Top 7 Tips to Hire the Best UI/UX Designer

Updated on Jan 12th, 2024


UI/UX designer plays a crucial role in defining the image of your brand. According to a study, an average person visits almost 138 websites per day. That number has almost doubled in the last ten years, where an average person visited almost 72 websites per day. Hence, it is obvious that users today love to surf the internet. They might visit your website for either informational purposes, or for checking any of your products or services.

Whatever the scenario may be, if you want to attract and hold the online users on your site, then having an excellent user-interface and user-experience is a must. And how can you achieve that? Simple! By hiring perfect and professional UI/UX designers. But, what are user-interface and user-experience? Let’s have a look!

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What is User-Interface?

User -interface is simply the design of your site or web app that is visible to the users. The design that engages the users and holds them on your site is preferably considered as the perfect user-interface. Menu, touch screen interface, tools, icons, buttons, and images are some of the vital components of the user-interface. 

All these elements greatly influence the user’s decision to stay on your site or not. Hence, your website’s interface should be user-friendly. Even if you have several advanced functionalities and they are not accessible by your users, then it may not be that worth having them. The right color theme, proper fonts, proper images, all contribute to an excellent user-interface. 

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What is User-Experience?

User-experience is nothing but a concept of providing an excellent experience to the online visitors of your website. If your site offers exceptional content and great images with simple access to the visitors, then it is said to be having an excellent user experience. 

In today’s digital market, if you offer something exceptional and useful to your users, then it is said to increase your user-experience. Any advanced features, personalized services, easy to navigate the site, no installation charges, etc. are said to increase the user-experience. Hence, one must invest in UX to not only increase customer loyalty but also to enhance their brand value. 

How to Hire the Best UI/UX Designer?

Now that you are aware of the two terms viz. user experience and user interface, let us quickly discuss the top eight proven tips for hiring the best UI/UX designer for your project!


1. Look at the Portfolio

The portfolio of the designer can reveal much of its skill and expertise in the desired field. If you want to have a thorough idea about the workings of the UI/UX designer, then it is better to look at his portfolio. The portfolio includes all the past work that has been done by the designer. It may include app designing, website designing, or even developing high-end desktop modules. 

Verifying all the past work of the UI/UX designer, and carefully analyzing the reviews by their past customers could help you properly evaluate the designer’s work. Moreover, it would also give you an idea of the work strategy of the designer and whether it suits your organization or not.

2. Curiosity Plays a Great Role

As we discussed in our previous blog, curiosity plays a vital role in defining the overall commitment of the designer. Even if you hire a designer with several certificates, but he is not willing to upgrade or learn new skills for your project, then he is of no use to you. 

On the other hand, if a person has limited skills, but is ready to learn and adapt to new things, then that UI/UX designer should be your first choice. That’s because he/she is ready to explore and learn new things that will enhance your project. Now, to know whether a person is curious to learn new things or not, you can ask them several questions like:

  • What was the recent thing they learned in designing?
  • What platform do they like the most for learning and exploring new things?
  • Are they looking forward to learning any new skill for enhancing the project’s design?

3. Strong User Research

Research plays a vital role in defining the skill and experience of your chosen UI/UX designer. If the person is really interested in the project, and his/her work, then they will surely do a lot of research work before and during the product development. While some designers may craft a beautiful design for the project, meeting the end goals can only be achieved with proper research and satisfying the user’s needs. 

That’s why you should hire only those UI/UX designers that have strong research capabilities. They need to be in sync with the latest designing approach, and should also generate an aesthetic design for the project. 

4. Support and Maintenance is Essential

Once the project is completed, support and maintenance play a vital role. You need to have all the latest features in your app, to keep the users engaged.  Whether it’s for the features, or the design, having an up-to-date software or mobile app is the basic need of today’s businesses. 

That’s why always hire UI/UX designers from a trusted and experienced software engineering firm. An experienced firm will have all the dedicated resources available for you and would provide reliable support and up-gradation services to you at cost-effective prices. Moreover, their UI/UX designers would all be certified and in sync with the latest designing trends. 

5. Look for an Experienced Designer

Experience can never be denied when hiring a perfect person. Whether it be a software developer, app developer, or even a content curator, experience plays a vital role, and similar is the case for a UI/UX designer. Having a good experience in the relevant field conveys that a person may have all the solutions to the problems that might come during the designing process.

That’s why, while hiring a dedicated UI/UX designer, make sure that it has a certain number of experiences. That will not only ensure a better designing process but will even enhance your brand’s value amongst your clients. However, do not forget that if a person has some years of experience, and he/she is not flexible or curious to learn anything new, then he/she may not be worth hiring. 

6. Hiring Plans are also Important

While hiring the best UI/UX designer, one thing that is often underlooked is the budget. You need to have a certain budget for your project, and that budget will decide the type of designer you would need. For instance, if your project is not that big, and requires just a few cuts and taps here and there, then maybe hiring a freelancer would work!

However, if your project is medium or big, and it directly portrays your brand value in front of your audience, then it is advisable to hire UI/UX designers from a reputed and cost-effective software engineering firm. Why? That’s because a software engineering firm will offer you certified and professional designers that will have years of experience in delivering an aesthetic design for various projects. 

7. Agile/Lean UX is Vital

Last but not least is agile/lean methodology. One of the toughest situations that are often faced by the designers and the managers is the capability to be in sync with other teammates. There would be much chaos if the designs of even a single panel are not according to the end-user. That could even leave a negative image of your brand in front of your clients.

That’s where the agile methodology comes to play. Under this type of methodology, the designs are firstly approved by the customer, and then the development work is carried forwards. Also, the designer will have to strategically think to satisfy the needs of the client much faster and in an efficient way.

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How Can We Help?

So, those were some of the popular and proven tips that can help you find the perfect UI/UX developer. To conclude, we can say that there is nothing permanent in today’s tech-driven world. Everything here changes fastly, and so is the scenario with the designing field. Today, one of the greatest aspects for marketers is to satisfy the user needs and provide an excellent user experience. For that, you will be needing a professional and experienced UI/UX designer.

We, at Matellio, have got all the dedicated resources that can deliver a perfect and most aesthetic design for your projects. Whether you are a startup or a Fortune 00 company, our certified UI/UI designer promises to satisfy all your customer needs at the best competitive prices. Want to know more? Reach us today, and witness a digital change in your work. Plus, get a free 30-min consultation from our experts over your next big project! 

Till then, Happy Reading!

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