Visual Learning App Development: Features, Types and Development Process

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

Visual Learning App Development

“Ability to draw and communicate visually can no longer be seen as optional.”

The statement mentioned above was made by the Author of the book Being Visual, Bette Fetter. She clearly and firmly mentioned that visual communication and expression behold the power to unleash the potential of distributing knowledge. Regardless of your industry, visual learning app development can enhance your business growth.

From investing in employee training to building online learning platforms for your target users, this application can be your asset to expand your limit and develop a strong bond of communication with your users. Here through this blog, we will let you explore some of the vital aspects of visual learning applications that you should know before investing in the same:

Let us begin with a simple yet significant question,

  • You can invest in visual learning app development to revolutionize the eLearning industry and propel your business growth.
  • Some common features should be within your apps, such as user management, user profiles, admin dashboards, search and flitters. But to make your visual learning app advanced, consider integrating the features like an interactive whiteboard, gamification, AR integration and others.
  • There are different types of visual learning apps, and you can choose to develop any form of financial literacy app, history and culture app, STEM, Travel app and others.
  • The visual learning app development process can be more effective if you follow the steps like understanding your target audience, hiring the development partners, choosing the right technology stack, and others.

What is a Visual Learning App?

It is an application that facilitates learning via visual content and interactive experiences. It leverages visual aids, such as diagrams, animations, images, and infographics, to enhance the engagement and understanding of the users. With the growing use of mobile devices, this application has the potential to bring revolution in the field of learning.

Stats of Visual Learning App

Stats of visual learning app

Your investment in eLearning app development that uses a visual learning approach can strengthen your position against your competitors. Studies have shown that visual learners retain information better when it is presented in a visual way. So, you can use them for training employees, providing customer service, promoting products or services, and many others in several other ways.

What Makes the Imprint Learn Visually App Differently?

You might come across many applications on the different app stores that promise to offer new learning material. Imprint is different from others as it promotes learning via new learning methods that promote visual learning. Launched in 2020, Imprint has successfully gained the target audience’s attention in less time.

You can develop an app like Imprint

Visual Learning App Development-Top Features

By now, you would already have a basic or maybe advanced view of the idea for your project of visual learning app development. But let us give you more clarity by mentioning some of the major features that you should consider integrating within your application to make it like an Imprint learning app.

Here we have initially mentioned some of the common yet essential features that must be within your visual learning app:

Features of Visual Learning App Development

Now we have mentioned some of the advanced features that will help you in developing an enhanced version of this application. You can leverage the services from the best mobile app development company and get customized versions of these features to suit your app idea and target audience.

Augmented Reality (AR) Integration

Firstly, we suggest you incorporate Augmented Reality technology within your visual learning app. It can enhance the entire learning experience of your users by overlaying visual objects, animations or information onto the real world. It will allow the users to interact with 3D models, visualize complex concepts, and explore simulations more engaging and immersive.

Interactive Whiteboard

Next, you should consider implementing an interactive whiteboard feature while developing the app for visual learning. It will allow users to draw, write, and annotate directly on the screen. If you are targeting to create apps that incorporate subjects’ mathematics, physics, or art, then this feature can be best. It will offer visual representations and diagrams to play a crucial role in understanding concepts.

Personalized Learning Paths

Another major feature is the personalized learning path, and it will help you to design a system that adapts to each user’s learning style and pace. Visual learning app development with this feature can greatly enhance the effectiveness of the app. It will help you by analyzing user behavior, performance, and preferences, and then the app can recommend specific content, exercises, or learning paths tailored to the individual’s needs, ensuring a personalized learning experience.

Gamification Elements

Introducing game-like elements such as achievements, badges, leaderboards, or challenges can make learning more enjoyable and motivate users to progress. It is the reason why you should consider adding the feature of gaming elements. By incorporating a competitive aspect, users can engage in friendly competition with their peers. It will create a sense of accomplishment and encourage continuous learning.

