Upcoming Trends for Dating Apps – What Does the Future Hold?

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

The proliferated use of the internet, modern technology and social networking has presented new communicative dynamics among the formation of relationships at multiple levels. The technological revolution and easy adaption make possible the interaction between brands and audiences, family members and even today for the search for romantic partners. Due to the ubiquity and rapid extension of a social network, the resources facilitate instantaneous communication of the people with their partner not having to be in the same location. Therefore, the desire to find a compatible romantic partner amplified online dating service industry which witnessed strong growth over the past couple of years. Statista, an online market research portal expects online dating industry would contrive the revenue of US1.66 billion by the end of 2019 and continues to grow at 4.2 % annually until 2023. It has proffered immense opportunities for dating app development companies to gain traction among their targeted potential customers with customized features that cater to the needs of customers.

Dating App Trends in 2019

Between so messed up and complex equation with partners, and internet dating allowing our companions to set them up, today millennials are conscious and specific about embracing their partner’s perception towards life or different aspects, professional or personal goals, likes or dislikes, etc. Now, every mobile app development company has pumped up to provide innovative and like-minded services to appease the customer’s expectations. The fundamental move to address these targeted customers will be going to experience skilful and unprecedented innovations this year. So, buckle up, 2019 is going to introduce varieties of a novel approach for smart matchmaking.

Artificial Intelligence

The technology’s immersion into artificial intelligence exponentially dominates the nature of people’s interaction and approach towards relationships through an online dating app. The number of dating app development companies eyeing to use artificial intelligence to impart suggestion or guidance to their customers’ first date with the person they meet online. Developing an AI-enabled dating app helps users to locate dating partner with the help of romantic suggestions that are based on an analysis of hobbies, astrological sign, imperfections, etc. It can help match seekers to identify compatible match through the selective and calculated process. Furthermore, AI dating chatbot designed by the companies uses NLP (natural language programming) to chat with users to guide them through their profile settings and evinced the matching recommendations based on follow-up conversations and their genes. It is a futuristic approach based on contemporary development that soon, instead of questionnaire filling, the online dating preferences will be determined through the genetic make-up with electrical and chemical signal analysis. The dating app would be able to lead accurate dating experiences through behavioural tracking, interpretation of facial recognition, and even neural signals in the near future.

Major Histocompatibility Complex

Although online dating app proffers numerous choices to their customers, sometimes mismatch occurred due to its failure in predicting the right chemistry for a first date. Therefore, it becomes imperative for a mobile app development company to solve it immediately. While some researchers have always been skeptical about the science behind calculating meaningful insights for compatible connections,  the use of different matchmaking algorithms manifested its applicability. The process of matchmaking encompasses identification of interest, personality traits, and values, and calculates chemistry between their customers for long-term compatibility. Furthermore, scientifically speaking, A study of the Asian American population explained the MHC-based attraction, where MHC (Major Histocompatibility Complex) a group of proteins influences mate-choice, or other preferences in humans. In real life, the Major Histocompatibility Complex is an imperative radar to identify romantic chemistry with a prospective partner.

Role of Home Assistants

Since the introduction of home assistants, these devices have garnered the easiness in people’s lifestyle through the performance of various tasks for an individual. Now, It is expected that soon smart home assistant would also suggest accurate responses and relationship counselling on online dating apps. According to the data of  ComScore, By 2020, voice search will rack up 50 percent of total online which lighten up the significance of these sources in establishing a compatible date with a person whom you match. Virtual assistants can comb through matches according to your preferences and recommend profiles to your smartphone, for making a final decision about planning a date. It is empowered of accumulating shared messages’ summary, round-up of daily activity and sharing profile picture to a smartphone. In the coming years, it may be interpreted as a benchmark for every app development company to integrate dating apps with accessible home assistants, so that it may successfully diagnose the relationship problems by adroit responses to the language and audio cues.

Virtual Dating

Virtual Reality gave a significant advantage over the previously gained technological advances in developing an online dating app like Tinder. It is going to morph heavily mooted pattern of communication into a most practical way. The possibility of dating someone virtually would improve the dating experience immeasurably and become feasible due to the expansion of virtual reality into people’s life. It offers virtual daters to meet and get to know each other in virtual surrounding via a computer linkup. As a result, the probable nervous first date would turn into an enriched dating experience with a much better idea about deciding further meetings. While people can also easily have a skype conversation to get together, but virtual reality extends this concept. Through Virtual dating, you could be placed in any situation or most spectacular locations of the world. with no need to leave your dwelling. Hopefully, in the next 20 years, an individual would come up with the possibility of exploring the world while experiencing their first date.

Linked Eateries

Usually, it seems nearly implausible to have an affirmative reply for planning a date from your partner. But once it solves, the next big question is to decide a place where you should have coffee or lunch with your partner. In coming years the match seekers would be able to decide their cuisine or restaurant based on their preferences without keeping iota of comprises even with an app like Tinder. The information which may be required to decide a mutual restaurant may be the number of persons attending, the nature of ambience, location and ratings. Dine is about skipping monotonous routines and hitting cafés, bars, and cuisine with your loved ones, so it really makes sense to have a deliberate selection for an indelible first date.

Today, evidentially millennials have extrapolated the genesis of new ideas and pattern of lifestyle through recognizing the unique route to seek appropriate partners and romantic relationships. With the development of dating apps, now whatever takes off in 2019 would make dating easier. Matellio is an app development company with a team of professional and experienced developers for dedicated and timebound delivery of projects. If you have a creative idea and looking for partnering with any experienced development company or hire app developer, Matellio can offer you a great advantage.

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