Top 8 Benefits Of Using Salesforce Pardot For Business In 2021

Updated on Apr 17th, 2024


Businesses around the globe are attempting to gain a deeper understanding of their clients. A significant marketing aim is to significantly boost consumer experience or the potential to deliver targeted content to consumers to boost lead generation greatly. A lot goes into managing a sales pipeline, from online and offline channels, sales tactics, and social media accounts to the salespeople who represent the company at different work meetings, large gatherings, and industry events.

Marketing professionals believe in marketing automation to stay ahead of the competition in today’s industry. It can be a show stopper if properly implemented, with a significant effect on the Rate of Return. It’s all about enhancement when it comes to marketing automation.

If you’re a part of the digital environment, you’ve probably heard of Salesforce Pardot. Your business or company will prosper with market automation and shortened response time with Salesforce Pardot consulting & integration services.

Are you confused about what Salesforce Pardot is and what it does? If so, you’ve come to the right spot.

In this blog, we’ll be introducing one of the best market automation tools, Salesforce Pardot. Also, we cover the top 8 benefits of using salesforce pardot and why you should consider salesforce pardot integration.

So, without any further ado, let’s have a look at some stats!


Quick facts!

  • A marketing automation platform is currently used by 51 percent of companies and 67 percent of advertisers.
  • According to Gleanster, the clearest purpose of introducing marketing automation is to obtain effective leads by around 76% and ROI by approximately 79 percent.

One of the best and highly used market automation tools is salesforce pardot. But,

What is Salesforce Pardot?

what-is-salesforce-pardot-why-you-need-itSalesforce Pardot is a business-to-business marketing automation tool that fits in perfectly with the Salesforce CRM. It’s jam-packed with functionality that lets you monitor customer interaction with your advertising materials from the first contact to the final sale. Even further, it enables you to create fully integrated marketing channels, allowing the marketing department to quickly and productively execute large-scale prospects fostering.

The salesforce pardot B2B automation nearly doubled from its base of 3.3 billion dollars in 2019 to 6.4 billion dollars by 2024.

Salesforce Pardot’s analytics tools are impressive, like web analytics, advertising analytics, consumer behavior monitoring, leads tracking, advertising ROI tracking, and more. It also includes systems dashboards that visibly reflect campaign results and other data and generic reports that can be customized to reflect metrics specifics.

Salesforce Pardot will help you align your marketing and advertising departments, helping them collaborate more effectively and produce more profits for your business.

Is the Salesforce Pardot the Best Option for Your Business?

As previously described, Pardot is best for companies that sell to other companies. Pardot is also ideal for businesses that need their leads to go through a comprehensive lead qualification system before being forwarded to sales representatives. Or else,

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a safer option if the business isn’t a B2B company and only sells to customers. Furthermore, the size of your business and how much you would like to invest in a local marketing automation solution will influence your marketing automation system. Salesforce Pardot can handle several campaigns at the same time. There is no application to install as it is cloud-based. Many businesses, enterprises, and global brands use custom salesforce pardot. It can both produce leads for incoming marketing campaigns and build sales-oriented outbound marketing strategies.

Moving on, now let’s move forward and discuss,

What Salesforce Pardot offers? Top Features!

What-Salesforce-Pardot-Offers-Top-FeaturesSalesforce Pardot has all you need to make successful relationships, improve branding strategy through public engagement, generate further leads to fill the sales funnel, and close more deals with customized, tailored messages.

Below we’ve mentioned some of the prominent features of salesforce pardot. Take a look!

1. Lead Generation 

From the moment you begin collecting lead information, the Lead Generation feature helps you obtain better value leads. This is accomplished via an efficient and natural landing page builder that allows users to create stunning landing pages without requiring an IT squad’s assistance. Advanced Forms are used in savvy lead generation to capture only the most relevant actionable insights. After this, agricultural and paid advertising functions make you grasp your SEO techniques’ ROI, while social posting allows you to monitor prospect connections via social campaigns.

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2. Email Marketing 

Whenever it applies to marketing automation, email marketing is a must-have. Normal tolls help you do various automated email configurations, but salesforce pardot will help you take your email marketing to the next level. Using an interactive email builder, develop creative emails and email models. You can set up email schedules and send an email instantly with powerfully programmed interactions, enabling you to spend more time on marketing campaigns rather than manually sending redundant emails. Eventually, personalized messaging allows you to offer the customized content that consumers have come to expect, while optimized sending allows you to test different email marketing campaigns. After that, personalized messaging helps you provide personalized content that consumers have come to know and love, while tailored sending allows you to run experiments to see which types of email marketing techniques produce the best results.

3. Lead Nurturing 

Lead Nurturing is a sustainable Lead Management that allows you to attract consumers with customized content and involve them to complete the transaction. Lead nurturing occurs after you’ve established possible suspects using lead scoring and devised a strategy for eventually converting them to customers. Salesforce Pardot’s Lead Nurturing features enable many to create various journeys for your leads, send them on such journeys depending on their feedback and monitor their interaction level to enhance the experience.


