Top 7 Uses of Computer Vision in Retail

Updated on Feb 6th, 2024

Computer Vision in Retail

With the ever-growing digital world technologies, many segments of the global market transformed rapidly, and retail is surely one of those. Online stores, dedicated mobile apps, and AR/VR in enhancing the shopping experience lured many users towards digital retail shops. However, despite the huge success of online retail, offline retail stores’ craze did not go extinct. Enters Computer Vision in Retail!

For the customers who try the products before buying and are not willing to pay the delivery charges, computer vision in retail has benefited them. With features like shelf management, digital payments, and compliance management, computer vision has greatly attracted more users towards offline retail stores. Not only the customers, but computer vision in retail has been benefiting the retail owners too!

By offering functionalities like automated warehousing management, visual searches for the users, answering customer queries, and AI-based inventory management, computer vision in retail is becoming the primary choice of many retailers. But, what exactly is this computer vision, and how is it transforming the future of retail? Let’s explore answers to all such questions in our blog below!

What is Computer Vision?

Computer vision is an advanced AI application that has been transforming the global business sector for quite some time. The concept of computer vision works using many other custom applications of AI like facial recognition technology, speech recognition, machine learning, and much more. This robust technology aims to empower every machine with identification and unsupervised machine learning experience. 

With the help of captured images and deep learning models, the smart machines identify the object and then react to it based on their past learnings. For computer vision in retail, the data is sent to the machines in images and videos. The smart machines backed with AI capabilities then analyze the data and categorize it accordingly. The generated insights are then leveraged by the retailers to handle their business operations efficiently and protect their goods from thefts. 

Eventually, computer vision in retail helps the retailers run their business efficiently and even enhances the overall shopping experience while making their brand stand apart from the rest of the competitors.

Use cases of computer vision in retail 

How is Computer Vision in Retail Beneficial?

Now that you know the term computer vision let us quickly discuss the benefits that computer vision in retail provides to businesses. These benefits would be sufficient to compel you to implement computer vision in your organization!

1. Smart Product Recommendations

The first and foremost benefit of computer vision in retail is smart product recommendations. We all know that computer vision is a robust application of AI. We also know that personalized recommendations have become a need rather than a luxury for the retail industry. In such a scenario, computer vision technology proves to be most beneficial.

With smart computer vision tools in retail, businesses can now sell their products based on user interest. Meaning, the customers could be offered personalized recommendations of the products to improve the overall shopping experience. Not only that, but with computer vision in retail, the store owners could also upsell their products during the sale period at a very profitable margin.   

2. AR for Enhanced Customer Experiencear-and-vr

Another excellent benefit of deploying computer vision in retail is enhanced customer service. AR today has not remained a new term for the global market. In fact, it has transformed many leading sectors of the market like education and healthcare, and retail is no exception! However, the problem of making the augmented reality experience authentic is a major concern for the retailers!

But, not anymore! By implementing computer vision in retail, you could easily position the augmented reality to make it look more authentic and engaging. Not only that, but with multiple sensory models offered by computer vision, the AR experience could be enhanced beyond just visual, i.e., auditory too! Hence, computer vision in retail is surely a game-changer for the industry.

3. Face Recognition For Increasing Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is the most concerning factor for the retail industry. You need to deliver an awesome customer experience and discounts to entice the existing customers and attract new ones. However, this task can be simplified using computer vision in retail.

With the help of computer vision technology, your retail store’s cameras can be integrated with facial recognition systems. That means the cameras can detect your valuable customers and offer them discounts in real-time as per their past interactions with your brand. You can even offer your new customers some amazing coupons and special discounts using computer vision in retail. So many benefits with just one technology!

4. Cashierless Shopping Experiencecashier less shopping

Yes, you heard it right! With computer vision in retail, your business can facilitate cashier-less shopping in real-time. That means, you customers can shop the products without standing in the long queues. The use of smart computer vision and multi-sensory technology enables the users to shop directly from their cart and pay digitally as per their convenience.

As soon as the user selects a certain product, the shelf becomes empty, the cameras around the store scan the product, and the smart solutions add them to their account. Once the user has completed their purchases, they can seamlessly log in to their accounts using mobile apps and pay directly for their purchases. That way, the customers also get a different shopping experience, and eventually, your brand value is increased.

5. Identification of Best Employees

Like thefts, you can even identify your retail store’s best employees using computer vision in retail. With the use of reliable face detection systems and cameras located in your store, the smart machines can identify your customers’ expressions during shopping. Besides that, the number of employee’s interactions with the customers are also recognized using the same systems.

Hence, with all the computer vision data, you can seamlessly identify the best employee for that period. Apart from that, you can even locate any issue that your customers face using computer vision in retail—an amazing way to motivate your employees to perform better and deliver an excellent user experience.

6. Automated Warehouse OperationsAutomated Warehouse Operations

Warehouse management is another critical factor that has always been a major concern for the retail industry! Retailers need to manage and track all their inventories and warehouse operations to grow their business efficiently. Computer vision in retail makes all those tasks automated and efficient.

The use of robotics and computer vision enhances and streamlines all your tedious warehouse operations like categorizing the products, locating them, keeping track of the most popular items, and much more. Moreover, the cameras installed in the warehouses can also identify the person accessing your inventories and locate the thefts in real-time before they impact your business.

7. Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Last but not least, we have personalized marketing campaigns as a benefit of computer vision in retail. Thanks to AI’s advanced tools, retailers today can seamlessly predict the best moment to launch their specific marketing campaigns that could yield good results.

The face recognition systems, along with computer vision, can be used to detect your clients’ behavior while they shop. That means you could easily know their response with certain products of your store. Hence, with that data, you can offer personalized marketing offers to your valuable customers, such that they cannot deny those offers. For instance, if a customer was looking at microwaves and he/she has not purchased them yet, you can send them personalized offers on microwaves that will compel them to buy them from your store!

What excellent benefits from a single technology! What is stopping you from implementing computer vision in retail?

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How Can Matellio Help in Implementing Computer Vision in Retail?

As evident, the benefits of computer vision in retail are sufficient for any business to make progress and enhance its brand value. Hence, why wait for your competitors to grow when you can start today! With over 20+ years of experience, we, at Matellio, have been the leading choice of retailers when it comes to deploying digital AI solutions. Whether a startup or a large enterprise, our certified and reliable developers always strive to deliver the best digital solutions that could satisfy every client’s need. That’s why leading firms like Clutch have recognized us as a leader in the software engineering sector. 

So, get started with smart computer vision technology, and transform your retail store into a shopping hub! Reach us today, and get answers to everything you need with our free expert consultation services.

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