Which are the Best Project Management Software?

Updated on Mar 4th, 2024

Which are the Best Project Management Software?

Project Management is often time-consuming and inefficient, especially if you are still living in the pen and paper era. Do you belong to that category of people who repeatedly update spreadsheets or participate in the weekly or monthly update meetings? If you do, then hang on! It’s time to step into the digital world and make use of project management software. A little push from this solution can ease so much of the burden and bring back your focus on more critical activities. Various industries widely use a project management solution for project planning, task scheduling and resource allocation. It helps the project managers and their teams with monitoring budget, quality management and documentation process.

Having talked about the significance of project management solutions, it’s time to list the top 10 project management software. 

List of 10 Best Project Management Software

1. ProWorkflow
2. Jira
3. Office Timeline
4. Zoho Projects
5. AceProject
6. Procore
7. Buildertrend
8. Asana
9. Celoxis
10. Bitrix24

1. ProWorkflow


ProWorkflow is a web-based software that aids users in managing projects, organizing contacts, tracking time, and generating reports for their company. It is a productivity system that provides a comprehensive set of functionality which is easy to use for the complete team. In addition to the fantastic toolkit this software is equipped with, customers also enjoy quality support through consultations and training that helps in the smooth running of businesses, for free. Proworkflow is an excellent and versatile project management solution. Also, it easily integrates with all the tools for quick streamlining of your processes.


Solo: $10, per month/ per user( Billed Annually)

Professional: $20, per month/ per user (1 user account billed annually)

Advanced: $30, per month/ per user (min 5 users)

2. Jira


Jira is a popular management solution that generally caters to agile software development teams. It is developed to help your development team in planning, tracking and releasing great software. Apart from creating stories, sprints planning, issue tracking and shipping up-to-date software; users can also generate reports which help in improvising teams and creating workflows. As a part of Atlassian, Jira integrates with numerous tools that aids teams with product and project management. Utilising this software, teams can create customisable kanban boards, scrum boards, and avail the agile reporting system in real-time. Users can track bugs, check out any outstanding issues and monitor time spent per activity. JIRA software comes with a robust set of APIs that can be easily connected with third-party applications.


Depending on the number of users, pricing ranges from $10/month to $1500/month. Also, there is an option of deploying JIRA on your server for a one-time payment.

3. Office Timeline

Office Timeline

Office Timeline project management software is designed as an extension for Microsoft PowerPoint. This solution is used as a task manager and project schedule, which can automatically turn milestone data into easy to comprehend timelines and Gantt Charts. The system integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint and allows users to create customised project visuals for their audience. Office timeline is powered with designer tools for marketers, project managers, consultants, and IT professionals. This project management solution integrates with other relevant applications like Smartsheet and Microsoft Excel for exporting and importing data pointers.


Free Version: Available

Plus Version: $59/year

4. Zoho Projects


Zoho Projects is an online project management solution with a clean and simple interface. This solution covers everything from Project Planning( i.e. dividing the project into manageable units), Gantt Charts( Visuals of project activities) to reporting toolkit, and document management. All of these tools can handle complex projects requirements. Zoho Project management software can also be integrated with tools like Google Apps and Dropbox. Zoho projects has almost all the standardised functionality one would expect from a project management software, at an affordable price.


Free plan – includes one project and 10 MB storage.

Express plan -€25/month 

Premium -€50/month

Enterprise -€80/month

5. AceProject


AceProject project management solution is designed by keeping small and mid-sized companies in mind. Its functionality includes time tracking, project collaboration, reporting, budgeting and project tracking with within a suite. A characteristic called document management is also included in the solution which facilitates users to share documents online. Also, the Gantt Chart allows users to generate tasks depending on the stage of a project. Availing this solution, users can gain visibility into the progress of tasks with the help of a customisable dashboard, that gives visuals of time track and workload. The application helps in the effective management of tasks and projects, even remotely owing to its mobile app version. 


