Voice Commerce Trends and Business Potential

Updated on Dec 15th, 2023

Voice commerce has now been set to become the next big thing in the e-Commerce industry. The voice search assistant is helping the e-Commerce business in a lot many ways. With the advent of technology, we have seen that voice technology is now taking a better position when compared to the search technology.

It has been observed that voice technology is in a lot of publicity these days because people’s interest in this technology is rapidly growing. This has become a big reason for several domains of web and mobile app development of e-commerce implementing this voice technology.

 Advancement Fades Away the Surfing and Searching Methods

Voice commerce basically relies on artificial intelligence. The software solution developers need to think and then identify what the customers are in need of and subsequently fulfilling their orders.

Voice commerce is basically an alternative designed to ease the work of people who spend most of the time on the mouse or keyboards to search for things. People can now search and buy products just through their voice assistants like Google’s assistant or Alexa. So basically voice commerce has increased the online business and overall reduce people’s effort.

Voice commerce has made e-Commerce quite easier as the transaction or the buying process can be completed at any point of time with greater ease and quite fast. The only thing to be kept in mind is one’s voice must be audible enough to the voice assistant of yours for the message to be well conveyed.

Get used to Shopping with your Alexa or Google Assistant

Voice commerce has become a big hit in no time due to several factors like:

1) Multi-tasking ability

2) Handsfree option

3) Answers with their results are received in no time.

With time the popularity of voice commerce is increasing and certain reports reveal that it has almost quadrupled its use and production in some countries like China. It’s assumed that by 2023 countries like China, India and many other regions will dynamically increase their use of virtual voice assistants.

Nowadays, smartphones have been leading the charge for voice search software as it is something that finds its usage universally. But with time TV-based voice assistants and smart speakers will flourish the markets as well to reduce the complexity and ease the method of purchasing and any kind of transaction.

Google nowadays is allowing people to buy various products of their choice using voice from Google Express. Various retail companies like Walmart, Costco, and many others have made a partnership with Google and are allowing the customers to buy their products using Google assistant. It’s been even made possible that the buyers can see the history of their product purchases. This perhaps has made the method of reordering very easy for people as they can easily get to know what products have been bought by them earlier so that they can reorder it.

There might be a question rumoring in everyone’s mind how to prepare one’s business to voice search, well that just requires a few steps like:

1) The most important step is how to strategize that is including voice search in one’s digital strategy.

2) One needs to improve his business website to help customers.

3) The most important part is how to get good players in the market as your partners.

These are thus a few key ideas behind preparing one’s business to voice search.


Transaction and Shopping now Easier with Voice Search

Nowadays, search engine optimization strategies are also been adapted for Google voice search if in your business you want your consumers to still buy the products through smart speakers and digital assistants. The practices included in voice search SEO are:

 1) Lightweight and quickly loading web pages that help in optimizing the images, compressing the files and finally ensuring that that the website you are using is completely mobile-friendly.

2) Instead of using long-tailed keywords for searching and then carrying out the transaction, if speech could help you in buying, how efficient and effective that would sound and mean as well?

Although the number of voice search and e-commerce followers might not seem very astonishing at first, the rate at which its demand is increasing in the US and various other parts of the world, it has made this technology a very new source of revenue stream.

 Some challenges

Well just like everything has two sides of its own Similarly this technology has some limits or challenges before it which is really very practical like:

a) Trust issue: The people without seeing cannot easily get satisfied about purchasing anytime g they want.          So here voice search is something which most of them would not like.

b) Language processing problem: Often it happens that words are pronounced in different ways, and when it differs, it makes the searching process almost impossible or something else might turn up other than what we had wished for, so this would be the drawback again.

c) Privacy issues: Since these devices are waiting for our voice commands always so it may happen that all the noises that are made in the background it can pick it up which is nothing but violating one’s own privacy.

But no matter what, voice commerce has now become the most emerging trend in the e-commerce domain and has already started to win the hearts of the customers.

 Features that come with Voice Commerce

  •       Customers enjoy the automated support
  •       Through this voice search, the purchasing experience has become unique.
  •       It is technology’s simple changes and modifications that have helped in achieving better sales.


Voice search has allowed people to shop in a very conversational way with a robot which is actually a virtual voice assistant, which is almost the same way that they do with a specialist in the showroom of any brand or company.

Whether or not Google will make some new advancements in the voice search application or keep it the way it is now,  business companies should really embrace the advantages of voice search e-commerce for their websites along with the offers for digital assistants and hands-free screen less shopping. If you are a business owner, or sell your product, or own an eCommerce store, you can contact Matellio for leveraging the powerful voice search technology for your business.

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