What are the Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone?

Updated on Apr 20th, 2021

What are the Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone?

Losing weight is something trending and has become a part of daily routine. Many people make resolutions every new year to lose weight and find the easiest way to do so. It has been seen that wellness and fitness apps are gaining popularity, and people all over the world are becoming a part of the program. These apps are playing a significant role in determining an individuals’ weight. People get notified about increasing or decreasing numbers on their weighing scale. There are hundreds of weight loss apps, but little is known for their effectiveness. 

Let’s Check Out the Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone Users

1. MyFitnessPal
2. Lose It!
3. My Diet Coach
4. Fooducate
5. Nike Training Club
6. Charity Miles
7. SparkPeople
8. Fitbit
9. FatSecret
10. Cron-O-Meter

1. MyFitnessPal


A genius tool to lose weight helps eat less, by increasing your awareness of what you put in your mouth. MyFitnesspal is a web-based fitness social media application, which not only helps you track your daily intake of food and beverages by seamlessly delivering a 360-degree view of nutrition and fitness, but also calculate your calories, and vitamins. With the help of the app, users can easily find out, what their diet is missing and where they need to cut. MyFitnessPal gives access to the tools, supports and motivates you whether you want to improve your eating habits or get toned as well. 

  1. The app allows users to easily scan the barcodes, which makes it easier for users to track what they’re eating. 
  2. users can manually add over 15 million different food items in the database
  3. Users can look for weight loss diet plan, calorie calculator, as well as their daily workout plans. 


2. Lose It! 

Lose It!

Lose It, The best weight loss app for iPhone, helps users to reach their weight and fitness goals. The app records all your food intake and exercises. The best part about the app is, unlike other calorie tracker apps, the app is not associated with any particular diet, so the app is useful regardless of your eating habits.  The lose it has it all from curling to canoeing, it tracks your calorie burn automatically, on the basis of exercise. Additionally, the app also offers you some nifty features, like you can add other people, back up data, and track weight loss reports. The app offers you features like: 

  1. Built-in barcode scanner, to easily scan food barcodes and search database to track the carb as well as calories. 
  2. It can track nutrients, carb, sugar, measure water, sleep etc. 
  3. Bespoke your fitness journey with the food you prepare yourself. 
  4. Provides with the exercise index with numerous workouts and schedule them accordingly. 


3. My Diet Coach

My Diet Coach

Look for your inner motivation and track calories, make your lifestyle healthy, with a little help from My Diet Coach weight loss app.  It displays many hints for you once you start exploring new areas of the app. So, we could say the app is fairly intuitive. Additionally, the app offers you tips and tricks to help with the weight loss setbacks, it also includes the daily challenges to keep users motivated. Resist your food cravings and other related weight loss app difficulties, as the app provides a number of features like:

  1. Users can track their progress from time to time 
  2. Get notified of what’s important that includes, motivational pictures and fitness classes
  3. The app is super motivational and fun to use, as the users get rewards once they reach their desired weight goals.
  4. The app also offers its users a quick start guide to keep them motivated, 
  5. Created with simple design the app provides a customisation option to set the incoming reminders all by yourself. 


4. Fooducate


Fooducate app looks much more beyond just tracking calories, tracks your progress and keeps you motivated. The app scans the UPC codes for dietary information. The app also searches the food within the groups, within the database. Does exactly what a user needs. Since, we all know, losing weight is like breaking a bad habit, that also includes eating late at nights. 

  1. It is said to be the only app that has a grading system, which scans and grades the food, by using the algorithm, that means the food items can earn grades like; A+, A, A-, B+, B, B- and so on. 
  2. The more natural food is, the higher the grade food item receive. 
  3. Fooducate undoubtedly is the best weight loss app that sends you a push notification, reminders, recommendations on healthy diets. 
  4. You can easily calculate your daily calories, monitor your progress on a regular basis. 
  5. Seamlessly look for similar food items for more healthy alternatives. 


5. Nike Training Club 

Nike Training Club

NIKE training club is the best weight loss option and its free. Why? The reason being Nike training club, as the name suggests, offers you a free and huge array of workout sessions at every fitness level, including the yoga, workouts focused on specific body parts, boxing, low, moderate and high-level intensity workouts at every level i.e, beginner, intermediate and advanced levels to keep them on point from drill to drill. With every exercise and drill features, the app provides tips and tricks on long-term physical and mental health, nutrition, personal diet, future fitness plans, as well as sleep. 