Standard : $19/per month

Advanced :  $39/per month

Silver : $59/per month

Gold : $99/per month

6. Procore


Procore project management solution helps in managing projects and share information with all the people connected on a project. The solution helps in maintaining daily logs, RFIs, schedules, project reports, timecards and submittals. ProCore permits one to distribute and view plans with their whole team on any of their devices, from their respective locations be it their job site or home. Procore supports issue tracking, photo documentation, list punching, report creation and submissions. One can make real-time decisions on a job site itself without using those time-consuming office-based Excel spreadsheets but ProCore’s Field Financials. Owing to the flexibility, Procore offers, one can submit payment applications, track change-orders, and monitor the payment status.


Project Management : $375/ month

Project Management + Financial Management :$549/ month

Custom Bundle : Get it through quotation

7. Buildertrend


Buildertrend is a cloud-based project management solution designed for home builders, speciality contractors, general contractors, and remodelers in the construction management industry. The software combines project management, project scheduling, customer management, service management, and financial management in a single suite. It is equipped with pre-sale tools including a CRM (customer relationship management) system, bids and proposals. Also, it possesses project management toolkit, which consists of budgeting, scheduling, timesheets and much more. Change order, selection management, payment processing and warranty requests are some of the vital features of this system. Additionally, Buildertrend is capable of getting integrated with other software like Xero, QuickBooks, and other such takeoff tools.


Get it through a Quotation

8. Asana


Asana project management software has dashboards, projects, and conversations toolkit that aids in keeping work organised. So many satisfied users have even praised the software for expressing satisfaction by saying that the most attractive feature of this solution is its ability to add “customer fields” and track vital details only. The system also possesses team pages in which ideas and conversations are shared for everyone to see. Also, it has a “Smart Box” using which team members can specifically receive project updates instead of back and forth messages popping in the inbox. Asana project management solution is capable of getting integrated with a huge number of other systems like DropBox, Google Drive, MailChamp, Github and much more. 


Basic Version: Free

Premium: $9.99/month

Enterprise Package: Gives pricing upon request.

9. Celoxis


Celoxis is a web-based, comprehensive platform for work collaboration and project portfolio management. This software is widely used by huge brands like Virgin Care, HBO, KPMG, Deloitte Singapore Post, Rolex, Del Monte, and LG for streamlining their processes, projects, and people. Celoxis is a simple and clear tool with a responsive interface. It includes a Gantt chart view of projects and several financial tools that can help in tracking hours and project income. The system hosts an online version, i.e. the SaaS plan or users can also host the data themselves. This solution has excellent functionality, but where it stands out is with its advanced reporting engine, time-phased data, drill-down charts, and shareable reports. Celoxis is extremely customizable when it comes to different organizations, using which one can easily configure the intuitive project and business processes within the system.


SaaS : $25/user a month 

On-Premise( is a self-hosting service) : $450/user

10. Bitrix24


Bitrix24 is an all-in-one, feature-rich project management solution with unlimited tasks, sub-tasks and projects. The software solution offers a comprehensive suite of communication, social collaboration and management tools for your organisation. It comes with task automation workflows, time tracking, document management, Gantt chart, and task collaboration tools, such as video conferencing and group chatting system. This project management solution is powered with various features like Employee workload management, customer relationship management (CRM), social intranet for internal communication and Telephone integration. Additionally, there is an option of self-hosting which lets one deploy Bitrix24 on-premise. The system comes with open source code; also, one can migrate it from cloud to their server whenever they want. 


Bitrix offers two kinds of subscriptions: On-premise and Cloud

The price starts from $39.00/per month. Also, Bitrix24 offers a free trial

How to Choose the Best Project Management Software for Your Business?

In this article, we have talked about the top ten project management solution present in the market. Each one of those has a unique functionality, which makes it quite confusing to choose. In this section, we will cover the various traits that a project management solution must possess in order to fit into your company. Here is the checklist that the product must qualify before becoming part of your organisation :

  1. Advanced functionality
  2. Cloud-based access
  3. Intuitive user interface
  4. Security
  5. Customizability
  6. Cost-effective
  7. Third-Party Integrations


Summing Up

A project management solution helps a lot in project management and choosing the right software for your business could be a bit strenuous. Therefore, in this article, we have listed all that needs to be taken into account before landing to a perfect solution in addition to the popular tools available in the market. Hopefully, this would provide some assistance in making the final choice.  Got any suggestions or know some other famous and efficient project management software?

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