Top 5 Marijuana Apps Like Leafly

Updated on Dec 13th, 2023

Top 5 Marijuana Apps Like Leafly

Due to the growing acceptance of recreational and medicalmarijuana, the cannabis industry is now one of the fastest-growing industries as per

The wide usage of medical marijuana has increased the demand for cannabis and marijuana applications. People living in California, Alaska,  Colorado, Maine, Oregon, Nevada, Massachusetts, etc are widely using marijuana apps for getting accurate information about weeds and other related things.

So you wish to step into this field or maybe you’re looking for your personal usage. Whatever be the case, the article will prove to be helpful for you. Matellio has brought the list of top 5 marijuana apps.

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1. Eaze


Android: 4.4 Stars

iOS: 4.7 Stars

Eaze,a medical cannabis delivery solution, is known for connecting licensed and independent,  cannabis dispensaries with the verified users. The app provides delivery services in the permitted areas with all local and state regulations.

App Features

  • Allow the users of age more than 21 to sign up
  • Receive recommendations for various products.
  • Provides on-demand delivery of the cannabis products in Oregon and California
  • In other US states, the app delivers hemp-derived CBD products
  • Search latest products with detail information
  • Users can get the product delivered within a stipulated time period
  • Users can learn about the latest cannabis and other such news related to it.
  • Users can track products in real time.

2. PotBot


Android: 3.4 stars

iOS: 4.8 stars

PotBot helps in simplifying the lives of medical marijuana patients who wish to know which strain will be best for their condition. PotBot’s unique cannabinoid-based algorithm avails the latest peer-reviewed research for recommending strains in the local area.

App Features

  • Provides recommendations customized to each patient’s individual needs.
  • Protect the users from any sort of misuse by adding various layers of legitimacy and security  to your medical cannabis recommendation.
  • Due to personalized recommendations from PotBot, patients wouldn’t have to spend money on cannabis products that don’t offer possible relief.
  • Aggregate all the existing medical research into a smooth recommendation process that will take some minutes to complete.
  • The 3rd party recommendations of the app are science-based and not at all influenced by a dispensary’s sales agenda.

3. Weedmaps


iOS: 4.9 Stars

Android: 4.6 Stars

Founded in 2008, Weedmaps is your perfect guide to cannabis. It is a leading software technology in the cannabis industry. Explore brands and products and learn about the latest trends in the industry.

App Features

  • Find cannabis deals, dispensaries, and doctors in your surroundings,
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the cannabis aspect.
  • Check out reviews of various brands and products like edibles, strains, tinctures, etc.
  • Locate the nearby cannabis using various filters such as lab data, pricing, and much more.
  • Easily locate a marijuana doctor for getting evaluation.

4. HighThere


Android: 1.6 Stars

iOS: 2.0 Stars

HighThere makes it easy to connect with the people who share mutual interests. You can meet new people that you can share something with. The app helps in expanding your social networks of canna enthusiasts. Find the like minded people and chill with them!

App Features

  • Find experts that can make product recommendations
  • Meet new people that have shared vibes.
  • Easy to use with users from round the world
  • Talk to other community members for a better outlook
  • Speak with other cannabis enthusiasts and share your experience.

5. Duby


iOS: 3.7 Stars
Duby is a Social Network for Cannabis enthusiasts in the world. It is also known as a smoke spot for users. They can take a break and chill with their buddies using the app. The app is filled with different kinds of content and elements like maps, brands, menus, and deals. The community of this platform is for adults, i.e. 18+ years old legal cannabis patients who want information based on common preferences..

App Features

  • Combines the best of social with the best of companies
  • Find products, dispensaries, and get live menus in your surroundings.
  • Grow your sesh, send private messages, and explore the world of weed with duby.
  • Light up a duby & pass it to other users anonymously near you.
  • Share in private, discover in public.


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