Top Reasons to use Salesforce Marketing Cloud in 2021

Updated on Jan 8th, 2024

Top Reasons to use Salesforce Marketing Cloud in 2021

It is not easy to develop a company or business. What else do you think is the significant key you should be focusing on if you’ve ever decided to do business? Yeah, it is vital to have monetary assets. Business is not only about selling goods or services, though. Sales ought to be improved, but the product or service is not merely marketed to current and prospective consumers.

It’s necessary to have a successful relationship with your customers or clients. Marketing is everything about CRM. It’s a fundamental principle on which all companies and businesses operate.

Are you experiencing it incredibly hard to communicate and establish a relationship with your clients and customers?

Does your company need tools to sell products and services online?

If your response to the above-quoted questions is correct, then it’s time to think about getting a custom salesforce marketing cloud for your business or company.

But what is Salesforce marketing cloud? And why is it so beneficial for your business in 2021? If you’ve ever questioned yourself the same questions and haven’t got the solutions. Don’t worry, we’ll help you.

In this blog post, we’ll be introducing you to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and give you a lot of information about why you should use Salesforce Marketing Cloud for your business in 2021.

So without any further ado, let’s get started. But first, let’s discuss,

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

What-is-Salesforce-Marketing-CloudSalesforce Marketing Cloud is a salesperson’s or marketer’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform that combines interactions and collaboration between email, social marketing, and entertainment. The technology powering the tool helps you to handle marketing campaigns more accurately and quickly.

The platform helps you create multi-channel interactions, reach customers on the correct channel, also at the right time (email, SMS, text alerts, social advertising, etc.), and improve the retention and sales of customers. The Marketing Cloud makes it very easy than ever to schedule, track, evaluate, and make real-time judgments.

Brands need to build interactions that promote loyalty and deep connections with their consumers, with a consumer base that is becoming more worried about security and not revealing their personal information to the web. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud software helps you create this link and collect useful information about their customers, views, and preferences.

What makes Salesforce Marketing Cloud Stand-out?

Below we’ve listed some points which make Salesforce Marketing Cloud stand-out from the rest. Take a look:

  • The marketing cloud of Salesforce presents you with a forum for organizing, personalizing, and optimizing consumer journeys.
  • All-in-one software, you can map consumer journeys through various networks, platforms, and customer life-cycle phases.
  • To have broader and stronger consumer or client’s data, the salesforce marketing cloud could be combined with other apps such as Salesforce CRM, Salesforce Sales cloud, and several others.

Companies that use Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Companies with a large clientele, such as:

  • Stanley Black & Decker.
  • Peak Games.
  • Philips.
  • Aston-Martin.
  • Western-Union.
  • General Electric.

Companies mentioned above use the salesforce marketing cloud to communicate with their clients and customers. Businesses who embrace such tools have a drastic benefit, not only now but far into the decades.

As of now, we’ve discussed a lot about salesforce marketing cloud, benefits and saw some companies who use salesforce marketing cloud to communicate with their customers. Moving on, let’s discuss

Top reasons and benefits of using salesforce marketing cloud

salesforce Marketing Cloud integration

1. Shapes customer interactions and experiences 

An essential tool for shaping the consumer experience is predictive analytics. To predict potential behaviors, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud analyses the behavioral background of a customer. What a customer has done previously, including unsubscribing, sharing with a friend, or ordering, tells what they’ll do next. Based on that information, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud then offers a personalized journey.

If, for instance, a customer only buys products on sale, then they will always read updates about the latest sale. According to actual client desires, advertisers can guide the consumer experience and therefore enjoy a higher response rate.

2. Provides various channels 

The marketing cloud of Salesforce offers you five different channels through which your company can connect with its clients. Each channel we have mentioned below. Take a look:

  • Social Studio – Social Studio offers social listening resources to respond to interactions from multiple sources. You can schedule, conduct, and monitor campaigns for social media advertising. You could track your social media and engage in conversations on a level using social studios.
  • Email Studio – To build pleasing client emails, the company could use the email studio. You may keep track of your email marketing using the email studio. With constructed A/B testing features, advanced predictive analytics, and email distribution tools, you could further improve your return rate.
  • Advertising Studio – You could control digital ads and control advertisements with the advertising studio. Customers gathered from different sources can securely access consumers and replicas on multiple channels such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter, respectively. The company can use the advertising studio to handle ad campaigns on a widespread basis.
  • Web Studio – Web Studio offers tools for designing stunning, interactive web pages and customized content. You can monitor actual customer engagement on your platform and gather understanding from it. Your company will offer personalized content and feedback by using a web studio.

