16 Reasons to Outsource Mobile App Development

Updated on Apr 20th, 2021

In today’s era of digitization, there is barely a business left that does not possess a software application. Since the software application not only automates the business processes but it improves customer experience as well so businesses all over the world are leveraging the power of mobile application development. 

We all know that software application development is a major reliance that drives businesses from all over the world irrespective of the industry. And even are starting afresh like building a micro-website or the complete application for your business, you would ultimately hire a team of application development professionals or the experts who can help you attain the desired objectives. 

Moreover, when it comes to outsourcing, it is a great option, as it helps the businesses to achieve their digital transformation goals. Outsourcing has become a commonplace worldwide among businesses and companies of varied industries that have proved to be the most proficient way to launch or expand a business. Outsourcing provides varied advantages like it can help businesses minimize the risks by maintaining a cost-saving approach, the companies can lessen their time to market, enhance the quality of the product, to name a few. 

Nonetheless, there are still some companies in the market that are hesitant about the importance of outsourcing and giving priority to the in-house team and missing substantial benefits. But at times it happens that such a decision could cost companies and businesses when market conditions forced to react and act quickly (like in the prevailing situation of Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak when offline businesses left with no other choice than to go online).

In this article, we will discuss the most prominent outsourcing reasons and how they can be used effectively by both the large enterprises and tiny startups trying to win their niche and their customer’s loyalty. 

But before you plan for mobile application development, you need to consider these questions in the first place!

  1. Will it is in-house or will it be outsourced?
  2. What do you want in a developer?
  3. How much time is remaining to launch an App?
  4. If going for outsourcing, do you have a technical team to judge how perfectly the code is written?
  5. How essential and crucial are collaboration and feedback on the success of the project?
  6. Would it be cost-effective or not?

Getting the answers to these basic questions is definitely going to assist you in figuring out the best choice. However, we believe the best solution for a start-up (Evaluate the outsourcing partner)

  • If the outsourced partner is experienced enough and the communication hierarchy is properly followed, the equation will be long term. 
  • Since the expert level is low in start-up, outsourcing might be helpful to manage the budget and timeline. 
  • If a company is technology-enabled with a head of product and choose the best outsourcing partner for itself, then they can scale the company with an outsourced team. (sometimes firms will build small in-house development teams as they scale or often will buy out the outsourced.

So, Why to Outsource Mobile App Development?


1. Stress-Free Hiring  

It might be difficult for you to find a professional for a development project. And if hired, you are supposed to make sure that the person has a reliable tenure. You need to assure that the person possesses the necessary expertise and optimizes his skills for the benefit of the company. 

Therefore the absence of hiring becomes a major reason for companies to outsource as when the developers are hired through outsourcing, then even the minute problems related to recruitment will surely be truncated as the people you hire are the professionals. Thus, we can say that outsourcing makes you stress-free and you can concentrate on other fundamental tasks. 

2. Increased Efficiency 

Once the tasks are allocated to outsourcing partners the workloads will be shared. This will enhance the in-house efficiency of the employees and will allow you to develop your task force. Increased efficiency will ensure 

  • Enhanced productivity– The developers will ensure accurate, qualitative and quantitive productivity to finish what they started. 
  • Competitiveness– The efficient workforce will help an organization to perform a notch-higher and will improve competitiveness. 

3. Extensive IT experience 

The outsourcing firms will hire someone who is already acquainted with the prevailing circumstances and hence the person will have a better understanding of the project. This means that the professional possesses all the key points and specifics needed for the completion. Ensuring timely detection and rectification of the errors. When it comes to app development, talent becomes the most important factor because it is considered to be the most valuable and most expensive intangible asset a professional possesses. The success rate of the company thus depends on finding the right talent for the project. The prosperity of the project is in the hand of the developers. So it is important to wisely select the right talent that possesses excellent knowledge of the app development market and has the technical expertise, good communication skills, reliability, and accountability. For instance, Dave McClure who is a founder of nearly 500 startups believes that the team should possess three things

  • Hackers who can code 
  • An operator to manage and understand the business 
  • Designers who could lead and execute the design

4. Improved Compliance  

When hiring an employee a company has to go through a lot of formalities and paperwork, for instance, the need for identification proof, experience letter of a previous company, etc which is surely time-consuming. By outsourcing software development, you have access to the talents with no legal compliance which a company goes through while hiring the employees itself. Then the outsourcing companies will be there to look after all the legal formalities and paperwork so that you can focus on other disciplinary actions. 

5. Co-ordination 

When it comes to the IT outsourcing agencies, they hire a team having different designations such as designers, developers, quality engineers, and managers who have worked together on an immense number of projects. Even if the team possesses one or two members you will have to make sure to fill in the gaps amongst each and every team member because there are high chances that team members might not be comfortable when they are on the same page. They need to acquainted with the strengths and weaknesses of each other to achieve a much-desired goal of coordination.   

