Top 6 Reasons Why your Beauty Salon Needs a Salon App

Updated on Jan 12th, 2024


So, you run a beauty salon, but from some time, you are struggling to get good business from it. You tried the traditional ways of marketing your business, but nothing worked so effectively. Maybe you are forgetting a crucial aspect! Yes, we are talking about a salon app!

Mobile applications are quickly gaining a huge market not just because of their dynamic behaviour in solving problems, but because of  faster reach and cost-effective operations. Almost everyone today has a smartphone and that’s why the majority of businesses today are leveraging mobile apps to reach their audience much more quickly and efficiently.

Let us take your salon as an example. If anybody wants to visit a salon, they will first type ‘best salon near me’ in their smartphones. Now, those salons which have a dedicated online presence and salon apps will be on the top of the search results and as such, they would be getting more customers fastly.

Furthermore, during these hard times, people are avoiding going to any crowded place. In such a scenario, it would be best, if you provide them appointments and services while they sit at their homes. How? The answer is again the same, with a salon application!

Here are some crucial facts that will help you understand the importance of mobile applications in your beauty salon business.

  • Each year, a single woman spends around $3756 in a beauty salon for enhancing their appearance. Now if you are a beauty expert,m then it is a huge market for you to capture with the right set of marketing and dedicated salon apps.
  • The mobile apps currently make up to $40 billion industry! That’s a huge market as compared to the other sectors of the global platform. You can seamlessly become a part of the same community to market your business and to reach more people in less time.

Still not convinced? Don’t worry, we have six compelling reasons that will make your mind in investing in a salon application!

1. Reduced Waiting time

Beauty-salon-App-Waiting timeThe first and foremost reason why your beauty and hair salon needs a mobile application is that it reduces the waiting time of your customers. Now, we all know that people hate to stand in long queues especially during these hard times to get services. Even if you are offering huge discounts, the long waiting list will drive them away from your salon. So, what could be done?

Many of them would say hiring a telecaller for attending calls and taking appointments could do the work. But, what about the cost? What about the tedious work and if even a single appointment is noted wrong, the whole salon gets chaotic! That’s where salon apps come into play.

With a beauty salon application, your customers could book an appointment on the go! They do not have to wait for hours to get to the call and book appointments. Moreover, if you opt for an on-demand salon app, then you can even manage your inventories, your staff, payroll, and even your customer details in no time. Additionally, those on-demand salon apps will even let you integrate with social media for promotions and marketing!

2. Timely Communications

Beauty-salon-App-CommunicationsCommunications play an important role not just with the customers but also with the internal staff members. Even a single late reply could kill the effectiveness of the conversation, and you may lose a vital customer. Likely, if any of your staff fails to deliver any message of the customer on time, or about the payment details, then it may incur a financial loss for your salon.

So, to eliminate all such issues, and to facilitate smooth communications, a salon app is much needed. It not only keeps a track of all the appointments, customer messages, and payment details, but even helps you organize your staff in a much effective way. You can plan the shifts and can even decide which person would be doing what job and who will fill the space when someone is on leave.

3. Loyalty and Reward Programs

App-for-beauty-salon-Loyalty-and-Reward-ProgramsRewards, and loyalty programs are always the backbone of any organization to lure more customers, and to entice the existing ones. Everybody loves surprises, and giving your users constant discounts and updates of new offers as soon as they launch are something that could enhance your customer services.

But, doping all these manually could take major time and might not even reach all your customers, not even half i would say! But, with a dedicated salon app, you could do that in no time. With all your users having smartphones, updating offers and sending discount coupons could not be a big issue for you.

Moreover, you could even personalize the services and discounts as per the value of the user. With 24*7 chatbot services and geolocation solutions, the nearby customers could also be updated about your exciting offers in no time. Results? More sales, better reach, and more brand recognition!

4. Social Media Marketing

App-for-beauty-salon-Social-Media-MarketingConnecting your business with the right marketing channels is foremost essential to promote your business to the right kind of customers. And in this digital world, what better than social media marketing could help you!

With on-demand salon apps, you could seamlessly promote your salon on the global platform, so that the right set of people could get to know about it. Also, you could seamlessly provide constant updates about your services and could even let people know about your amazing discounts and reward coupons.

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5. Faster Payment Options

Salon-app-development-Payment-OptionsNow that’s something very beneficial to your salons. Often it is seen that calculating the total profits, and keeping a track of all the payments seems a tedious task for most of the users. Also, a single mistake in calculation could lead to huge variations in profits and your actual finances.

That’s why you should always rely on trusted and automated financial apps that could streamline your financial operations. With an on-demand salon napp, this thing could be easily achieved. You can not only get the basic accounting module but even would get payment gateways so that your customers cold pay using digital methods.

Besides that, you will also be getting a track of all the payments done by your customers even with different modes.

6. Happy Customers and Better Profits

Salon-app-development-Better-ProfitsLast but not least, with the help of on-demand salon apps, you could even enhance your customer experience. As evident, salon apps provide a plethora of services that could help the users to seamlessly leverage your services. Right from mobile bookings, to digital payments, all the facilities could be integrated in an on-demand app.

Additionally, the loyalty programs and discounts also acted like cherry on the top. So, all in all, the customers could be enticed using an on-demand salon app. And we all know that a happy customer means more business, and with more business comes more profits and revenues.


Ready to Build a Salon App with Matellio?

So, those were some of the compelling reasons why you should be investing in  a salon app for your beauty and hair salon business. To conclude, we can say that the world is going mobile these days, and if you will not change with the same pace, then you will be left behind. People today want faster services and the only way to do that is to build a dedicated mobile app.

We, at Matellio, have years of experience in building mobile applications for a multitude of industries. We have best-in-class experts and experienced testers that ensure an error-free application with all the advanced and reliable functionalities. Want to discover more about our working? Reach us today and get a free consultation on your first visit!

Till then, Happy Reading!

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