Top 5 Business Problems that can be Solved by Mobile Apps

Updated on May 8th, 2023

Top 5 Business Problems that can be Solved by Mobile Apps

Businesses nowadays strive hard to achieve their lofty goals and remain relevant. Due to the quickly changing market and ever-evolving customer needs and preferences, businesses must adjust their marketing plans and business processes very swiftly. Furthermore, the ever-growing market and the constant stream of new and innovative startups make it difficult for companies to hold on to their customers.  

That is why most businesses are moving away from their legacy infrastructure and processes and are favoring a more modern, agile set of digital tools and customer-first processes. From cloud-based IoT solutions to looking for a talented mobile app development company to build custom mobile solutions for in-house and customer-facing operations, businesses are firing on all cylinders to get ahead in the market.

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But simply investing in tools such as web applications, dedicated landing pages, ERP Systems, cloud-based CMS software, etc. It is not enough. Businesses need to understand that in the modern age, when customers have so many options available at the tips of their fingers, they have to engage with them and connect with them constantly.  

And that is where mobile applications play a big role. Nowadays, most customers have smartphones, and they use them for everything, from shopping to ordering food and booking rides. They love the mobility and the seamlessness these apps provide. Furthermore, for in-house operations, enterprise mobility solutions are a great way to increase employee productivity, asset tracking, optimizing resource utilization, etc. 

According to Statista, by 2025, mobile apps are expected to bring in 613 billion USD in revenues! Furthermore, 27.6 billion apps were downloaded from Google Play in the 3rd quarter of 2021 alone. Whereas Apple App Store raked in a whopping 21.5 billion USD during that same period. 

The above facts make it clear very apparent that mobile apps are not just some passing trend like many had predicted during the rise of smartphones. In fact, with new technologies and companies offering cost-effective app development services for innovative ideas, mobile apps are now likely to become more essential than ever before. 

But if you’re still on the fence about developing a mobile application for your business, then this is the post for you. In this article, we will talk about some of the major benefits businesses enjoy by developing mobile applications. So, let’s get started!

  • Mobile apps can help businesses capture user data and process it more efficiently and in a manner that benefits them the most.
  • Customer service is a crucial part of any business. And the help of custom mobile apps, businesses can provide faster and more personalized customer service to their users.
  • Customer interactions also become more streamlined as any major updates, whether they are about the app or any big sales, can be relayed to the customers with a simple notification.
  • If you want to develop an app for your business, then the best way to do so is to hire a custom mobile app development firm with a great track record, like Matellio.

Top 5 Business Problems that Mobile Apps can solve

Efficient Data Capturing and Processingui/ux

In the internet age, data is the most important asset for any organization. From customer data to employee and sales data, ever bit needs to properly captured and utilized. Data collection leads to surprising and sometimes even game-changing insights that can transform an organization. And mobile applications are a great way to gather data efficiently.  

But collecting data is only one piece of the puzzle. Once collected, the data must be properly processed and analyzed. That is why many businesses get AI-based enterprise solutions developed for their internal work. The AI processes the data and provides many critical insights and observations. Furthermore, various trend charts and projection charts can be created with this AI’s help. Most such solutions also have mobile enterprise solutions, so users can observe these stats on the go. They make remote monitoring and working much easier.

Improving Customer Services

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Mobile applications are a great way to provide better and speedy customer service. Thanks to the latest technologies, mobile apps are better equipped to provide immediate query resolution and entertain customer queries and questions 24*7. A big part of the credit here goes to AI-based chatbots. Most mobile applications provide a chatbot or virtual assistant that, if developed well enough, can take care of most of the customer queries very efficiently. 

Most apps also have a call or text feature embedded in them. So customers call customer support directly from within the app. It may not seem like a big thing, but this is one of those features that makes reaching out to a company and engaging with them a little easier, which, in the long run, is good for your customer engagement efforts. 

For internal purposes,  enterprise mobile solutions are a great way for your employees to track customer support and service request tickets assigned to them on the go. And based on how connected your working environment is, people in the same team can see each other’s task lists and collaborate using these applications.

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Effective Internal Communications

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Efficient communication in a workplace is vital for a company’s success. Whether it is between two employees from the same department or two departments involved in the same project, internal communication makes a business more productive and profitable. Every department is responsible for a different aspect of a business. For instance, the sales and marketing department works on selling and marketing various products and services, whereas the production department mostly focuses on building products and developing services. But for a company to reach the height of its productivity, departments must be able to share information and collaborate efficiently.  

That is where mobile applications come in.  

By investing in enterprise mobile app development services, companies can boost inner communication between teams and employees and boost their productivity.  

Launching New Products and Services

Pre-Launch Pitfalls

Whenever a company is getting ready to launch a new product, a fair amount of work goes into thinking of how to market it, what channels should be used, what type of marketing material is required, what demographic we should target, etc. All these considerations make it possible for an organization to successfully launch a new product and get it in the hands of its target users. 

Mobile applications are a great way to market your new products and services. A simple notification or an alert on your customers’ mobile phones can notify them of upcoming launches.  Furthermore, you can do all sorts of creative marketing activities to create a buzz. Like a social media platform share button that your loyal customers can use to share the launch with their friends.  

Dedicated mobile apps also help you improve your services or add new features. By suggesting people take polls and surveys, you can learn about people’s sentiments toward your services and how you can improve them. Furthermore, if you are bringing to your mobile app, you can alert your users with the help of a carefully crafted push notification.

Remote Working

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During the COVID era, most businesses switched to remote working. And now that it is beginning to look like our pandemic nightmare might be over, employees and employers alike are against the idea of switching to on-site working one hundred percent. There are many reasons behind this aversion to returning to the old working methods. The biggest of them is the operational cost for the employers. Remote working slashes many business expenses like energy, food, etc. Furthermore, employees find it way more relaxing to work from the comfort of their homes and be more productive by some studies.  

But one lingering fear is a decline in the company’s overall productivity. And that is where mobile applications come in. Whether you want to manage your employees more efficiently or increase inter-departmental communication, mobile applications make remote work more efficient and a little less solitary. 

Thanks to cloud services and high-speed internet connectivity, employees can work even when they are not at home. This means that the work can still get done no matter where your employees are.


Ready to Develop Mobile Apps for your Business?

Mobile applications can boost your revenues, improve your customer interaction and services, help you build better and more informed marketing plans and business decisions, and help you improve your internal operations. By investing in a mobile, you are providing your business an edge over your competitors and making it future-ready. 

If you are looking for scalable and cost-effective mobile app development services, then Matellio is the right partner for you. We have years of experience developing top-notch and feature-rich mobile applications for various industries. No matter your needs, using our finely-tuned enterprise mobility consulting and app development consultation services, you can figure out the top features, the best tech stack, and the perfect road map for your mobile app. We follow the agile development methodology that lets us put our clients at the heart of our approach. We strive to make the solution you want using cutting-edge mobile app development solutions and tools. 

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