Why Your Small Business Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Mobile Applications?

Updated on Apr 20th, 2021

While there was never any doubt that society has been moving towards a decidedly mobile-oriented world, What’s particularly impressive is how fast the transition to mobile has taken place. We do know smartphones are a fashionable way to browse the internet.

More than a third of all adults use their mobile phones within five minutes waking up, a figure that rises to almost half of those aged 18-24, the report found.

Mobile devices are becoming a medium of choice to access the internet. From google searches to mobile apps and gaming, a business could become a success, ostensibly overnight. Grateful to the handy smartphones.

A vigorous effort to design the company’s app becomes able to generate a robust connection with the target audience, so of course, it makes sense, that mobile marketing is the manner to reach customers all around the globe.

The radical transfiguration in the modern business world embroidered the necessity of mobile apps to tempt people for morphing into customers.

Mobile marketing which began with simple SMS being sent to the customers by companies has now got waved and turned into a booming business.

Some fundamentals could be:


What’s the first thing people are up to before they get out of bed? To check, what’s hot, what’s not. They keep track of facebook posts, Twitter, push notifications, emails, etc. it has been skyrocketed and the trend shows no sign of stopping, so mobile phones would be the best way to hit the customers.


We could see nowadays, people are glued to their mobile phones. Be it on the train, while walking down the streets or in the park. Smartphones have moved from a luxury item to a critical part of everyday life. Already the fastest growing trend in history and the espousal is still growing. But some businesses still consider it as a “nice to have” despite the resistless evidence that “smartphones are future.” Though this habitual trend is growing because smartphones are now in the flesh. So if you connect with the customers through a device that plays a vital role, your business would hit the comfort and familiarity.


Instant e-Commerce

Customers intend to make purchases from a mobile app in comparison with other alternatives. The reasons behind this preference vary, but it is crystal clear that you need to reach via smartphones if you want to pull in your customers and keep them felicitous and content. One way you can boost e-commerce is by providing links to certain products or sales by sending push-notifications or text messages. This way, the customers are transported to the product they want to buy without the tussle of searching through your website, now that’s huge.


If customers make a purchase while victimizing an app, they obviously are gonna look for rudiments such as speed, ease of checkout including payment. they are more likely to purchase a product from an app that offers a great user experience than a website that doesn’t. As customers, even we want to easily search for or browse products, make the purchase and receive a purchase confirmation in less than five minutes. Small businesses that offer all these features as part of their great customer experience will secure more loyal customers than those that do not.


One of the optimal and the biggest advantage of a smartphone is, you could purchase virtually anything, anytime and at any price; from a business perspective, it’s huge! Also, we could mention, mobile efforts are more likely to attract first touch visitors who are doing research, but not yet ready to buy your product / contact your company for services. Yet you could hit stability at a lower cost. Liberated from Tv commercial expenses, for instance, billboard fees, flyer prints, etc. You ordinarily pay for a service, like text messaging or push notifications, one time and you’re done. You are then ready to reach customers with the touch of a button.

“The mobile app would anyways help you sell faster.”

Mobile is often the starting point for those researching solutions. People may not purchase online, but they begin their search on a mobile device. Do you really want to snub that?

Here I could help you with some more fundamentals;- 


Strategy Development

Since there are many avenues to choose from, developing a strategy for the business would always be the first measure.

Mobile obviously is a vital hub of information. This tool would be tremendously used by everyone.

As these mobile apps hit the marketplace, companies from all over the world are looking for assistance in the development of their e-commerce strategy. Apprehending the steps that need to be taken to move from the “big idea” to construct a reality, can help companies streamline their success rate of the deployment of these platforms.


Increase Visibility

According to a report, a person spends 165 minutes on her/his phone nearly every day, though just a handful of applications are used, in order to use those applications one has to unlock the screen, scroll the menu and scan for the right app. Now having your app “in the way” of scrolling, will not just increase your business visibilty but will literally help your business to grow.

One more step in your development phase comes with hammering out the purpose and strategy of what you want your app to do. For a first-generation app, keep it simplistic and stick to one goal. You can always regroup after you understand your customers’ response and demands.

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