Top 10 Tips to Hire Mobile App Developers

Updated on Apr 28th, 2021

COVID-19 brought the world to a standstill.

With great emphasis on staying indoors, consumers today turn to mobile apps to shop for everything- right from essentials to food. A survey suggests that more than 30% of consumers prefer to use mobile apps before making a purchase decision. 

Considering these vast numbers, it is not enough to develop and launch a mobile app. You need to ensure that it delivers the right experience and wins customers with the right approach—something where the right mobile app developers would play a huge role. But what’s a surefire recipe for hiring the mobile app development team? 

We have got the answers. 

Tops tips for hiring mobile app developers:

  1. Choose to Hire Mobile App Development Companies Rather than Freelance Developers
  2. Check for the Area of Expertise, Cost, and USP of the mobile Development Company
  3. Glance Through their Portfolio to Get a Glimpse of their Past Projects and their Quality
  4. Go Through the Reviews and Ratings to Understand the Experience they Offer
  5. Understand their Process
  6. Understand Various Engagement Models to Make Sure You Choose the Best
  7. Find out If mobile Development Company is Willing to Offer Post-Launch Support and Maintenance
  8. Identify the Services They can Offer beyond mobile Development
  9. Know the Team structure
  10. Their ability to help you expand your mobile app’s features in the future

Let’s discuss these in detail here.

1. Choose to Hire Mobile App Development Companies Rather than Freelance Developers

It is fair enough to choose mobile app development companies over freelance alternatives for multiple reasons. 

i. Risk Management is Handled

There’s always a risk associated with freelancers. Not only can they call off the project without a formal goodbye, but they cannot also meet their time and cost commitments. Businesses operating with such developers suffer a considerable loss and have to start from scratch often. 

However, by hiring a mobile app development company, you always have a resource you can reach out to. Even if they have resource allocation problems, a backup plan is still ready for you. It is highly unlikely for them to call off a project in the middle as well as ensure quality solutions delivered on time.  

ii. Proper Management

Lack of control over the mobile app development team is a big turn off. Freelancers generally don’t have management tools available for you to stay on the top of development. On the other hand, mobile app development companies ensure that their clients have access to cutting-edge project management tools like Asana, Trello, etc. You can not just communicate with the team but also stay updated on the task allocation. They have the right paradigm of managing various aspects of the projects and ensuring the clients are updated on project progress. 

iii. Reliable Long-term Cooperation

Mobile development companies take their project as a long-term assignment rather than something they can finish off soon to take another one. They offer a full cycle of high-quality services over the long term and cater to everything right from the consultation to ideation to development and deployment and even post-launch support. 

iv. Full Team of Professionals

Hiring an individual developer only provides you scope to hire someone with a specific skill set. In case you need to have someone with a comparatively different area of expertise, you will have to reconsider the process. However, a mobile development company brings an entire suite of services under a single roof. Your team does not just comprise of experienced and qualified developers, but also the UI/ UX experts, QA engineers, and more. 

Benefits of choosing mobile app development company

2. Check for the Area of Expertise, Cost, and USP of the Mobile Development Company

The first and foremost thing that needs to be checked is the experience and expertise of the mobile development company. Based on the complexity of the project, you should choose an experienced development team. The professional team has in-depth knowledge in their domain and the requirements of clients, which can help you deliver the best experience to your customers. These experts can give a professional look to your mobile app. The technical management in mobile development companies has a series of past achievements, as they have a best in class technical talent and an internationally experienced management lead. 

The outputs of our mobile development series are nowadays creating a lasting impression, both visually and interactively. However, the company’s full-stack mobile designers and developers can compose high-end mobile solutions, mobile applications, and mobile portal development. All are with exquisitely robust user experiences that are tailored-made to meet your specific industry needs.  

3. Glance Through their Portfolio to Get a Glimpse of their Past Projects and their Quality

At the initial stage, carefully delve into the portfolio of the mobile development company. This includes the sample of their past performance and projects, check if this matches your requirements, their goodwill in the market, or provide services to the organizations similar to yours. 