Collaborative Learning

By adding this feature to your custom build visual learning app, users will be able to collaborate with others. This feature will allow group discussions, sharing annotations, or peer-to-peer interactions. It can foster a sense of community and promote collaborative learning. The users can use this feature to exchange ideas, discuss concepts, and learn from each other, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Exclusive Features of Visual Learning App

Visual Learning App Development- Major Types

The features mentioned above can be altered or customized as per your need based on the type of visual learning app that you want to develop. Depending on your business niche and your target audience, you can choose to custom-build this application. You can connect with our experts over a free 30-minute consultation call to know more about the various types and the best type of visual learning app that suits your business needs.  Some of the major types of these applications are:

Types of Visual Learning App

How to Develop a Visual Learning App like Imprint?

We are about to start on one of the most awaited sections of this blog, the visual app development process. Application development can be complex with so many steps involved, but with the right enterprise mobility services and assistance from experts, you can make the development process a piece of cake. Here we have mentioned some of the major development steps following which you can make your development cycle more effective.

Understand Your Target Audience

The first thing you need to do is understand who your target audience will be. Your users will be the ultimate reason you are investing in this project, so you need to be precise about the needs of your target audience. If you want to create an application that is user-centric and engaging, then you must have answers to the questions like:

  • Who are your app users?
  • Why does your target audience need a visual learning app?
  • What are the latest trends that you must consider?
  • How is your competitor handling any such projects?

Learning about your target audience will be beneficial for you to develop unique selling points for your visual learning app. You would be required to conduct thorough research on the latest trends and advancements that have been used in this field. Now researching this core can be tiring as you need to pick the relevant data. So, you can always choose to get help from the experts of Matellio, and you will have clean data that is relevant to your project.

You also need to do a competitor analysis, as it will give you an idea of how to be unique in the market. To attract your target audience, you need to offer them something different from what your competitors have served. Studying the strategy, goals and other essentials related to a similar project of your competitor will keep you a step forward than them.

Hire Mobile App Developers for Your Project

Now you have clarity about your ideas after learning about the users you wish to target by learning visual app development. But you will require a development team incorporating experts to turn your ideas into reality. This is where you need to leverage the services offered by an experienced app development company.

When you hire developers from an experienced company, there are so many benefits that you can bag. For instance:

  • Experts from a professional app development company will have experience of delivering similar solutions. Hence, they will have better knowledge of the latest market trends of the eLearning app development industry.
  • You can easily eliminate the pain of finding and hiring different resources for several project requirements. A reputable app development company always offer a wide array of resources, including (but not limited to) consultants, UI/UX designers, app developers, testers, deployment engineers, cloud professionals, DevOps engineers, etc., to fulfill your project requirements.
  • You can easily get the required services under one roof. The experts also follow the best methodologies which help you eliminate rework and surprises and offer you more time to market your product.
  • Lastly, you can easily hire dedicated developers at flexible pricing models. Some leading companies also offer need-based scaling services that help you increase or decrease your development team anytime throughout app development. Well, at least Matellio offers all such things to its clients. Hence, choose wisely!

Additionally, setting up an in-house development team will also add fuss to your development process. You would be required to have the entire setup from scratch that is needed for visual learning app development. It will extend your project development timeline and will be heavy on your budget side.

But when you hire developers from a reputable development company just like us, you can easily scale your development team on a flexible pricing model. So, connect with us over a free consultation call to get started today!

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Choose a Suitable App Development Platform and Decide on the Tech Stack

Now that you have partnered with the best development company, analyzed your target market, and stated the USPs of your project, the next step is to choose the app development platform. It is one of the most significant steps for creating the best visual learning app; wondering how to do it?

Well, while researching the latest market trends and advancements, you will also get an idea about the popular platforms that are preferred by your target audience. You can choose that particular platform, whether iOS or Android, or for the best, you can opt for cross-platform app development. With the cross-platform, you will be able to reach the audience from all the platforms from a single app.

