Top Benefits of Developing a BLE Based App

Updated on May 27th, 2021

Top Benefits of Developing a BLE Based App

With the advancement of classic Bluetooth into BLE technology, the market has been booming with a considerable number of revenues. BLE app development is on the rise as these technologies have taken the industry by storm. BLE allows mobile apps to connect with various devices that are compatible with BLE over an encrypted connection to trade information. There are different protocols available that define the standards of the information trade between android and iOS-based apps and BLE beacon. The two most popular protocols are Eddystone, developed by Google, and iBeacon, developed by Apple Inc.  

The implementation of these protocols enables the BLE Android or iOS apps to scan beacon signals that are available in their range and broadcast relevant content on their respective apps. The retail marketers are using this technology to notify a customer on their app with attractive notifications whenever their device is in the range of the proximity of a beacon device. This technique has enabled the personalization of ads and services that attract more users. To develop a BLE app that is efficient in engaging customers, you should include such engaging push notifications that have a high chance of getting a click and ultimately a conversion. As per a report of Statista, the click rates of ad campaigns broadcasted through BLE beacons can be 85 times more than the click rate of Facebook advertisements.


The BLE protocols are delivering tons of opportunities and enhancing the capabilities of such apps. As these technologies are protected by technology giants such as Apple and Google; hence people find them more reliable. The retail industry has deployed numerous BLE beacons in the market and generating significant revenue. BLE app development is gaining so much popularity that several retail companies have started developing their own apps. Using such apps has unlimited benefits for your business. Let’s understand some of the benefits your business will get if you want to develop a BLE app. 

Massive Native Ecosystem  

Bluetooth has been developed since the start of the internet and has been integrated into almost every device connected to this system. It is trusted by every genre of devices connect to the internet. Bluetooth light energy was developed later and has been integrated into millions of devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. Every communicating device on the planet possesses Bluetooth light energy. You have this vast landscape of Bluetooth integrated devices, all you have to do is develop BLE app, and you can just dive into the market full of opportunities. Any device with a Bluetooth tag or BLE module can quickly adapt to any environmental or industrial monitoring systems available out there. 

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Brilliant Marketing Solutions  

Your BLE app can help you attract a customer by notifying them of your products and offers when he/she is in the range of your beacon device. Such an intelligent marketing solution is delivered with these apps. You can easily configure your notifications based on the preferences of the users. The click-through rate is much higher on this platform compared to other advertisement platforms such as Google. A higher click rate means a higher rate of conversions. Your beacon will device will prompt the customers about what they need by comparing their shopping history. Retail marketers are benefitting greatly from such a BLE app development process. 

Brilliant Marketing Solutions

Such beacon devices use the customer’s location in the store, analyze their past shopping history, and notify them about their products and offers that they are most likely to buy. Bluetooth-based apps track the past shopping patterns and the nearest beacon signal to locate the customers. When the customer comes in the range of your beacon, he/she will be notified about the various money-saving offers and products. Sometimes promoting the right product to the right customer at the right time leads straight to conversion. BLE app development offers you excellent marketing techniques that are prone to attract higher conversions.

Low-energy Wireless Communications  

The sensors integrated into the BLE beacons use a wireless fidelity connection or any other wireless technologies to communicate and exchange data to detect a customer’s location or analyze their cookies. These beacons develop local communication networks that permit them for site-specific transmission of data. The advantage point of using such technology is that they create a massive network of bi-directional communication that can be integrated into devices with the help of various networks such as cellular, Wi-Fi, and LTE Cat-M1 gateways. 

However, initially, Bluetooth was developed to replace the cable communication technologies such as Recommended Standard 232. The primary intent behind creating such technology was to avoid tangling cable connections to transfer data within a short-range. Although, BLE was developed with the intent of regulating sensors and communicate the data periodically. These devices transmit the necessary data at a specific interval hence, saving power and data storage. 

