10 Must have Salesforce Integrations for Sales and Marketing

Updated on Jan 5th, 2024


Daily, marketers and sales associates perform various activities, such as designing and organizing tasks, monitoring prospects, maintaining client relationships, and delivering customer service. Implementing marketing automation software with the CRM pays off handsomely, as it prevents time and increases accuracy while eliminating the inconveniences of repetitive lead data reports. If we talk about CRM, there are a lot, but Salesforce CRM is unbeatable.

Salesforce CRM is a proper business solution that can be implemented with a range of third-party applications, making it more than just a customer relationship management tool.

Salesforce integration allows advertisers and sales associates to link data with the software they use most often. Enterprises, businesses, and companies will have to use some tools that make their tasks simpler and more efficient, particularly despite the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, where it’s become hard to derive new prospects. Many businesses have experienced exponential growth due to merging all of their business tools into a single system.

But are you unfamiliar with Salesforce?

No issue. In this blog, you’ll learn everything about Salesforce CRM, Salesforce Integration Tools, as well as how they can help you to increase your sales and marketing efficiency.

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Salesforce CRM: Basic Overview

Salesforce is CRM software that enables companies, businesses, and organizations to use cloud technologies to communicate with customers, clients, and alliances effectively. Salesforce CRM enables the sales and marketing departments to capture, evaluate, organize leads, close deals, and handle customer experiences. It’s a fantastic way to simplify and standardize your business operations.

Approximately 70% of all enterprises and businesses worldwide utilize custom Salesforce CRM software, and many are intended to go for the best salesforce development services in the near future. You can quickly go from concept to product with Salesforce CRM, which isn’t possible with conventional CRM software.

Salesforce Integration: Why?

Salesforce CRM can indeed be rendered much more useful by combining it with third-party applications or existing applications. Salesforce integration services make it possible to connect salesforce CRM to your lead prospecting resources and operate your business more effectively. Salesforce various integrations and applications, enabling you to customize and expand existing features while also uncovering critical insights to boost your efficiency.

The salesforce integration further assists in creating organized systems that operate on their own with little to no human intervention, resulting in a higher pool of qualified leads. It also reduces the time it takes to respond to consumer inquiries and offers more detail about a campaign’s results. This makes it far easier for advertisers to successfully listen to consumers’ desires and close sales, even in challenging times.

While there are numerous advantages to salesforce integration, achieving them needs effective implementation. As a result, hiring and retaining the support of salesforce integration professionals is recommended to maximize salesforce integration advantages.

Moving on,

So before we get started with the rundown of salesforce integrations, let’s go through some of the key advantages of integrating your Salesforce CRM to the applications you use often.


Why is Salesforce Integration so beneficial? Top Business Benefits of Salesforce Integration

Salesforce CRM is increasingly being integrated with other technologies to help companies increase efficiency and reduce time-consuming activities. Let’s look at several of the advantages of salesforce integration.

1. Increases lead generation’s efficiency 

Implementation and Salesforce integration help boost lead quality by recognizing which leads quickly are more important. You may analyze leads using details from data analytics systems to ensure that only the most promising leads are sent to your salespeople.

2. Improves business analytics 

Salesforce integration with data analytics provides you with far more visibility into your marketing success by enabling you to more effectively monitor your initiatives’ productivity, allowing you to improve your business operations and lead to better outcomes. Salesforce integration with marketing automation will allow you to see where you’ve made progress and where you’ve made mistakes in your behavior and work approach. There will be no incorrect data or misleading output statistics.

3. Improves clients handling

Sales are difficult to come by, and when clients don’t understand what you’re offering, they’re less ready to steal. Customers must be handled more effectively throughout the present situation, especially if you operate from anywhere and have minimal resources to work with. If you personalize your customers’ experience with Salesforce CRM and marketing automation, you could completely prevent missing a customer. This helps you provide reliable and detailed data to your clients, which reduces uncertainty and improves transparency.

4. Easy data access 

You won’t have to keep flipping among different data sources on the same contacts list, financial information, or Salesforce integration opportunities. This saves you time when it comes to data processing and prevents new information from being misplaced. Such tools will help you exchange records and ensure continuity across all departments and processes while still maintaining your data structured, traceable, and easier to modify.

5. Improves Communication

Your teams should work together to determine what defines the highest number and how advertising, in general, impacts the transition and selling process.

6. Scalability 

Whenever it relates to their clients, businesses may not always remain low. Salesforce CRM is ideal for businesses of any scale as it enables further expansion. Salesforce integrations will be able to fulfill your requirements no matter how big your company expands.

As we’ve discussed salesforce integration and its benefits, now it’s time to discuss,


Top 10 Must-Have Salesforce Integrations for Sales and Marketing 

A marketing department gathers useful data about the customers and campaign results each day, while sales spend their time interacting with prospective clients and knowing about their problems. Sales and marketing must communicate and cooperate on their experiences to have a productive work environment. Both departments can obtain access to valuable information through Salesforce integration, which will help them generate more leads and keep additional clients.

