20 Point Checklist for Your Startup Company Website

Updated on Dec 15th, 2023

Startups are becoming the second trend now and the fast-growing entrepreneurs keep searching for the innovative ways and strategies for fighting the competition. The plethora of ideas are the real assets of any startup, but it is also the fact, that an idea needs a great implementation, without which even the most innovative one goes in the trash. Every business is different, so are the marketing efforts. But the most generic way is to digitalize the business and partner with any good web development services provider. The market has immense opportunities and leveraging the potential possibilities is a herculean task. It requires a set of proper calculated steps, and here we have accumulated a few guidelines or may be called as a checklist for the startup company website.

Here are some points for you to consider about the website design and development if you are starting your way to business.

1. Make the Website Modern and Professional

Web design and development is a rapidly changing domain. For the success of your website, it is important to stay updated with the changes happening within the arena. If you have a startup, a professional website leaves a lasting impression on the visitors of your website. If your website does not show enough credibility and quality, the customers might just skip to your competitors’ and this will impact your business growth.

2. Purpose and Goals

Before designing your website, determine its purpose. What is the main objective of your website? This should be the starting point which is concerned about the measurable and achievable goals of your business.  Is it an e-commerce site for online purchases of your products? Or majorly a prospectus of your business and the services you offer? Or is it a platform caters to the reading audience with daily updates? This organized way can help you to establish your space in the market.


3. Domain Name and Registration

The online success of a business starts with an ideal domain name, which renders a unique identity to your business. The principal reason for a business to register a domain name is that it contributes professional credibility as well as mobility in the internet space. By increasing your search engine ranking more customers will be attracted to your business.


4. Website Technology

Numerous technologies are available for the creation of modern websites. It would be better if you have enough knowledge about the technologies available for websites and their pros and cons. This will help you to understand the long-term impact that it will have on your website. The best way is to hire an expert or a leading website development company to handle website creation and management properly. The web developer should be proficient in the website technologies.



5. Browser Compatibility

It is important for a business website to offer a multi-browser experience. This is because not everybody uses the same browser platform. There is a wide category of users who use browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google, Opera, Safari and many others. Your business website should be compatible with all platforms and thereby you can ensure greater user experience every time. The quality performance of your website prevents in driving off the potential customers. So design your website in such a way that it is not for one but for many browsers.

6. Usability of the Website

The usability of a website reveals how efficaciously and satisfactorily visitors can see the website for their purposes. It comprises everything that the user experiences while visiting your website including content, images, videos and so on. Website usability is significant as it is a kind of customer service which is heavily invested in customer satisfaction. In order to meet the customers’ expectations and requirements, the website must maintain its usability on every front. The better accessibility and responsiveness the better would be the usability of the website.

7. Website Content

Every website visitor has a different perspective. Even when your site is accessible, has good speed and looks great, they still find a problem with the content available on the website. In the advertising campaign of the company, content marketing acts as a key factor. Thus, providing your website with engaging and compelling content is really significant for the flourishing of your business.

8. Ensure a User-friendly Interface

In the evolving digital world, the experiences matter and thus the user interface of your website must be appealing. One major reason for the inflow in the traffic of your website is user interface design. It brings loyal customers for a company insight and the business and happy experienced users tend to recommend your website further. If a website development company gives you an interface with a user-friendly interface creates a strong relationship between the customers and your website via perfect functionality.

9. Design a Responsive Website for the Target Audience and Marketing

Every business has a market and target audience. You might probably identify your target audience in the market segmentation which is a turning point for your business to succeed. The design and development of your business website, its purpose and content should be driven with an objective to align with the target audience. The design, as well as the content, should be responsive so that it is appealing to the audience. The website with top priority for the market and the target audience increase engagement conversions.


10. Choose SEO-friendly Design

The design of your website must concern the SEO factor. An SEO-friendly website enables your business with better accessibility on Google. It increases the traffic of your website and provides more visibility to it.

11. Have an About us Page

About us-This page is one of the key elements on a company website. It allows the visitor to know more about the company and its vision. Through the about us page, the company can introduce themselves and the kind of business they are planning to do. The about us page can leave a lasting impression on the visitors and can improve productivity.

12. Speed Insights and Navigation

Make sure that your website has good loading speeds. How speedy your website provides influences the sustainability of customers on your website. Acceptable navigation for the website improves the user experience of your website.

13. Is it Mobile Friendly or not?

Smartphones have become a very crucial factor in the business environment. The easy accessibility of mobile phones to everyone around increases the usability of them and people browse the internet on them. Therefore, making your website mobile-friendly can offer more customers for your business.

14. Contact Info

Contact information is one thing that can ensure the genuineness of your company and business. Customers or visitors of your website usually have queries regarding the services or products you offer. They will get disappointed and irritated when they are not being able to contact the business when they want to. An absence of basic contact information can cost you many potential customers.

15. Feature your Story on the Website

It is always good to reveal the story of your company on the website. The way you came into the business, the changes you want to bring in it, how you are different from the other marketers, etc. This can help you introduce your mission and vision in the business area. Giving a catchy introduction to your company attracts more customers.

16. Social Media Channels

In order to optimize your site for different search engines, you must integrate your site with social media. Today, the majority especially youngsters are active on social media platforms and they might be expecting you there. So if you are taking the social media space for your business, it will increase the visibility and provide an opportunity to connect with millions of potential customers.


17. Website Maintenance

It is necessary for your site to work 100% all the time. The customers will be disappointed with your company and services when they will find that the site is not working. Thus ensure a 24×7 technical support system or a team to address the problem of your site immediately.

18. Costs for Website Development

The website development companies are increasing at a fast pace and are gaining a lot of revenue. The cost for the web development services they offer may vary depending on the quality and quantity. It is up to you to determine the cost of the development of your company website. Always keep in mind that the website must not debilitate your resources, instead should generate it. It would be better if you determine the costs for the development and running of the website before you hire someone or plan to try it yourself.

19. Display the Project Ideas

From your company website, the users are expecting genuine information and don’t try to brag too much about your company on any of your own website pages. It is good to demonstrate the project ideas you are planning to work on, on your website. This helps to showcase the potential areas your company and business is involved in and the practical knowledge you possess in the area of your domain.

20. Maintain Customer Engagement via Reviews and Testimonials

A company website must be customer-friendly. When new users visit your website, they may search for the possible reviews and testimonials of the previous customers to ensure the genuineness as well as rate your services. Hence include the reviews of your product and services on the website as it ensures a more loyal customer base for your business.




How Matellio can help you?

Marketing strategists hold the responsibility of building a strong reputation of the company. Their decisions are made in collaboration with the executives of all departments. The most crucial and generic requirement of all department of the company is to digitalize the efforts and leverage the great potential of the online market. Though the above checklist is not complete and leaves many variable factors behind the scene. Becoming a brand needs the support and guidance of an expert. Matellio is known for its expertise over providing digital solutions and web design and development services. If you partner with Matellio or have and the idea of the startup but need expert guidance, robust web development services by Matellio can be a great futuristic choice.

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