Top Ten Health Apps, You Should Downloads in 2020

Updated on Dec 13th, 2023

Top Ten Health Apps, You Should Downloads in 2020

Every year, newer and better health apps are launched in the market, apps that can help you achieve your fitness goals. For you to be the best version of yourself, you need to take care of your body and treat it right. You need to get plenty of sleep, you need to eat healthy food, and you need to exercise regularly. To live your best life, you need to take care of your body and mind. But given the fast pace of life, modern man doesn’t have the time to go to the gym regularly and due to is erratic schedule he often misses his meal or eats at random intervals. Most of us hold desk jobs that require us to sit for hours at a time, and this prolonged period of inactivity can cause many health-related issues. And even if you are one of those people who can find time to hit the gym, it is going to take more than just a couple of minutes of weight lifting and cardio to be called fit. When we talk about fitness, we mean both physical and mental health. Your mind needs just as much taking care of as your body, if not more. There are various types of meditations that can help you in decomposing. But then again, who has the time to go to a meditation center or a meditation coach to learn the proper technique?

Well, lucky for us, scarcity of time can no longer serve as an excuse because of these health and fitness apps. And today, we have for you a list of top ten health apps across all platforms that can help you in achieving your fitness goals.

Top Ten Health Apps for 2020 

  1. My Fitness Pal
  2. Headspace
  3. YogaGlo
  4. Daily Workout Fitness Trainer
  5. Fooducate
  6. JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log
  7. Sworkit
  8. Zone for Training
  9. PEAR Personal Fitness Coach
  10. 7 Minute Workout

1. My Fitness Pal



My Fitness Pal is considered by many as the best health and fitness mobile app on the market. The reason behind it is that My Fitness Pal is a one-stop-shop app that keeps a track of your calories, logs your exercise sessions and allows you to fall out of certain bad habits in order to reach your personal fitness goals. This app has a feature called Restaurant Logger that keeps track of your calory intake when you are eating out. My Fitness Pal has the ability to link to your different health monitoring apps and devices in order to keep a synched record of your workouts.

Apart from all this, My Fitness Pal has a collection of over 350 cardio and strength-building exercises and over 6 million foods to make sure that you eat right and exercise regularly. A basic version of the app is free to use but to get the best out of this app, you will need to buy the premium package.

2. Headspace


Physical fitness alone can only take you so far. The aim is not to look good, but to feel good too. And if you have a stressful job or if you suffer from anxiety or even depression, then Headspace is the app you need to go for. It’s one of the best mindfulness apps in the market that works off its own clinically approved science and techniques for mindfulness. Headspace, unlike most of the other mental health apps in the market, is there for you from the start. In the beginning, it guides you through a basic program that teaches you how to properly meditate. Once you are done with the basics, you are free to pursue different areas like depression, anxiety and other such modules of this app and learn how to get rid of them, too.

3. YogaGlo


Doing yoga has many benefits. From being a stress-buster to allowing you to be more nimble and work up a good sweat, yoga has a lot to offer. And YogaGlo is here to take your yoga sessions to a new level. YogaGlo has something for people on all levels of expertise. Newbies will find beginners’ lessons in this app and will be able to learn the basics of yoga. While advanced and expert yoga practitioners can find many resources to take their routine to the next level. This app also provides a massive database of training videos that a user can download and watch later or when he is not hooked up to a WiFi.  Another thing that sets YogaGlo apart is how flexible and customizable its sessions are. And its ability to connect to your apple watch so that you can collect your fitness data during your yoga sessions makes it a darling to the users.

4. Daily Workout Fitness Trainer

Daily Workout Fitness Trainer

Developed by a certified personal fitness trainer, this free fitness trainer app is the perfect app for those people who want to get in shape but can’t invest in getting a gym membership or a personal trainer. The app provides 5-30 minute work-out routines for men and women both that they can do at home.The app mixes hard and tough exercises in a manner that they are easy to do but hard enough to get you in shape. Video tutorials are available on the app as well.

5. Fooducate


For those who are extra peculiar about what they eat and want all the possible data that they can get to have a clearer picture of their nutrition, then Fooducate is the app for them. This easy-to-use app has a barcode scanner that you can use to scan the food items while you are shopping and it lets you know if you should put it in the basket or back on the rack.  Furthermore, this app keeps a track of what you have been eating and tells you what nutrients you have been missing with the help of a piechart. For people going for low-fat and low-carb diets, this healthcare app tells the amount of good and bad carbs that they are taking. And if you ever find yourself fresh out of dinner ideas, then Fooducate has a section with many healthy dinner recipes, too.

6. JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log

JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log

This app is particularly a great tool for those who are doing weight training. JEFIT allows you to make customized weight training sessions and then tracks your progress and pits it against the progress of your friends. It sends all your workout data back to JEFIT servers where it can be broken down into analytical data which you can call for at any moment. This app also allows you to keep a track of the breaks that you take between two sets and two exercises, too. JEFIT does all it can to keep you motivated throughout your fitness journey, from adding a hint of competitiveness to the process, to allowing you to motivate your friends to keep at it and not give up.

7. Sworkit


What Sworkit has going for it is its flexibility and the ability to offer its users a plethora of exercise options. It allows you to feed in the type of exercise that you want to do- yoga, strength, cardio, etc. and then the amount of time you want to do it for and then Sworkit gets to work. Using the exercises that you selected and the time you punched in, this app creates a perfect workout for you. This app also offers monthly challenges and training classes that get difficult as you get better.

8. Zone for Training

 Zone for Training

This is a perfect companion app for your Apple Watch. What this app does is tell your resting and active heartbeats while you’re working out and notify you when you are in the fat-burning zone and when you have reached the zenith of your activity. With Apple Watch’s sophisticated heart rate monitors, this app is very accurate and helps you in burning fat quickly. People who are looking to take their fitness journey to the next level will really appreciate the minor but critical details this app offers.

9. PEAR Personal Fitness Coach 

PEAR Personal Fitness Coach

This digital fitness coach can do a lot more than just count your calories. PEAR has the ability to pair up with different health and fitness-related apps on your smart devices and wearables and mine-out your activity data to make a perfect workout plan for you. And as this data changes, PEAR remembers to change the workout accordingly as well, to make your workouts more efficient. Another thing that makes PEAR special is that it doesn’t use an automated voice to instruct you, but instead world-renowned athletes will tell you what to do and keep you motivated.

10. 7 Minute Workout 

7 Minute Workout

For those who have no time to hit the gym or commit to time-consuming home workout routines, this app is the perfect solution to live a healthy lifestyle. 7 Minute Workout has three different types of workout sessions for you: a basic workout, seven minutes focused on your abs, and a high-intensity sweat session. Fans of this app love how easy its user interface is and the pre-workout demonstrations that it has to offer.

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Living a fit and healthy life is a choice. Eating right and working out on a regular basis will not only prolong your lifespan but make sure that you live your life disease-free. Just because you are busy, doesn’t mean you neglect your body and if you do so, soon or later, it is going to catch up to you. So download these fitness apps on your mobile phones and go work that sweat! 

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