Since we know experience is the game-changer, consider having a closer look at their portfolio; if they have had any industrial experience, they can quickly understand your needs. Also, you can have a glance at the tools and technologies they use. If they are using the standardized tools, hire them!! Consider yourself one step closer to your goal. 

Here are the key takeaways from their portfolio for you:

  • The type of mobile apps they have delivered.
  • The clients they have served
  • The complexity of projects handled by them.
  • The experience they can deliver to their users
  • Technologies they work in

4. Go Through the Reviews and Ratings to Understand the Experience they Offer

Find out what other customers have to talk about this mobile development company. Understand how they deal with the clients, and if they will be able to cater to your demands. You can even consider talking to some of these clients and figure out the customer experience they offer. 

5. Understand their Process

In a mobile development company, mobile application developers use multiple methods to develop mobile applications. Generally, the stage of projects include:

Step 1: Requirement analysis

Step 2: Scope freezing

Step 3: Product prototyping

Step 4: Product development

Step 5: QA and testing

Step 6: Deployment

Step 7: Post-launch support

However, companies operate on agile or waterfall principles to progress with mobile development. 

Make sure you have talked to the company about the methodology and how it will align with your goals in the long run.


6. Understand Various Engagement Models to Make Sure You Choose the Best

In general, the engagement models are modes of cooperation that you need to choose before committing a healthy relationship. However, the development companies all over the world provide you with a different engagement model. To hire a mobile development company, there are three models you could choose from: 

i. Turnkey Engagement Model

The turnkey engagement model or the fixed price model says that you need to share your business requirements, and you would get a fixed quote for your work. 

The model is perfect for: 

  • Short-term projects
  • Projects with a well-defined scope
  • For assigning test task to the developers

ii. Time and Material Basis Model

The model facilitates hiring based on time and material. The client agrees to hire a mobile development company based on the time spent by the service provider in various tasks and pays according to the mutually agreed hourly rate. 

The model suits you when: 

  • Unclear requirements or specifications, 
  • A long-term project with dynamic pricing
  • Client needs more flexibility

iii. Dedicated Hiring Model

As the name suggests, it enables you to hire dedicated resources from the mobile development company. One can hire a mobile development company for your project, depending on the developers’ number of hours on your project. This model is best suited for: 

  • Clients who are looking for an extension to their in-house team
  • Those who have unclear project requirements
  • The hirer is looking for more flexibility

7. Find out If mobile Development Company is Willing to Offer Post-Launch Support and Maintenance

You are genuinely mistaken if you think the launch of your mobile app is the last stage for the whole mobile Design. It is a beginning. 

There are chances of hitting runtime snags, but even more challenges thrown by the digital arena. Here user’s demands keep fluctuating, and every day there are new technological upgrades to baffle you. You would need a mobile development company by your side to ensure that the mobile application you develop is always up to the market standards. While some companies offer 1 or 2 months of free post-launch support, some would also offer it on different terms. Make sure you have this aspect of mobile development talked before you begin the project. 


 8. Identify the Services They can Offer beyond mobile Development

 Mobile development and has multiple counterparts. You would need to check if the mobile apps are scalable, responsive, and of course, reachable to the search engines. 

Make sure you have discussed the same with your mobile development company before kickoff. Don’t just believe in words. Make sure they can convince you with real examples. 

9. Know Your Team structure

Always check what team structure they follow. However, a typical mobile development team is comprised of:

  • Requirement analyst
  • Project manager
  • UI/UX designer
  • mobile developer
  • QA tester and engineer

But that’s not just it. Have your requirements stated clearly and make sure the mobile development company can do justice with your project? 

10. Check Their ability to help you expand your mobile app’s features in the future

Indeed, the Ultimate goal of your project is to establish or renew your mobile presence. So check whether your mobile development company can help expand your mobile app’s feature for the present and future according to the growing market trends and your requirements. 

So try to see this as part of a more critical marketing strategy since your mobile app is the face of the company online, and if your mobile app development company cannot serve you for the long-term, it’s of no use then. Your preferred mobile development company should expand the look, features, and functionality of your mobile app. 

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