Moving further, you need to analyze the resource you need for your project, and it can be done after you select the tech stack for your visual learning app development. To help you with the same, here we have listed some of your app development:

Front-end Development:

  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React or Angular, or MobX

Back-end Development:

  • Programming Language: Node.js, Python, Ruby
  • Web Framework: Express.js (Node.js), Django (Python), Ruby on Rails (Ruby)
  • Database: MySQL or PostgreSQL, or MongoDB  

Mobile Development:

  • For iOS: Swift or Objective-C using Xcode
  • For Android: Java or Kotlin using Android Studio
  • Alternatively, you can consider using cross-platform frameworks like React Native or Flutter to develop a single app that targets both iOS and Android users simultaneously.

Cloud Infrastructure:

  • Cloud Platform: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure
  • Storage: Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage
  • Compute: Amazon EC2 or Google Compute Engine

APIs and Services:

  • Third-party APIs: Integrate APIs for functionalities like image recognition, video processing, or natural language processing.
  • Authentication and Authorization: Use services like OAuth or Firebase Authentication for user authentication and authorization.
  • Payment Gateways: If your app involves paid subscriptions or purchases, integrate payment gateways like Stripe or PayPal.

Testing and Deployment:

  • Unit Testing: Employ testing frameworks such as Jest or Mocha for automated testing of individual components.
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): Use tools like Jenkins, CircleCI, or GitLab CI/CD to automate the testing and deployment processes.
  • Version Control: Use Git or another version control system to track changes and collaborate with your development team.

The above tech stack that we have mentioned is a general suggestion, and you can tailor it based on your specific requirements and preferences.

Tech stack for visual learning app

Create An MVP

MVP, or minimum viable product, plays a very significant role in your visual learning app development. Building an MVP will allow you to validate your app idea and concept with real users in the market. When you release the basic version of your app, you can gather feedback, understand the lacking points and then make an informed decision for enhancement of your app.

Developing an MVP will also provide you with faster time to market your app; wondering how? Well, rather than spending excessive time on building complex features, an MVP focuses on delivering core functionality and value proposition to your app. It will ultimately allow you to enter the market quickly.

Develop, Test and Launch

Now that you have all the resources and a concrete pathway through which you can get your visual learning app developed, it’s time to take the final turn. The idea you had for your project is aligned. You have the best development team to convert those ideas, so let the development begin. But now the question arises of which development methodology to choose for getting the best results. Choosing an agile methodology for your app development will be a wise decision.

Agile methodology mitigates the risks associated with long development cycles. Delivering working increments of the app on a regular interval can help in identifying and addressing risks or usability issues within the app.

So, it will not be wrong to say that agile methodology promotes transparency and accountability within your development team. You and your developers will be on the same page when it comes to your visual learning app development process. You will be able to break the entire development process into sprints and can even suggest changes at any sprint if you want without affecting your overall development time.

Further, you must not ignore the testing process of your application as it will help in detecting the bugs that were left unidentified during the MVP or other development processes. At Matellio, we offer unit testing, security testing, compatibility testing and others to ensure that your application is flawless.

Things to consider while developing visual learning app

How Can Matellio Be Your Visual Learning App Development Partner?

You are now completely aware of the entire development process and the essentials relevant to your visual learning app development. As we are the leader in mobile app development, you can trust Matellio to be your development partner. We have expertise in several next-gen technologies and have experience in developing learning apps like Imprint.

Our experts have worked with different businesses catering to different industries, which has given them immense experience. They can now easily handle your project and deliver high-quality applications matching the current market standards. We make sure to follow robust security regulations to keep your data safe. With us by your side, you will not be worrying about your timeline or development cost.

By following the agile development methodology, we assure you that you and all the other team members working on this project are well connected on every single sprint that has been created for your visual learning app.

If you have any kind of doubt regarding the development cycle, want to learn about the development cost, or need consulting services to align your ideas, reach out to our experts by filling out this form. 

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