Why Do Apps Fail? Top Reasons From The Matellio Experts

Updated on Mar 4th, 2024

Why Do Apps Fail? Top Reasons From The Matellio Experts

Even after being durable, robust, and dynamic there are applications over mobile and web that can fail. It has been observed by Vayuz that the Google Play Store and the Apple Store are currently loaded with around 2 million apps. This has been the result of almost 100 apps being uploaded to the respective domains on a daily basis. Out of these, it has been further analyzed that roughly 35% mark their presence and thus indicating an approximate value of 65% for failure. However, ‘Why do apps fail?’ is the question that hits the brain

Here are several reasons which state the reasons behind why apps fail either on Android, IOS, Windows, Mac or Linux

1: Research is the key for app development

The priority behind launching a particular app should be its features and benefits which it shall provide to its users rather than the fund which shall be involved in staging it across Android or IOS. Also, factors such as competition from other similar applications which may stand apart which features like artificial intelligence or user interface should be considered. It is also the visuals and simulation that works best for users. This is also one of the reasons why mobile apps fail to reach the user. This shall involve adding unique features for users.

2: Trust and belief

This is one important factor to keep in mind while creating or developing a particular app for mobile. With an app making an entry with some of the other striking features in the market, it becomes necessary that the creator or the company for which the particular app is being created has sufficient amount of faith to make it work and hence get a developer to do his particular job. Also, it is necessary for the developer to have equal faith in the particular idea of the app in order to make it work.

3: The sales or the marketing plan

For making a particular app successful in the market either through Android or IOS, it is necessary that it is supported or backed up with a robust sales or marketing plan which can boost up its reach with the target audience. Putting up advertisements on the billboard or even flashing advertisements on the internet can make things in favor of the creator as well as the developer. The lack of a strong and robust sales or a marketing plan is one of the reasons behind, ‘Why apps fail?’

4: The user is the king

Just as the king should be satisfied with its jesters, the users of a certain app should also give a positive review along with a rating ranging from about 4 to 5 stars on the particular app store it has been situated. Further, the apps should be developed in such a manner that the features and user interface is almost addictive and shall grab the attention of the individuals who have downloaded it. Some of the reasons which can ruin the master plan are

  • Issues regarding the sluggish performance of the app
  • Logging in or registering procedure consumes time
  • Features of the app are complicated for use
  • User interface is not as dynamic as compared to its competitors

5: Runtime errors or invasion of bugs

This is yet another reason why do mobile apps fail. The existence of either runtime error which shall occur when the app is opened for use and gets shut down due to various reasons which need to be reported and can lead to a negative rating as well as a negative review for the app. This is also the reason why users delete the app giving them errors or bugs while running on either Android or IOS devices and search for new and improvised apps of the same genre from the app store.

6: Technical problems and warnings

Similarly, there can be other technical errors such as system configuration or updates which need to be mentioned as a disclaimer to the user while it is being downloaded either on Apple Store or Google Play for a fact that the particular app in question does not lose its target audience or traction. Also, the versions of either Android or IOS which support the particular app and all features in a seamless format should be mentioned for the user’s knowledge and benefit.

7: Demo, trial versions, or prototypes

Some of the apps have made it big in the market through demo or trial versions being launched first for feedback and review and then launching the final version of the dynamic app which has all the required features compatible to the mobile device as mentioned in its demo or trial version. As also, it is a marketing technique for products which inspires such an act. This act involves distributing free samples of daily use products such as shampoos or body lotions at various promotional campaigns either through kiosks or through magazines which help a user to choose the particular brand over others. Also, this is an answer to, ‘Why apps fail?’

8: Data synchronization

This is yet another major factor for those apps which make the use of artificial intelligence and synchronizing the user’s data from its device to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience to its user. Imagine the fact that Google assistant for photos or images does not synchronize or support the user’s information or a timeline regarding the images that are clicked or stored. This would not have made the particular app a great user interface for backing up photos or images to the particular cloud server for future references.

Final Word

Hence, these are some of the reasons for why do mobile apps fail as well as for web and desktop stated by Matellio experts in a way that the faults and errors can be corrected and equivalent traction or target audiences can be met in comparison to those apps or applications which have high ratings and a great number of positive reviews in their favor.


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