Why Your Law Firm Needs a Law Firm Software Solution?

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

Why Your Law Firm Needs a Law Firm Software Solution

Managing a law firm can be daunting. Generally, it is a task widely loathed by the managing attorneys who would rather love practising law rather than crunching numbers. Resultantly, the responsibilities fall on the shoulders of an office manager, assistant, or someone else. This often leads to inconsistency and error-ridden financial records. 

While this is one case, the situation can be like walking on thin ice for the attorneys who are trying to maintain control. The tasks keep piling up until weekends or nights as many of them end up burning crucial hours on non-billable administrative work. 

Having a custom law firm software system built just according to your law firm needs can be a great help here. Here we are discussing how your law firm and you can benefit from a custom software development.


1. 360-degree View of Your Organization Enabled by Custom Software Gives You a Better Employee Productivity

The heart of any legal practice management software is the matter. Typically, everything related to the case can be found on the matter record inside of your custom law firm software. This includes all party’s contact information, case documents, calendar appointments, tasks, email correspondence, notes, and billing information.

With everything in a single software, your staff knows where to look for matter-related information without having to contact a coworker to send the file over. They’ll know that if they navigate to the matter, they should be able to find the information they’re looking for. This not only makes the process smoother, but also ensures that information is easily accessible, transferable, and manageable.

2. Quicker Updates and Communication with Clients Leads to Higher Customer Satisfaction

Today, instant information is the need of the hour. Users require information at the fingertips. This is no exception when it comes to the users of legal firm software. Your clients expect case updates instantaneously. With a legal software application, you’re able to get to all of your clients’ information from anywhere, no matter if you’re at your desk or travelling across for a new assignment. And what else? These cloud-based solutions help you ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

3. Comprehensive Conflict Checks in a Snap of Fingers

If you’re able to run a conflict check in the software where most of your clients’ information resides, you’ll get a more comprehensive view of the conflict as well as client background. For instance, if you are able to run a conflict check against the spreadsheet, sending a conflict vote makes sure the attorneys don’t uncover conflicts in their own personal files.
This is also important because it not only improves the firm’s processes, but it also protects the firm and keeps them compliant with their liability insurance.

4. Ensure Better Team Collaboration

A custom law firm management software encompasses each and every single information about the entire firm including the cases, employees, clients, and more. This enables each and every participating node to share information across each other in a few clicks, assign tasks to other coworkers easily, and receive notifications on the task updates. Inbuilt chat systems also enable these users to communicate with each other instantaneously.

5. Staff Onboarding is Easier with Tools

Staff onboarding is more than just welcoming a new employee to your organization. You also need to go through their past records, store their information and ensure to run compliance checks. Thankfully, custom law firm software solutions can do this for you easily. Not only does it have features to take care of the processes, but also helps with employee training by passing on necessary information and material.

An added benefit of some practice management applications is automated workflow. With automated workflow, you can build your processes into the program, ensuring compliance across your entire staff with minimal training needed.


6. Work Round-the-Clock in Your Preferred Time Zone

Admit it: No matter how much we love our offices, we all need the liberty to work from our favourite spots across the globe and at the time we want. Cloud-based legal software enables the same. With the cloud-based, legal practice management applications, you can access your firm’s database from the web or from a native app on your iOS or Android device. This means as long as you have the internet, you’ll have access to your client information. Moreover, you can update this information regardless of where you are or what time it is. This is the same for each user in your system.

7. Automation Streamlines Your Tasks

Automation is ruling the world today. Legal software solutions can provide your law firm with automation while capturing vital information for you. Some of these software solutions are capable of capturing and sharing important updates within your organization and keep you posted on the information about other attorneys using the software in your organization.

8. Improved organization

When our team speaks with new clients, one issue that continually pops up is the desire for more organization. Some clients are looking to improve the organization in one or two areas of their law practice, while others are eager to completely overhaul their existing organizational system in favour of something that is more effective.

Legacy systems are mostly burdened with such malfunctions. Moreover, managing various tasks with Excel and spreadsheet software opens doors to cyberattacks. While protecting these files with passwords may not be a great choice, using paper-oriented options may not be a great choice. 

Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, you can benefit from implementing a legal software system like Legal Files. These software solutions are designed to keep everything you need to do your job in one convenient location that is easily accessible by everyone on your team. There’s no more chasing down paper files or trying to find a rogue email that could make or break a case. You have everything you need at your fingertips, and you can review it all at a glance. Not only that, you can make any necessary updates and add new information to the system so that everyone stays in the loop.

9. Enhanced efficiency

When most of us think of wasted time in the workplace, we often think of employees checking Facebook or taking long lunch breaks. However, one of the biggest time-wasters that we don’t consider is ineffective software and organizational systems that can lead to lost productivity. Think back to the last time you couldn’t do your job because you couldn’t find a file or because a critical software program crashed. All that was wasted time.

Every single one of us wants to be more productive. Rather than simply wishing for more hours in the day—or a personal assistant—consider investing in law practice management software. Legal software is designed for the non-technical user. Its advanced and reliable programming sits behind a user-friendly interface that allows you to perform critical tasks like access files, run reports and manage your emails and daily calendar. It manages everything that matters to you and your team.

10. Better communication

Related to the topics of improved organization and efficiency is enhanced inter-office communication. Without effective communication, a law office cannot be organized or efficient because no one knows what their coworkers are doing. This can often lead to serious problems like missed deadlines and unnecessary work.

A law office today couldn’t function without email, which is why it’s so important for law practice management software to integrate with your email program. Legal Files is compatible with all the most popular programs, including Outlook and Gmail, which allows seamless integration between your two most business-critical applications.

On top of that, you can also save other forms of communication, including letters and call notes, allowing your team to manage and retrieve this important information at any time.


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