Top 9 Reasons to Use AngularJS for Mobile App Development

Updated on Apr 12th, 2023

Top 9 Reasons to Use AngularJS for Mobile App Development

We do have many mobile app development languages in this technological era, but the task is to select the one which resonates with our requirements completely. And according to recent reports, AngularJS is making a huge pace and has taken complete control over the mobile app development landscape. A feature-rich, dynamic extension of a javascript framework, AngularJS is developed and maintained by Google experts, and made its presence felt in the market in the year 2009. The primary reason for its popularity among the people, the framework is easy to work with and simplifies the developing process of web apps. 

Let’s dig deeper into AngularJS. 

What is AngularJS? 


A user-interactive platform AngularJS has simplified the development process. The manageable framework is mostly used for front-end web development. The framework is used to build interactive elements and components of a particular website and is extremely easy to use. The framework has come a long way. And many developing companies are relieved as the introduction of AngularJS has freed them from searching the codes for more extended hours, which ultimately affects their targets. Not only this, but AngularJS also maintains the code integrity, and its data binding and dependency injection eliminates the extra code which we have to write. The framework provides complete flexibility and is mostly used to develop single-page applications. The self-proclaimed “superheroic Javascript Framework” for mobile app development provides you with a pool of functionalities, advanced features as well as advantages. The sheer support by google helps the framework to keep it up to date. Many famous names like PayPal, Netflix,, etc. have relied upon the framework. 

Why AngularJS is popular?

Despite the number of plugins and frameworks available in the market, the website owners select AngularJS development services. The angularJS for mobile apps is prevalent in many ways, like; 

1. The framework can extend HTML attributes as well as provides an advanced approach to the users to manage the characteristics and to design the web page.

2. The simple functionalities of the AngularJS framework make it easier to use and deliver better stability. 

3. It can easily handle errors and events.

4. The integral part of the app code does not contain any directives

5.  The framework has a modular approach, which means updating, modifying, testing and maintaining activities becomes easy. 

6. It helps in binding and routing. 

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Top 9 Reasons to Use AngularJS for Mobile App Development

The angularJS framework for mobile apps wins because it has been providing versatile benefits. Below mentioned are some of the reasons why the AngularJS is perfect for the mobile app development projects: 

1. Ease of Use

The AngularJS framework is a feature-rich platform that makes it easy for many development professionals to use and maintain. The framework is also an extension of HTML attributes with the help of which the developers can build a customized web application. Additionally, the clients do not need to stick with the developers to change the codes.

2. The MVC structure

The MVC stands for the model view controller. It’s easy to create dynamic web applications with the help of AngularJS MVC structure. We can make the most out of the MVC facility as it can perform the task like; maintain the data by the model, displays the data with the help of view, and the controller establishes and maintains the connection between the model and view. So, in short, the MVC structure saves a lot of time spent on development and lessens the app time as well. 

3. Flexibility

Provides stability and improves the functionality of the app. It also improves the end-user experience significantly. Additionally, apart from providing a robust workflow, we can also achieve the desired results by applying only a few manipulations on HTML and Java. 

4. Modules

Mobile App Development with AngularJS help us accomplish the goal by dividing the tasks across different team members while ensuring organized code. Once you have precise knowledge, you can ensure that you make the best of these modules. And apart from this, Developers and professionals can enhance productivity with appropriate modules built.

5. Modular Structure

Its modular structure helps the developers when they want to organize the codes into buckets based on their components, directives, as well as services. This saves time, as when anybody is familiar with the AngularJS framework, then they can refer to these buckets and reuse them. The developers also have access to ‘lazy load’, with which the application feature to be loaded on-demand or in the background.

6. Testing

AngularJS for app development not only makes testing simple with its AngularJS modules but also are easy to manipulate. The developers can easily load the required services and perform automatic testing by segregating the modules.

7. User-Interface

 As we all know, the AngularJS depends upon HTML to define the user interface (UI) of an application. The developers and professionals save a lot of time while we define the program flows in deciding what to upload first. Since, HTML is a more straightforward language than JavaScript, that makes it more declarative and intuitive.

8. Data Binding

AngularJS framework makes use of two-way data binding, as it saves a lot of time for the developers in writing the plethora of codes. The data binding feature helps the developers and professionals to keep track of the functions and features of the application. 


POJO stands for (Plain Old JavaScript Object) is used in the AngularJS framework. We can easily add and eliminate the properties from the objects within the app and, at the same time, loop over the properties again whenever needed. Moreover, we can have access to object manipulation as POJO provides us with the traditional javascript functionalities. 

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In today’s digital world, finding a perfect development tool for an app is a tough task. Moreover, after going through the guide, we are sure that you would believe that the AngularJS framework is the definite winner by providing such massive benefits. In case you’re working in a niche and want impressive popularity, you should go for the one with its gestures and matches. Want to reap the benefits? At Matellio, we provide highly flexible engagement models. Consult our experts to proceed with AngularJS for mobile app development.  

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