberty to scale your team based on your current demands. Moreover, if one or more resource(s) is not available, they have the right resource for replacement so that your project does not suffer. 

7. Easier Management and Tracking

When you hire dedicated developers from a leading web development company or mobile app development company, you also leverage their management and project tracking skills. They assign you a dedicated project manager who is your single point of contact. For now and then, rather than having to reach out to various resources, you can contact the project manager making your task less complicated. 

Additionally, every software development company has full-fledged project tracking software in place. It gives you access to the latest project updates and makes sure you know where your project is headed. You can also directly assign specific tasks to your team from here. 

8. Better Turnaround Time

With teams working on multiple projects, it is difficult for them to ensure time efficiency. Moreover, having trained software developers help you develop and deploy an effective software development process that reduces vulnerabilities and increases productivity. Hence, you can get your software project developed with a quicker turnaround time. 

9. Risk Mitigation and Quicker Response to Emergency Situations

Imagine deploying your project and realizing that you need to scale up or down according to the current load. While ensuring scalability is an essential aspect of project maintenance, there could be other mission-critical instances where you require your web/ mobile app development team’s support right away.  

This is where having dedicated resources will go long run. Custom development companies have seamless communication systems in place along with 24/7 support. Therefore, regardless of time and geographical differences, your dedicated team is available to help you immediately.

10. Stability and Continuity

If you have worked with freelancers, there are chances that you already have an idea about their practices. Not only do you lose track once the project gets over, but there are also chances that they may be untraceable while your project is in progress. However, having dedicated resources hired from an experienced software development company helps you avoid such circumstances. They are stable and ensure business continuity, thereby having an upper edge.  

Hire Dedicated Developers for your Big Project

Hire Dedicated Software Developers for Your Next Big Project

No doubt having a team of dedicated developers by your side will impact your project in a better way. At Matellio, we don’t just offer the right set of skills and service suite to enable this but also offer added benefits such as ongoing maintenance for project upgrades, scalable teams available with robust project management and tracking tools, expert QA, and testing services to ensure your project is flawless, and best of all- flexible hiring models including: 

  • Turnkey model 
  • Time and material basis hiring 
  • Dedicated developer models 

With a complete set of SLAs and NDAs, we ensure high efficiency with all your vital business data safe and secure with us. At the same time, you enjoy high customer retention, great CX, and a team backed by decades of experience and a certified skill set. To know more about us or to discuss how our services can add value to your digital transformation efforts, reach out to our business analysts right away. Don’t worry; it’s a 30-minute free consultation. 

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