Top Five Benefits of Salesforce for Real Estate

Updated on Dec 14th, 2023

Top Five Benefits of Salesforce for Real Estate

Real-estate is growing at a very rapid pace through a massive shift towards technology. Salesforce CRM is a tool known for its capabilities for handling customers in almost all industries, and the real-estate is not shying from its full utilization one bit. If you are looking forward to establishing a real estate business, the best bet would be to invest in technology, as without it, you might be left behind. Salesforce has many benefits on offer and is excellent for improving customer retention, which remains a significant part of the real estate business.

Integration of Salesforce in your real estate solution will create many possibilities while improving the business operations in every aspect. A CRM like Salesforce for real estate will make interaction with the customers a lot easier, while their tools like the Marketing Cloud would help you grip a lot more on the marketing part. With so many excellent services on offer, Salesforce integration in your real estate solution makes complete sense, but there are more benefits on offer.

What does Salesforce-based real estate software have on offer?

A custom real estate software can help you manage all your business needs without hiring specially trained professionals. The software would offer all the features you want in it, combined with services and products on offer from Salesforce. The Salesforce real estate software we create for you will have flawless integration with Salesforce, enabling easier management and higher customer satisfaction in the longer run.

Let’s now begin with the top benefits of Salesforce for real estate.


1. Organizing information 

For any business, organizing information is a significant part of the routine business process. For real estate, however, maintaining information and keeping it organized is absolutely essential. Real estate businesses deal with big numbers in terms of money, and there can be major miscommunications between agents. To solve the troubles, a custom Salesforce-based real estate software can help you with information organization.

The system will enable agents to have a better understanding amongst themselves, along with omitting the problem of selling to two at the same time. A real estate solution integrated with Salesforce will be able to fetch all the information about the customers at one place, which would enable your staff to gain necessary information at one single place.

2. Centralized database

When dealing with large data, maintaining a centralized database is essential to operate properly. Manually filling and checking information has been long gone with the introduction of real estate management software, and the integration of Salesforce takes it much further than before. Salesforce offers a central database that takes data from all possible sources and is displayed at one single dashboard to users operating the systems.

The dashboard we build for you will integrate all the information in the Salesforce products, along with the operating information collected by your systems, make both available in one place. The real estate software would have features like data correlation and filtering, making analytics and business decisions easier than doing the same manually. If you are planning to enter the internet with your real estate solution, it is a must to get a centralized database.

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3. Efficient communication 

Communication is one of the major requirements for a real estate business. Without proper interaction and communication with the clients, the business won’t succeed. Salesforce has been known as the top CRM management system right now, and integration of Salesforce CRM could end up being the best bet for a real estate business. We will ensure a perfect synchronization with your own CRM or build a new one combined with Salesforce capabilities.

As far as efficient communication goes, the agents, as well as users, will be able to communicate seamlessly using the solution we build for you. Customer-centric real estate solutions will end up being more relevant to users given the competition in the market, and we strongly recommend the same to our clients. Keeping the clients up to date with current data is extremely important in the real estate business, and with Salesforce, you will be able to do just that.


4. Automation 

Salesforce enables automation for various processes in the real estate business and will enable you to omit almost all efforts for repetitive tasks. We will build the automation possibilities right in the core of the solution we create for you, enabling a centralized automation management system. Marketing automation is enabled through Marketing Cloud, and we will ensure to integrate it completely with your real estate software solution.

The world is moving towards automation at a rapid pace, but Salesforce opened up new opportunities through its service automation techniques. The elaborate data sorting and AI of Salesforce will help you smooth various marketing processes within the organization. If you are looking forward to creating a top-notch marketing strategy, getting Salesforce automation implemented within your system would work wonders.

5. Customer support

Customer support isn’t just a necessity for the fact that people might require help. It is a must-have to help people save time. With the whole process being complicated, you can opt for Salesforce-based servicers to ensure a perfect customer experience for support related space. Make sure to perfect your customer support process, as even one unresolved query will cost you a lot due to the money involved in the real estate business.

Salesforce CRM For Real Estate


The real estate business is becoming a very lucrative business for entrepreneurs and business holders in the coming year. To make the most out of the investment you have put in to get your business up and running, we recommend you to gain the advantages of Salesforce for maximum benefit. A custom Salesforce-based real estate software can solve all your business problems and help automate mundane and repetitive tasks, saving you a lot of time and money.

We at Matellio excel in creating real estate software solutions, with all the Salesforce integration and implementations you look forward to. We provide various Salesforce development services to choose from and can get your solution up and running with all your requirements fulfilled. If you are planning to excel in the real estate industry, we recommend you look forward to integrating Salesforce into your solution, as it will be the only way forward.

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