Top 16 factors CEOs should consider while Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

Updated on Mar 19th, 2024

Top 16 factors CEOs should consider while Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

With the increased inclination towards mobile devices, companies are investing a lot of energy in developing apps suiting handsets. Almost every CEO, regardless of the industry they are part of, are taking their businesses on mobile. And why they shouldn’t be? Afterall a mobile application is your brand logo; it even predicts the growth chart of your company. 

Owing to the device’s popularity, it has become crucial to pay extra attention to it. But this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Opting for a company that designs a product covering all probable aspects of your business, is quite strenuous. 

To ease this procedure, we have discussed the list of traits that a CEO must look for in an app development company before hiring it.

1: Portfolio

The portfolio is a window to a company’s past work. And it is suggestive to check portfolio before signing the deal. It gives the clarity of software developed, the ROI gained, their technology stack, and much more. Check out similar apps available in the market and carefully observe their functionalities. These factors are capable of predicting the future of your application’s idea. 

2: Experience

Expertise is another relevant factor in choosing an app development company. It is because the records give better insights into the quality of services. Experience indicates that the company has faced numerous challenges associated with software development. It confirms that the company is well-rooted, and its developers can handle critical situations.

3: Review platforms

Though Google search opens the door to thousands of vendors, but it even gives birth to a lot of confusion. To find the perfect match, there are a lot of reviewing platforms such as Clutch, GoodFirms, AppFutura, etc. They survey and share top most development companies across the continent or sometimes globe. 

4: Location

You may choose not to believe it, but location plays a significant role in the selection. There are many reasons behind saying so, but the one that has a considerable impact is cost & productivity. For instance, there are several countries with fantastic developers who offer cost-effective solutions. Whereas, some of the locations are expensive in terms of development, plus they have okayish services. 

5: Coding Platforms

It is imperative to choose the platform you are going to get your code implemented upon. Base the platform on iOS, Android, or you could simply request a hybrid thing. The core idea is to have a company that possesses decent working knowledge plus adheres to the development guidelines. 

6: Development Cost

Money is a very sensitive matter, and every man desire to settle for a financially favorable situation. But in the case of app development, this option rules out. Low-quality apps neither will reap benefits, nor they can withstand against a finer quality software. Also, be cautious of inexperienced companies as they lure clients by offering lower prices. 

Try to make intelligent decisions by measuring all the factors and don’t let money become an obstructing trait in app development.

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7: Stay Involved

Nobody knows your project better than you, and hence, it is uttermost importance to stay involved in every phase of development. The company you select must take inputs & feedback very seriously. It has to provide you all the wireframes and prototypes relevant to the project. 

8: Dedicated Team

While some companies allocate an individual team for your project, others assign one team, multiple projects. In such cases, not only the quality of work gets compromised, but it may even impact the communication level. Therefore, always give preference to the company that allocates a dedicated team catering to your app needs. 

9: Communication

Uninterrupted communication between clients and developers is the key to success. So many CEOs believe in connecting with the developer in the beginning and ending stages of app development. They presume that these coders have years of experience and, thus, will generate the best results. Although this doesn’t hold everywhere. Some companies assign your software to interns or may even pass it on to freelancers. This results in a poor quality application. Therefore, do not take communication lightly and ensure that the company keeps you on the same page throughout the journey.

10: Service Package

Several companies offer individual services, while others have a service package option. That is, in the first case, one can select the feature based on needs and, eventually, bring a substantial difference in development cost. Whereas, in the second case, one can leverage multiple services under a fixed price. 

Now, the question arises of choice. For that, it is better to choose as per your business needs. In case you are peculiar about functionality, go with the former. But, if you desire someone who can monitor everything- later, if what you need.

11: Client Feedback

A healthy relationship, in addition to a qualitative app, matters most in the long run. So to forge a smooth connection with the second party, it is relevant to gather knowledge about them. And who else can tell you better than the previous clients? After all, they have first-hand experience working with the chosen company and may enlighten you too with some inside scoops. 

12: Design

Code algorithm and design are two deciding factors of any software development. You need to ensure that the chosen company is well equipped both in terms of resources and technology. They have to provide exclusive designs coupled with creativity. Also, your app partner must have a customer-centric approach for excellent performance and high user engagement. 

13: Data Security

Unsafe deployment, data leakage, virus prone storage, privacy violation are some of the threats for any app development. These can severely impact the lifespan of your software designed. For similar reasons, choosing a company that gives security top-most security is quite important. Though many firms claim to have secure development, you need to value your data more and take instinctive decisions. Additionally, your app partner must adopt multi-layered security methods for software development. 

14: Testing

You don’t wish to market your application with bugs, crashes, and what not! Check out the testing strategies utilized by an app development company and ensure that your app is error-free on its launch.

15: App submission

As per Statista, around 21.3 billion applications are downloaded from Google Play. It directly states the importance of an app store. To submit your product on the app store is a hectic task, and hence, you need to look for a company that has expertise in the same. 

16: Non- Disclosure Agreement

Lastly, NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) can also help in finding the right partner. It is so because NDA is a legal document, and no company, which is fraud, would agree to sign it. So in case, a company is overlooking the need to sign an NDA, leave them forever. Instead, prefer a development agency that introduces NDA in the starting phase of the project.


Summing up!

More than 2 million mobile apps are available in the iOS store, and in such a huge market, it is difficult to make a place for your product. In fact, by a survey, it is found that Apple rejects too many apps on a daily basis & 80% of them are due to most generic reasons. Hence it is imperative to hire that not only holds experience but is trustworthy. After all, there are many fishes in the market, but fetching your favored one is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

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