Top 6 Most Common Myths About IT Staff Augmentation Services Busted

Updated on Jan 12th, 2024

Top 6 Most Common Myths About IT Staff Augmentation Services Busted

Today’s digital and competitive era has given many new concepts, and staff augmentation is no exception. In fact, today’s leading businesses are readily accepting IT staff augmentation services to effectively bridge the IT gap in their businesses and optimize all their projects.  

Access to the best talent, cost-effective development, next-gen features, and even reduced business cost, many factors have contributed to the significant growth of IT staff augmentation services in the global market.  

However, despite such robust and unique benefits to the businesses, there are many myths about IT staff augmentation services prevailing in the market. Those misconceptions are limiting the companies to using the best IT staff augmentation resources for their business growth. 

Are you also under the influence of one such myth about IT staff augmentation services? Well, let’s clear all your doubts by busting the most common misconceptions about staff augmentation in today’s article! 

What are the Top IT Staff Augmentation Myths You Still Believe? 

Top IT Staff Augmentation Myths

Myth 1: Staff Augmentation Service is Expensive 

The first and foremost misconception of the businesses about IT staff augmentation service is its high price. Most of them think that IT staffing and consulting are complex and involve a lot of time and cost. Many even think that staff augmentation is only for leading businesses and is not suitable for startups or SMEs. 

Fact 1: Staff Augmentation is Way More Cost-Effective than an In-House Team

The truth is that staff augmentation services are relatively cost-effective, even cheaper than the permanent hiring of an in-house development team. You can easily hire the best IT resources at flexible hiring models with IT staff augmentation services. Right from essential web development technologies to innovative next-gen platforms, IT staffing allows you to access the best talent in the world for your project. 

You can easily hire the best IT staff augmentation resources anytime and even pause your project as per the project needs. However, that capability is not present with the in-house development team. Whether you have a project or not, you will still need to pay your in-house developers at the proper time.   

Myth 2: You Have No Control Over Your Hired IT Staff Augmentation Resources 

Another most common myth about IT staff augmentation services is that it offers no control over the project. Many people think that outsourcing the IT team from any IT staff augmentation company will involve business risks and even eliminate their involvement in the project development.  

Fact 2: You Get Complete Control of Your Project and Development Team 

The fact is that IT staff augmentation services offer you more than a normal control of your project. You decide everything for your project, from choosing the features and tech stack to finalizing the IT staff augmentation resources and development and testing methods.

With IT staffing, you can hire the developers according to your budget and needs. You can even reduce the size of your team or add new developers at your comfort anytime during the development. Besides that, an experienced IT staff augmentation company like yours even offers you dedicated project managers that can be contacted anytime to get the exact status of your project. 

Want to know more benefits of IT staff augmentation? Read our article below to explore how staff augmentation can be a game-changer for your business! 

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Myth 3: IT Staff Augmentation Costs Less, and so it Delivers a Poor-Quality Project 

Now many people think that due to the less cost involved in the staff augmentation services, the quality of the project is not so great. The IT staff augmentation companies do not follow a clean code policy, which eventually hampers your digital product’s performance and security.  

Fact 3: Less Cost Does Not Mean Poor Quality

That is not true, especially when you partner with an experienced IT staff augmentation company. A reliable and experienced IT staff augmentation company offers you the best resources for all your project needs without affecting your budget.  

Right from UI/UX designers to app developers, testers, and even API developers, you can get a comprehensive range of certified and experienced IT staff augmentation resources that could make your digital product a hit in the market. Besides that, those companies even offer flexible hiring models that can benefit you to choose the offshore development team as per your needs without compromising the quality of your IT project. 

Myth 4: Maintenance and Support is a Big Issue with IT Staffing 

Maintenance and after-support are very crucial when dealing with IT services. A quality and cost-effective support lead to successful and trendy development for years to come. However, there is a popular misconception that IT staff augmentation companies do not offer any sort of maintenance and after-support, or if they offer, then it is very costly. 

Fact 4: A Reputable IT Staff Augmentation Company Always Offers a Reliable Tech Support 

The truth is that all the experienced IT staff augmentation companies always offer reliable and cost-effective tech support for your project. In fact, you can get the latest updates for your digital product from the top IT staff augmentation resources, which is not possible with a low-experienced in-house team or freelancers.  

With staff augmentation services, you don’t need to think of recruiting or downsizing your team; pay only for what you need. Moreover, multiple staff augmentation companies like ours offer free support for a specific period for your IT project. In all, maintenance and tech support is never an issue when you partner with an experienced IT staff augmentation company! 

Looking for an Experienced and Reliable IT Staff Augmentation Company

Myth 5: IT Staff Augmentation Services Creates a Communication Gap and Comes with a Lot of Risks 

Communication gaps and business risks are also serious misconceptions that limit most businesses from choosing robust staff augmentation services. The businesses are primarily concerned that they may not communicate properly with their offshore development team. In such a scenario, their project ideas, information, and development may be at risk. Plus, the myth of high cost due to frequent changes and lack of management also impacts their decisions.  