4. Lead Management 

Salesforce Pardot’s strengthened Lead management processes involve Lead Monitoring & Ranking, Lead Nurturing, Differentiation, and Mapping. Generating leads and grading helps you discover much more potential clients who would be good leads for the sales department to focus on, thus dramatically increasing the sales and marketing team’s productivity. Through this feature, salesforce pardot allows you to optimize this lead scores and grading method, allowing you to increase your business’s lead conversions. It also allows users to send your customers on various journeys/paths/experiences depending on their load ratings, which are changed in terms of their effect on their actions.

5. Social Sharing 

Pardot often assists you through social media ads on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. All you have to do is add the connections, which are readily accessible. After that, you could post explicitly to these sites from your Pardot instance and monitor your prospects’ actions in Pardot. Through this tool, you can also arrange for your posts to be shared on social media. Aside from that, once clients begin reacting to your material, you’ll have a clearer image of their behaviors in Pardot, allowing you to make an informed decision. You can effectively send SMS initiatives from Pardot using a plug-in like Twilio. In improving the new Pardot, you can also use Social Filtering and Iterators.

6. Integration 

Salesforce-Pardot integration, among other marketing automation systems, makes salespeople access salesforce Pardot information and submit Pardot emails from inside CRM software. A function in Salesforce CRM is also triggered whenever a lead score exceeds a certain amount. As a result, experts agree that Pardot’s real strength resides in its incorporation with Salesforce CRM.

Moving on, let’s move forward and discuss,

Why must you use Salesforce Pardot for Business? Top Benefits!

Salesforce-Pardot-Top-BenefitsWell, there are so many benefits and reasons to use the salesforce pardot. Below, we’ve listed a few of them, so take a look.

1. Easy ROI Reporting 

What good is it to keep and gather data about your leads and clients if you aren’t using it to make smarter decisions? Via ROI Reporting and Lifespan Tracking, you can use real KPI measures and see what the statistics say concerning your marketing activities. Advanced email reporting provides you with a better understanding of how your user interacts with your messages via metrics such as taps and opens. Ultimately, you can link your favorite resources together to develop a greater understanding of how your various marketing platforms interact with each other. If you already have access to the information, you must use it to support your company’s expansion and increase sales.

2. Provides Valuable Sales Insights 

Your staff can allow Interaction History whenever marketing and sales are on the same platform upon combining your strategies. Your salespeople will see all of the marketing strategies that a client or leads have communicated using Contact Historical data. This gives them insight the next time they contact you, allowing them to appeal directly to the customer’s needs and maintaining a clear perception of the brand.


3. Email builder to close more leads

With its user-friendly layout, Pardot’s Innovative Email Builder lets you easily create marketing emails. It serves as a flexible out-of-the-box prototype with customized design features, allowing users to format their data and access hosted information quickly. Furthermore, you will deliver communications to your targeted customers at exactly the correct time.

4. Customization 

In salesforce pardot, most of the data and conduct tools and the lead-scoring tools allow for essential personalization. From the first site inspection to nurturing, purchasing, loyalty, and even beyond, you can use some of this individualized data and analytics to personalize messaging, refining advertising, and offer the highest levels of customer satisfaction. You can also set alarms and rating levels to send automated but personalized messages to clients as they progress down the sales funnel. Salesforce Pardot keeps records of a lot of data about you and allows you to add useful insights about your actions and communication.

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5. Acquire more leads 

You can extend your lead collection and connect additional individuals with salesforce pardot email marketing, personalized forms, and functionalities with SEO and SEM systems. As a result of your increased access to leads, you will naturally have more market prospects and growth potential.

6. Drives More Revenue 

B2B marketing dashboards with custom Flow and visual reports make it possible to see success in detail and make immediate changes to increase sales. It also allows the users to better insight into how well promotions are doing to optimize marketing strategies.

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7. Track Campaigns 

You can indeed keep records of how many individuals have accessed your email to understand better how engaged it is. Companies could maintain a closer record of how well they interact with the consumer by using Salesforce Pardot’s great functionality; sending out emails is no longer adequate, and Salesforce Pardot can give the companies and businesses the additional boost to bring in even more prospects.

8. Easy Client Monitoring 

Salesforce Pardot uses IP lookup tools to monitor in-depth radical prospect monitoring of website visitors, track social networking sites, and Google AdWords.

These are the top 8 benefits of using a salesforce pardot for your business. Moving on,

Why choose Matellio for Salesforce Pardot Integration?

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Closing Words 

Salesforce Pardot is the platform that every company needs. Salesforce Pardot is a strong B2B business intelligence tool, and its Processes and features are a great way to collect data that will help you convert prospects into customers. Keep the communication going with automated email messages and grow your business. To do so, you’ll need a great salesforce pardot implementation partner who can help you get the most out of your salesforce pardot.

If you are looking for one such partner, contact us, we would love to assist you.

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