  1. Users can have their planned and scheduled Workout sessions anytime, anywhere,
  2. Bespoke and flexible training and workout recommendations.
  3. Specified Training plans.
  4. Expert tips from trainers.


6. Charity Miles

Charity Miles

The charity miles app, well the app is gaining popularity, the reason being, people can earn money for charity while doing workouts, burn calories, run or bike, anytime, anywhere, and apart from this, the app gives you access, to create your own pledge page, where people can sponsor you, even you ain’t any part of any marathon or race. The app enables you to earn more money, so you need not worry if a marathon isn’t your thing, you don’t need to ask your friends to support you, the app got you covered.

  1. The app got its functioning like a pedometer, run tracker, cycling, or running stopwatch. 
  2. Use charity to do more, with your steps. 
  3. You can easily select the charity out of a number of charities available, to support a cause. 
  4. The app is easy to use, as well got great designs as being built by professionals. 


7. SparkPeople


Lose weight, track your fitness, calories, all by SparkPeople. The app is also considered to be a personal diet, workout, healthy and modern lifestyle coach. Unlike other weight loss apps, SparkPeople collect the exercise demos, food database, huge nutrition lists, meal planner, barcode scanner, as well as a barcode scanner. 

The app helps you with, 

  1. Calories tracking and easily track food on the go.
  2. Log in to the app and you can easily watch workout and training demonstrations.
  3. Make friends within the app.
  4. The app features more than 50,000 food recipes,  ingredients course, dietary needs, etc. 
  5. Apart from the above features, the users can also track the nutritional value of all the recipes they make.


8. Fitbit


Fitbit is one of the well-known names in the fitness tracking industry as its dashboard is best suited to lose weight. The app is fantastic as it provides numerous features with little-digging. Fitbit is also known as the app with the purpose, the app has everything, for each part of your day. The app is compatible to step up your tracking game. The reason why the app is recommended because, its already equipped with the number of training sessions and exercises, workout sessions. Undoubtedly the app offers a huge range of styles and works well with your wardrobe and lifestyle. Additionally, it offers: 

  1. All-day activity feature, which means the users can track the progress, steps and distance they have covered, calories burned. 
  2. The app has the Fitbit tracker tool to track your sleep at night, you can create bedtime reminders, wakeup alarms, with this you would be able to keep a record of your sleeping trends
  3. The app also offers multi-tracker support, that means multiple trackers can be connected and the app could detect when you switch between them. 


9. FatSecret


The best of all, FatSeceret is free, easiest and the most effective calorie counter. Achieve your goals in a healthy way, the app is easy to use and integrated with the external tools to help you succeed with the weight loss and workout goals in a healthiest possible way. The calorie-counting apps have proven to be successful, by providing the most powerful-solutions for a healthy, and sustainable lifestyle. FatSecret has covered all the facets of fitness and a healthy living lifestyle. 

  1. Detailed diet and workout journal. 
  2. Users can easily measure their moments and keep themselves involved. 
  3. The app offers you meals and dietary plans you can quick easy and worry-free lose weight.
  4. Easy social media login.
  5. The app also has the inbuilt barcode scanner.


10. Cron-O-Meter


Track nutrition and calories honesty and carefully with the Cron-O-Meter app. The app lets you focus on your fitness and health goals and just like above-mentioned apps, it’s easy to use and contains the icons which are easy to understand. The app provides you with a glance of your progress on a daily basis. Add food, workout and training sessions, and have a logical layout dashboard. The app will take you to the “eat less and move more” mode. Cron-O-Meter would definitely provide you with insight about your eating habits like never before. 

  1. It basically displays accurate data on your nutritional values.
  2. The users can track their water as well as nutritional  intake.
  3. Recommended by healthcare professionals as well.
  4. Has a barcode scanner for users to scan the food labels. 




That’s it!! Track your food, nutrients, weight, calories, all these with the best weight loss apps for iPhone. Track your meal before you eat them and assured in the knowledge that you are getting enough nutrients your body needs to stay fit. 

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