Fact 5: IT Staff Augmentation Promotes Effective Communication and Secures Your Data  

There is no such thing with the IT staff augmentation services. Thanks to the digital world we live in, we today have a lot of communication channels like Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, and so on, which facilitates smooth communication from anywhere and at any time.  

Thankfully, many reputable IT staff augmentation companies follow all such approaches to constantly communicate with their clients. Everything is done after consulting you after the addition of features to a selection of designing components and even testing methods. Plus, other project management tools like Jira and slack can be used to check the real-time progress and all the other things about your projects while sitting remotely! 

Besides that, at Matellio, we also sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that has all the laws and rules protecting your data, idea, and development models from third parties. We even follow the best agile development approach that considers your ideas to fully protect your app and make it as per your expectations.  

Myth 6: You Miss Project Deadline Due to Time Differences

Finally, the last most common myth about IT staff augmentation services is that it impacts the project deadlines. The businesses think that while the IT staff augmentation resources are not present on their premises, they may work as per their schedule, and that way, the project deadlines are missed causing a loss of brand reputation. 

Fact 6:  Remote Development Promotes 24/7 Working which Results in Quick Project Completion 

Delayed project deadlines are not the case with staff augmentation. In fact, when you hire an offshore development team, then it facilitates early project completion. How? Well, hiring offshore resources helps you to keep your project active 24/7 due to the time differences.  

That means, when the developers are working on the project, you can focus on other things, and when they are inactive, you can quickly take a look and can suggest all the required changes without adding the overall development time. And we all know that less time means low cost and a better digital product. Hence, IT staff augmentation is the best way to ensure a quick and expected project development for businesses of all sizes!  

How to Choose the Best IT Staff Augmentation Company?

So, now you know about the amazing benefits of staff augmentation in refining your business strategies and making you the best for your clients. But, how to choose the best staff augmentation company that can deliver a quality and cost-effective product while keeping you in the loop?  

In short, a company that can eventually prove all those concerns as myths? Well, here’s how you can look for a company like that! 

How to Choose the Best IT Staffing Partner (1)

1. Client Reviews

The first and most important thing that you should be looking at is client reviews. You should probably look at the past clients and, if possible, personally get in touch with all those companies to check the status of their projects and hired resources. That would be the most credible and effective way of checking whether your chosen partner is an experienced IT staff augmentation firm or not! 

2. Portfolios

Besides client reviews, portfolios are another thing that must not be overlooked when choosing the best IT staff augmentation company for your IT project. Portfolios are past projects that that specific firm completes. Everything could be easily accessed from a single portfolio, from the technology used to the resources, time of completion, the scope of the project, and the challenges addressed. 

Hence, by looking at those portfolios and case studies, you will have a fair idea of what the company can do and how effectively its resources can satisfy your projects!  

3. Development Approach

The development approach is a crucial aspect in selecting the best IT staffing company for your project. Although there are multiple development approaches with tier pros and cons, the agile development approach is considered the most effective methodology for IT projects.  

With agile methodology, you get notified at every development step; hence, the product is built as per your expectations. Plus, as there is constant checking and corrections at every step, testing costs are also reduced while offering a smooth and effective digital product.  

We, at Matellio, always follow agile methodology for IT project development for all our clients! 

4. Availability of IT Resources

Availability of IT resources is very much needed for a successful, quick, and effective completion of your project. If you have all the resources at the right time, then your project’s overall cost decreases significantly. Besides that, you will have the perfect assistance in making your app a hit from the same place instead of hiring different teams from different IT staff augmentation companies! 

5. Ease of Hiring 

Last but not least, the hiring process of your chosen company should be flexible and well suited to your business goals. An experienced and reliable company always offers many hiring models and makes the IT staff augmentation process more straightforward for the clients. You need not involve in a lot of complex paperwork; instead, look for a company that has a streamlined and secure hiring process.  

Besides that, you must also look for a company that can offer you, flexible hiring models. For instance, Matellio offers you, multiple hiring models, to hire your offshore development team as per your business needs. Our models include time and material, turnkey, dedicated developers, and custom hiring models.

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So, that was everything about the common misconceptions related to the IT staff augmentation services. As evident, everything that was concerning the businesses was actually the myths limiting the companies to leverage the robust staff augmentation services. Instead, there are many significant benefits of staff augmentation that can help companies to achieve fascinating results at low cost and in less time, provided the company is experienced and reliable.  

Hence, if you are looking for a reputable IT staff augmentation company, then we, at Matellio, are the perfect choice for your project. With a decade-long experience and certified experts in every field, we ensure to offer you cost-effective staff augmentation services satisfying your needs. With a rich exposure to the latest market trends, we can help you integrate the latest capabilities in your project while making you a pro in your field. Plus, it is easier to hire us. Just fill our form and we will take care of everything from there!

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