10 Ways to Increase User Engagement For Your App

Updated on Jan 5th, 2024

10 Ways to Increase User Engagement For Your App

In today’s digital world, people spend more time on their smartphones than anything else. That’s why today, the mobile app development sector is growing at an exponential rate. As per a report by Statista, there are almost 2.7 million Android apps and over 1.82 million iOS apps that are available in the global market today. However, despite this huge growth rate in mobile apps, not many apps perform well in the market. Reason? Poor user-engagement!

So, what is user-engagement? In simple words, user-engagement is a metric that indicates that the engagement rate of the users with your app. It shows how useful your app is to your target audience in solving their issues. And clearly, increasing the user-engagement takes more than an interesting idea and showing flavors of the month.

So, how can you make your app more effective for your audience? In short, how can you increase your user-engagement to make your mobile app successful in the market?

Well, if you have questions like these in your mind, then you’re at the right place! In today’s article, we will be discussing the top 8 tips to increase user engagement for your mobile app. The points we will mention are not only tricks and tips but are proper strategies that would require your time and resources to yield sure-shot results. So, without wasting much of your time, let’s quickly dive in!

How to Increase the User-Engagement of Mobile App?


1. Focus on Your App Listing

The first and foremost way to increase user engagement for your app is to focus on your app listing. It is no surprise that the first platform that the users use to access your application is the Play Store/App Store. It is there that they learn about your app’s features, reviews, and user feedback.

Hence, to make a good impression of your app in front of the global audience, make sure that you access your app’s main goal. Before deploying it, try to figure out its main benefit in solving your critical customer issues. Also, there’s always an option of feedback from testers in the App Store. So, make sure to leverage that to get an accurate review of your app.

2. Make Onboarding Process Seamless

Another critical aspect that you need to address while deploying your app is to make the onboarding process an easy one. Now onboarding may seem a simple task, but not to forget it is the first conversation of the users with your app. Hence, try to make the best of the onboarding process by educating the users about your app.

However, make sure that your onboarding process does not contain a tutorial as your users may not be very aware of your app. Instead, you can add images of the amazing benefits of your app, to increases the user-engagement and add value to your mobile app.

3. Gamification Can be a Great Help

It’s a digital era and things here change drastically. What once was considered only a hypothetical scenario and today become the reality of the world. Gamification is also one such concept that has been ruling the mobile app development industry today.

To increase the user-engagement, many marketers today are introducing gamification concept in their mobile apps. Gamification not just adds a little bit of fun element in your apps, but even engages the user in the most efficient manner. From little fun elements to guide videos, you can include gamification in any form during mobile app development.


4. Don’t Forget UI/UX

UI/UX has become the most critical aspect today in the development sector. Even if you have the most amazing features in your mobile app, and if they are not accessible to your users, then they are of no use. You will never be able to increase the user-engagement for your app without an aesthetic design and superior user experience.

So, to solve that issue, you need to invest heavily in UI/UX part. Hire the best designers that can create simple yet intuitive designs for your app, that your users can access. Having a great aesthetic design helps the users know where a certain button will take them, or how a particular feature operates.

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5. Use Push Notifications

Communication is the key to success in today’s competitive market, and to remain connected with your users is a great way to increase user engagement. Push notifications are a solid way to ensure that you remain connected with your valuable users all the time.

You can send the daily alerts, or updates to your users anytime you want using the push notification functionality. Moreover, you can even inform them about your new products or policies, or even reward points using the same feature. What else?

Push notification even helps you entice your existing customers and attract new ones by enabling you to send personalized and targeted messages to your users seamlessly. All in all, with push notifications, you can easily increase the user-engagement for your dedicated mobile application.

6. Offer Incentives and Rewards

Well, who doesn’t like rewards? Nearly everyone today likes to get some incentives and rewards from the app they are using. That’s why make sure that you offer some kind of loyalty points and incentives to your valuable users to increase the use-engagement.

You can categorize the offers for the existing and the new customers as per your strategy and can even offer reward points for the new joiners. Besides that, special discounts and rewards on some specific occasions could also help you to increase the user-engagement for your mobile app. In short, try to offer some kind of incentives to your users that can lure them towards your app!

7. Feedbacks are Must

A vital aspect that needs to be addressed to increase the user-engagement for your mobile app is to always take the feedback from your users and work on it! Feedbacks are always an important part of any mobile application irrespective of its niche. Customers are always important, and if they are experiencing some kind of issues in your app, then it should be your first task to solve those issues.

Hence, make sure that you have dedicated resources for handling all the reviews and feedbacks that the users post on the App Store/Play Store. Furthermore, if anything needs serious action, then that should also be conveyed to the development team, and the appropriate answers should be given to the users as soon as possible.

With all that, the customers would trust you more, the issue would be solved, and eventually, your app’s user-engagement will increase!

8. Chatbots are in Trend

Last but not least, we have chatbot development for your mobile app. With the rise in digital trends, many new aspects are being introduced in the mobile app development market, and chatbots are surely one of them! As per Chatbot Magazine, around 41% of marketers today have already integrated chatbots in their mobile apps to increase user engagement!

Hence, if all your competitors are doing it, why not you! So, make sure to invest in chatbot development so that you can automate your customer support operations. Also, chatbots will even help you in reducing your operational cost as everything will be automated and hence you will not be requiring any more resources.

Furthermore, with advances in Natural Language Processing, chatbots are now able to even accurately predict the true emotion behind the messages. Hence, it could even enhance your customer services by exactly offering what the customers want!


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So, those were the top eight strategies that could potentially increase the user-engagement for your mobile app. To conclude, we can say that, mobile apps are quickly becoming the biggest necessity of global businesses in today’s digital market. While people spending most of their time on mobile phones, custom apps could be a great way to target them to access your products/services. Maybe, that’s why businesses today are actively investing in mobile app development!

Are you planning to launch your app and make it successful in the global market? Don’t worry, we are here to help you! With decades of experience in app development and a certified development team, we, at Matellio, strives to deliver an efficient and successful mobile application for satisfying your business needs. Whether you are a startup, or even a Fortune 500 firm, our developers and testers always ensure to cater to all your goals and customer requirements in the most trending and cost-effective manner. Reach us today to have more information about our work culture!

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