Why Adding AI to Your Mobile App is a Must By End of 2019?

Updated on Apr 20th, 2021

We are cognizant, that mobile phones are incised on the minds of the user adding AI to mobile apps could be a surefire way to stay relevant and intact in the business.

Apps are getting voguish, which is affecting what developers do and how on earth they do it.

While programmers don’t have to be AI experts to include intelligent elements in their app, they should realize something about what they’re building into their app and why.

The past chaotic decade is the testament to how new technologies are dynamical to the paradigm of business executions all over the globe.

We tho nowadays hear a whole new perspective on how Artificial Intelligence can not only transform but bolster your prospects about business growth. AI is obtrusively, and incessantly, creating new virtual land of opportunities for companies to leverage.

If you’re constructing a social app or even an agriculture app, image identification may make sense. If the real-time context is crucial, such as for search or marketing purposes, location recognition may be worth considering. And regardless of what you’re constructing, you’ll probably add a conversational interface sooner or later.

The opportunities to let in AI in mobile apps are practically limitless, but it’s wise to understand the limitations of what you’re using, including how it will affect app performance and user experience.

AI would uplift your business, possible reasons could be:


1- AI habit of Convenience

Apps have created convenience in our lives so soon. Users are therefore welcoming the change driven by AI, as users desire to taste more of fresh technologies, for solving their challenges.

2- Cutting-Edge

New technology always enters the vivacious world of the young generation. Intelligent technologies with deep learning capabilities make a hot trend and AI is most likely to be a tech worth every penny of your investment in 2019. Studies show that; legion investors, peculiarly from finance, healthcare, gaming, and even education, are found investing in AI with an optimistic eye. As more and more apps are joining the AI revolution, technology has found its ragging momentum.

3- Value Addition

Adding value to your business isn’t uncool or lamentable. After all, what is business without value?  We though live in an era where product quality is as grievous as the service offered. AI integrated mobile apps aid your business add great value to your business proposition, which ultimately boosts brand value and assist market your products via AI-powered service standards.

4- User Experience

And people love it. Smart apps assist people to accomplish daily tasks and we all know, personalization is the next big thing,  and people love and would prefer those apps that can order their favorite coffee in one go, or suggest a delicious menu item. In addition to it, Modern users appreciate apps that can suggest choices, remind forgettable routines.

For now, this approach gives you an edge over competitors. Soon, it’ll be service people come to expect. The mobile app developers need to keep in mind that the AI approach relies on the user’s behavior patterns. Be it keeping the users engaged or helping them access the app, the mobile app developers should have the capability of understanding the user’s behavior.

5- Isn’t Expensive

Depending on what role you want your app to play, the cost may not be preventative, even for small businesses. And in addition to it, if you add AI from the start of your app build, it’s even less expensive. Further, your app will stand out and offer something that makes it far more saleable than others, making it a worthy investment.

6- Making a Smart Move

Liking and disliking matters. Apart from monetization, user data from AI can also help analyze what users exactly like, dislike and explore what’s inside your app. Having an API in your phone and the insights you derive from the data analytics can assist you make up your mind about what features and pages of your app are least visited or utilized and therefore can be extinguished.



Artificial intelligence is not just here to take the world by storm with its massive quality, but authorize your business to do, to create and to deliver more. You can not skip AI integrated mobile apps as it’s not only fashionable but solely because AI is a change welcomed heartily by end-users and loyal customers.

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