3. Communicate Based on Well-being 

While delivering content, companies need to identify consumer wellbeing. Based on the overall satisfaction of each client, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud builds critical messages. For instance, a client who’s busy complaining about customer support would be less open to an email detailing such renewal deals. Depending on the signals received, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud will customize marketing activities.

Until a challenging customer service problem has been overcome, this may involve stopping marketing activities. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud will check-up with the consumer as often as the issue has been solved and determine where their satisfaction rates lie. Depending on just this opinion, it will decide how best to advance the journey of that particular customer. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud evaluates with accuracy the outcomes of campaigns. To identify the advantages and shortcomings of the marketing mix, the effect of any interaction is evaluated. Such observations are then used to refine current approaches in real-time, as well as future strategies.

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4. Provides various platforms 

The Salesforce marketing cloud offers you five different tools that can be used by your company to create successful marketing campaigns. We have listed below in detail each one of the various platforms:

  • Audience Builder – You can create a single view of your customer also with audience builder utilizing information from diverse sources, such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and other information sources. The Audience Builder gives you the ability to extract data from various sources quickly. This will help to reach smart audiences for your company. Not just that, but you could still also confirm and engage viewers at the correct time.
  • Personalization Builder – Your company should be using the potential of statistical analytics and predictive modeling of the personalization builder to recognize each consumer’s desire. This helps the company to create client profiles. To tailor tailored content and distribute it through various platforms, you could then use such attributes.
  • Content Builder – With a content builder, you may build, control, and report content from a single place throughout all your digital platforms. The content builder supplies you through recommendation blocks where you can click and drag so that you really can produce content once and can be used at different locations. To decide and create the right content for each user, the content designer comes with advanced simulations.
  • Analytics Builder – You will discover new knowledge about your clients using the analytics builder. You could view your documents using bar graphs, data tables, scatter charts, and other visualization methods with the analytics builder. The Analytics Builder also provides email analytics and reporting to help you understand if any one of your initiatives has been opened, tapped, unsubscribed, and plenty more by a customer.
  • Journey Builder – You can build personalized scale hops with Journey Builder. You could offer hard or easy journeys for every customer, no question the scale of your client base. Straight into the journey, you will integrate sales and service operations. You can identify unique objectives using the journey builder and measure CTRs, pacing, platforms, conversions, and far more. Besides, as you need it, you can assess your progress and optimize your results.

5. More Security 

The Salesforce marketing cloud software offers trust and security towards the fraudulent activity. You could protect your company from just about any damage done by your industry competitors by analyzing the data. Also, it allows encrypting data between the business and the client. Besides, Salesforce is really about providing a secure network from which the clients can be used and secured from any unjust looting. Also, the more they will be delivered by your protection; they would become addicted to your company and remain in you for the foreseeable future.

6. Helps in decision making 

The most crucial stage, namely, decision-making, usually occurs when all the pre-steps are undertaken for some reason. Decision – making process can now be seamless only once you have carefully provided curated details. Consequently, the salesforce marketing cloud provides you with improved strategies for decision-making. By providing all the details collected vividly, this application enables you. It also allows you to imagine future patterns, thereby making your decisions more specific.

7. It helps to increase the engagement 

One of the choices that Marketing Cloud has had to deliver is creating client relationships and driving interaction. To switch your viewers into leads, sustainable systems such as Email Studio and Social Studio can allow us to develop customized email marketing campaigns and social media strategies. Whereas mobile Studio would enable you to use SMS, push notifications, or crowd messaging services to perform acts.

8. Reliable Reporting  

Salesforce marketing cloud offers a substantial collection of reporting tools to save your time, money, and give your company the respect it deserves. In the Salesforce marketing cloud, the accounting facilities are: flexible, allows contract management, and brings valuable reports and visualizations.


Summing Up

As you’ve seen, the salesforce marketing cloud is a powerful technology for building campaigns and customized marketing automation strategies. The opportunities are nearly infinite once you understand how to get more out of this fantastic software. The Salesforce marketing cloud will empower many organizations and businesses to manage and expand their customer base effectively.

If you are too looking for custom salesforce marketing cloud software development, contact us we’d be happy to assist you.

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Till then, happy reading and we’ll see you in the next one.

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