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Business Automation  

When it comes to any type of production industry or types of equipment, it is often found that they lack connectivity of any sort to transfer data to other ends for analysis. The absence of such techniques promotes manual reading and entering the data to save for future references. The BLE app development has revolutionized the industries by delivering them automation solutions. 

Business Automation

There are numerous places in a manufacturing plant that requires comparing of data in a specific time interval. Implementing Bluetooth technology not only eliminates the manual data-entry process but also saves the data for future research. Industrial readings are of various types, such as temperature, weight, moisture, etc. They need to maintain the reset standards and hence require constant monitoring. Implementing BLE beacons help in automating the process and digital storage of data. As they utilize very little power hence, the power factor is not taken into consideration. 

Power Saving  

Bluetooth Low-Energy works on a network of beacons and sensors and is monitored by various protocols developed by Google and Apple. In the case of long-term deployment, the sensors integrated into the system operate only at a specific interval and utilize minimum power. As their power consumption is extremely low, they can operate on small batteries. BLE beacons remain dormant until any person or device is in its range or on a fixed interval of time.

Power Saving

The protocols have been simplified over time to reduce power consumption and allow devices to neglect unnecessary communications. At present, a BLE beacon can efficiently operate for up to a few years based on the power of the integrated battery in the device. When you develop a BLE app, you don’t have to worry about the vast power usage of the hardware, such as beacons and sensors, as they are the most power-saving devices that are ever developed.  


BLE App development offers a wide array of security protocols. There are numerous features of security that you can implement in your BLE app to prevent unwanted eavesdropping on your network. These technologies can be customized as per the varying needs of the market. You can implement a locking protocol that acts as an app lock for your various beacons or hardware connected to the app. To change the configuration of these devices that are connected to your network, it will ask for a password to grant access. You can also prevent the open-access of any downstream device data with this feature. 

BLE is considered as a secure wireless communication protocol until it is appropriately implemented. In some cases, pairing in the second phase is considered risky, but you always have the option to secure this particular phase by implementing a secure pairing method. When it comes to choosing the correct device, you should always go for the BLE Secure Connections that have the 4.2+ modules.

These connections are designed to deliver protection from any passive eavesdropping on the network and add secure pairing methods. These secure pairing methods include a password or numeric comparison or using the device’s fingerprint sensor to grant authorization. By implementing these secure connection techniques, you can easily protect the devices from man-in-the-middle attacks. BLE apps offer maximum security in terms of data, and you can choose the OOB pairing method to avoid the transmission of sensitive data over the network. 

Wearable Synchronization   

With the advancement in technologies, the world is addicted to wearable devices. These wearables are known to collect various parameters of data and display them on their respective apps. However, these devices lack storage capacity and cannot operate for a more extended period of time as their battery power is limited. These devices require a recurring charge, and hence, they are not able to transmit the data for a longer duration. Their small size compels them to dump the maximum amount of data to the cloud, but these wearables lack in terms of internet connection. 

Wearable Synchronization

BLE works on a low energy consumption model and is considered the best fit for such wearable devices. These BLE beacons can operate for months on a single AA battery. With the help of these beacons, wearable devices can communicate with their respective apps and synchronize the relevant data even when the Bluetooth connection of the associated smartphone connection is disconnected. When it comes to storage, BLE apps can push the data to cloud storage and can be accessed anytime. BLE is the foundation for the development of various wearable devices. 

Wrapping Up  

There are countless benefits of BLE app development in the present scenario. Such technologies have been developed to offer maximum flexibility and automation. They operate on minimum power and only operate when needed. BLE has revolutionized the various sector of industries in terms of revenues and conversions. The retail sector is utilizing the BLE apps to the fullest. When it comes to innovating marketing strategies and the development of indoor navigation systems, BLE is the right choice. The health sector has significantly benefitted from these technologies as BLE allows the wearables to transfer the data to the cloud. Hence, doctors can quickly analyze the data of their patients over the cloud anytime and treat accordingly. From power saving to automation, BLE apps have got it all. 

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