Top 5 Business Problems that can be Solved by Mobile Apps

business problems that mobile app can solve

Businesses strive hard to achieve their goals in a faster and more effective manner. Quick completion of tasks and achievements of business goals leads to better profits and builds better brand value. They use different modes for that, like web applications, dedicated landing pages, mobile apps, ERP Systems, cloud-based CMS software, and so on. However, out of all, the least used and most underrated aspect is the mobile application. 

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Although mobile apps have conquered many parts of the global sector, then also, many businesses, even today, do not use mobile apps to optimize their business operations. Here are some facts from trusted sources that will help you understand the actual value of mobile apps in today’s digital world.

  • By 2025, the total mobile users will reach over 5.98 billion, almost 71% of the world’s population.
  • By 2023, mobile apps are predicted to generate a whopping amount of $9935 billion through paid downloads and in-app advertising.
  • Over 21.3 billion apps were downloaded from Google Play Store in the year 2019 alone.
  • The mobile app industry generated a whopping $462 billion in revenue in the year 2019.

As evident, businesses are actively investing in mobile applications to gain better profits and revenues. In contrast, users are downloading mobile apps to make their lives and everyday problems much more manageable. What’s your take on that?  

Although efficient, the main reason why businesses still do not rely much on mobile apps is that they do not know the significant perks of investing in mobile app development. That’s why in today’s article, we will be discussing five business problems that you can solve with a mobile app in no time. 

So, let’s get started! 

1. Efficient Data Capturing and Processingui/ux

Data is the most vital asset for any organization, especially when dealing with clients regularly. Documentation, accounting, or even photographs and customer reviews; data can be of great help to enhance user experience and launch new products and services.

However, if all these processes are managed manually, then they may take a lot of time. Hence, the data may not be as accurate and the latest as it should be. That’s why we have mobile apps specifically dedicated to catering to data processing needs. The mobile apps combine several steps to automate and speed up the data collection and transfer processes to receive the data in real-time.

Furthermore, some mobile applications even work offline and synchronize data once they are connected to the internet.   

2. Improving Customer Services

Customer giving quality feedback

Customers are very crucial for the growth of businesses. That’s why you should always try to provide them the best services to enhance their user experience. Solving customer queries and offering them the latest offers and updates of your new product are some of the ways through which you can assure an excellent customer experience.

However, your customer service agents cannot be present every time to solve your customer’s queries. That’s why we have mobile apps to answer all those issues. Dedicated AI devices can manage your social media, communicate with your users, and update them about the latest offers and products/services.

Moreover, your customer can even generate a support ticket for human-assisted services seamlessly with mobile applications’ help. All in all, enhancing user experience is a piece of cake for mobile apps.

3. Effective Internal Communications

communication mobile appsEmployee supervision and monitoring of operations is an essential yet time-consuming job. Furthermore, synchronization in multiple departments is also needed to deliver a project on time and with quality features effectively. However, that thing is not as useful as normal monitoring and communication tools.

Mobile apps can even serve that issue! With an effective team management mobile app, you can seamlessly streamline the communication between different departments of your organization. Moreover, you can even track each of your employees’ current work even when they are not working directly at your office premises, like the fleet drivers and product dispatchers. 

Fleet management software and on-demand product delivery apps are significant examples of these types of mobile apps.    

4. Launching New Products and Services

Pre-Launch Pitfalls

To launch new products and market them to the right audience and at the right time is essential for any product or service-based organization. It would be best if you were very sure about which product you are making, who it is for, and how it will benefit your target audience. 

That analysis requires detailed and structured data that can only be derived from polls and surveys. And what better than a mobile can serve this purpose. Mobile apps, along with in-built analytics tools, can provide you all the relevant data you will need for the marketing of your products or services. 

Right from user surveys, to best target locations and audience, dedicated mobile apps can offer you all these data to help you make an informed decision and better marketing strategy! 

5. Remote Working

remote working mobile apps

Last but not least, remote working is the finest benefit of a mobile app that you cannot get from any other digital source. We all know that the time is not so appropriate, and in these hard times, many of the businesses are shutting down. Reason? Because they do not have that many resources that can help them to work remotely.

But, that’s not the case with a mobile app. Today everybody is going mobile. As per Statista, there are a total of 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world. Now, in such a vast market, it would never be difficult to launch your mobile apps for employees or even for customers. You can seamlessly stay in touch with each other and manage all your small and big business operations with an app on your screen! 


Ready to Develop Mobile Apps for your Business?

To conclude, we can say that the world is going mobile and so should you. To increase your brand value, or to make more profits or even provide an enhanced experience to your users, you should continuously upgrade your services, and mobile apps are the best way to do that. Whether you are looking to launch new products, gather user data, or increased sales, mobile applications can manage all these tasks seamlessly with a single tap. 

Ready to build a mobile app for your organization? Leverage our years of experience and trusted app developers to make a cost-effective and scalable mobile app for your business use. We have best-in-class resources that can promise you an error-free app perfect for your brand. Have an idea regarding your app? Reach us today! Plus, get a free 30-min consultation from our experts on your first visit. Till then, Happy Reading



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