Below are ten must-have salesforce integrations. So take a look!

1. Pardot by Salesforce 

Salesforce’s Pardot is a hybrid marketing automation and link-building platform. For sales and marketing departments, it helps you to create tailored marketing emails and provides lead management. This integration strengthens the sales and marketing teams’ abilities, enabling you to:

  • In Salesforce, assign qualified new leads.
  • Keep track of what your prospects are doing.
  • Portion your advertising data in Pardot.
  • Make a return on investment (ROI) report for each of your programs.

2. Marketo with Salesforce

Marketo’s integration with the Salesforce CRM software enables advertisers to execute targeted marketing promotions across multiple marketing platforms in real-time, greatly speeding up the lead convergence rate. Marketo has a lot of lead tracking, email marketing, campaign management features, and a lot of apps for measuring and optimizing ROI. Marketo’s ability to deeply personalize web and mobile users through platforms and marketing schedules is a key differentiator. The marketing and sales departments get detailed and actionable information about their opportunities.

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3. Paperflite with Salesforce

Paperflite is a content enablement system that maximizes your content’s efficiency throughout all marketing channels. It handles all of your institution’s content—in any format or size—with minimal effort and cost, enabling each team member to immediately link and build content flows. The Paperflite and salesforce integration also helps the sales teams to cultivate their customers with meaningful content at any point of the buyer’s journey by showing how they connect with your material.

4. Hubspot with Salesforce

Users can have a bi-directional solution with Salesforce and HubSpot integration. This ensures that all of your activities, including email opens, call-to-action clicks, and phone number inputs, are readily available everywhere at any moment. Furthermore, you can use HubSpot to get insightful, actionable insights from all of your analytics data for lead scoring, so your sales department has the correct knowledge. With contact details from Salesforce CRM, you can develop marketing strategies accurately and reach over to clients with personalized marketing campaigns. To collect data for marketing analytics and sales figures, you didn’t have to move between the two systems anymore.

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5. Active Campaign with Salesforce 

Active Campaign is a customer relationship automation platform that allows you to develop customized email campaigns using your Salesforce CRM data. Submit answers to your advertising email marketing streams and monitor how they communicate with your emails.

6. Slack with Salesforce 

The salesforce and slack integration make handling your sales funnel more effective. The benefits of Salesforce with slack integration are:

  • Collaboration and efficiency have improved.
  • Streamlined platform-to-platform quest.
  • Salesforce communication and account information, as well as leads and opportunities, can be searched and shared.
  • Slack alerts can be personalized.
  • People can be looped in without effort.

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7. Groove with Salesforce 

Groove is a Salesforce-specific interaction tool. Its features act as a tier of interaction on top of your existing CRM framework. You can monitor and review openings and cases and build new leads, connections, and profiles using the Groove toolbar.

8. Salesforce Adoption Dashboard 

You can use Salesforce Adoption Dashboards to see how customers communicate with your CRM. You can use utilization metrics to figure out what you’re performing well and where you need to change.


9. Mattermark with Salesforce 

Add valuable intelligence, auto-updating knowledge areas, and forethought of crucial data to your Salesforce leads so you can follow up with them. Integrated with Salesforce, Mattermark offers you tailored insights based on reliable, timely, and positive benefits, which will assist you in your day-to-day interactions with clients.

10. Bookings are with Salesforce

Bookingkare is an easy system for business services event planning and appointment scheduling. It also has a simple, elegant GUI and also built-in communication and schedules, giving you full control over all aspects of planning and lodging in the salesforce system.

How Matellio can help you in Salesforce Integration 

Boost sales, advertising, and service effectiveness by integrating Salesforce with almost everything.

Matellio will help you optimize your company by integrating Salesforce with your existing business software, even if you’re leveraging Salesforce Sales Cloud or maybe Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Salesforce Service Cloud subsystems.

Delivery methodology at Matellio is focused on strict compliance to best engineering practices. This involves thorough testing at any point of the project and recruiting the top teams available.

Our Work Process

  • Discovery We examine the business structure and operations before defining and evaluating the concerns that need to be tackled.
  • Conceptualizing – We put together a list of suggestions, a comprehensive outline, and an estimated cost for each deployment method.
  • Designing – We create the structure for the proposed solution and then test it to ensure it meets all of the specifications.
  • Deployment – Before passing this over to clients, we pursue the deployment strategy for implementing the software and checking it on the server-side.



Your sales and marketing departments will be able to achieve greater outcomes with Salesforce integration. This integration improves company performance and increases investment (ROI) in marketing and sales strategies. It not only helps you to deliver customized campaigns to more clients, but it also enhances how you sell your goods and communicate with them. Consequently, revenues rise, the business expands, and the opportunity to have valuable experiences with leads and consumers strengthens.

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