6. Minimized Risks

Risk mitigation becomes another added advantage when outsourcing gets involved. 

  • The outsourcing companies have professionals, specialized in their fields. 
  • The team hired will be able to address the project related issues at very initial stage or level
  • The establishment of an efficient workflow will be ensured by eliminating all the delays in the process.  

7. Improved Service 

The outsourcers with skilled expertise will ensure: 

  • Production of Qualitative deliveries 
  • On-time completion of projects 
  • Increased customer satisfaction 
  • Streaming of loyal and reliable customers 

8. Cost-Effective 

Outsourcing cut costs and make big savings certain. When you outsource the service like project management specially to a low-cost company get access to quality services at lower costs. Outsourcing can even maintain the internal infrastructure of a company. 

9. 24/7 Running Business 

Outsourcing provides you the advantage of making full use of your time. The outsourcing company can continue your work even when your employees are not available. They have the ability to complete the most crucial and critical tasks and submitting without further delays. Focus on primary tasks. When the business grows the workload increases and the quality of the core activities suffers. Outsourcing in such situations plays an important role by allowing you to focus on core business activities and primary business-related tasks to achieve efficiency. 

10. Enhanced Flexibility

By delegating tasks to outsourcing companies, the business can maintain flexibility by reducing uncertainty. Outsourcing provides the benefit of running the business in throttle with comfortable scaling of ups and downs. 

11. End-To-End Assistance 

There is a set of protocols that have to be followed when it comes to the development of the application to its release. All these important factors are covered when the app development organizations get enlisted with outsourcing. 

For instance, if a client needs assistance with backs and testing he will recieve all the related pointers that are required. Some of the top app development companies based on outsourcing are willing to help out once the app has been launched. Outsourcing provides a business based on the data accumulated in the market place and it supports and provides assistance even after the completion of the development project. 

12. Time-Saving 

Once you frame an idea of developing an app and the business is about to start then there should be n looking back as time is always of great essence. Someone will always be there in the market to vanquish a fresh and slow-moving organization. Then comes the outsourcing who reduces this time crunch. 

On-time delivery of applications is one of the primary functions in the app development industry. Because the mobiles are becoming popular these days the delay in the release of a mobile product can immediately harm the goodwill of the firm especially a startup that can not afford to lose. Less time on development means experiencing long term success so outsourcing provides quick turn arounds that are going to be beneficial in the long run. 

 13. Exemption from Tools and Licenses

Numerous tools and licenses are required in software development, which can not be neglected The tools and licenses have increasing demands because of the evolvement in technologies. For instance, the companies will have to keep in mind the expiry and renewal dates of the license, what new tools are needed when the evolvement occurs in- house. The outsourcing companies have their own benefits as they are going to take care of such issues and you don’t need to spend much time on what you are not aware of. 

14. In-house Expertise 

Lack of in-house expertise will affect the flourishment and globalization of business. Then with the help of outsourcing companies, it will be 

  •  Easy to manage the business worldwide 
  • Applications will be more systematic 
  • For overall improved performance 
  • Outsourcing overlooks the activities of the companies, as they are more experinced. All you have to do is need to find the companies who specialize in app development 
  • Knowledgable persons who have got ready to use skill sets on board who are much reliable as they are aware of the modern development strategies 
  • Immediate access to best IT professionals available overseas 

 15. All Solutions at One Place 

Because the best outsourcing development companies employ experts. Your experience will get a milestone. Whatever you need for software development will be resolved by a single company, for instance, if you want a food delivery app, a taxi booking app, video or photo editing app, offline dictionary, etc, you have all the solutions available. 

16. Achieving Business Goals 

Retaining customers is a laborious task. While achieving this task the major goal of a company can take a back seat making that organization difficult to realize its aim. By outsourcing such crucial services, an excellent product can be offered to the customers. This outsourcing will 

  • Helps you to make timely strategies 
  • Provide guidelines to excel in the market 
  • Help in coping up with constant technological changes  



Outsourcing has proved to be an effective means that helps in cost reduction, on-time delivery to markets and providing quality service to the clients. Opting a right and reputable mobile application development firm as your outsourcing partner will be mutually beneficial with that of enhanced competitiveness in the mobile application development universe which is constantly changing.  

So let’s be accountable to all those who feel perplexed to work with the outsourcing firms, let them make their decisions by considering the following 

Outsource If 

  • You are no expert 
  • If you are a startup 
  • If you have no time for an experiment 
  • Clogged in-house team 
  • Interim requirement 

In house If 

  • Long term goals 
  • Enough time for experiments 
  • Presence of experts

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