5 Amazing Functionality of RealityKit to Create Augmented Reality App For Your Business

Updated on Jan 23rd, 2024

The proliferated demand and relevancy of augmented reality indicates the comprehensive inclination of today’s millennials. In the last couple of years, AR has been popularised so expeditiously that everybody is familiarized with either the functionality or its compatibility with contemporary technological advancements. Today it successfully extends to the sectors like retail, architecture, medical, eCommerce and many other, where it aggravates the new series of opportunities. Today,  the enriched customer experience becomes a fundamental need of the time and companies are actively implementing AR. These AR features are consistently being used in publicity, the brand demonstration, and providing real-time information to their clients. So, evidently, the consumers tend to incline more to the product once they psychologically influenced through a streamlined interactive experience.

What is Reality Kit?

Reality Kit is an amazing iOS development framework for virtual reality app development, featured in XCode11 and iOS 13, which enable designers to build the picture-realistic representation in augmented reality. It assists the iOS app developers to integrate the 3D simulation and rendering with animation, physics and many more. 


The functionality of RealityKit to Create Augmented Reality App

Now, The market of Augmented Reality has accelerated its penetration among people in the current market place. It basically interprets the righteous compatibility and high-quality efficacious customer experience. But it’s imperative to understand all those necessary factors, that plays an effective role while selecting a Real kit framework for AR apps.

1) Cloud Recognition

Once you decide for augmented reality app development, cloud identification development is a fundamental requirement to accomplish. It is significant to verify whether AR development Reality kit supports cloud identification for an app so that it can identify a lot of distinct signals. With cloud recognition, It extinguishes the need for a room on a mobile device for implementation and saves the marker in its cloud. The number of markers AR kits supports varies and ranges from hundreds of to thousands of tags. It leverages its functionality with extensive ease and efficiency. Now, it better to stay determined to save data in the cloud in case of adding a huge amount of markers to the app. Additionally, AR app needs to recognize different markers, then its ideal to opt for Reality framework that dedicatedly supports Cloud recognition.

2) Platform

AR works with almost every smartphone and it does work very intuitively in real life with no need for putting on the headphone and cut from the world.  AR has the potential to change the world. The AR app development is easier with Android and iOS platform, alongside it is also better to have a compatible development kit for the seamless functioning app for other less supportive platforms. The choice of an enhanced reality toolkit poses no problem with iOS and Android platform because both platforms promote the AR development. With windows, there is less support. ReaityKit empowers developers to create the platform-compliant app. Virtual Reality requires you to put on the hardware device, whereas the Augmented reality requires no additional hardware. All it needs is just the app offering the AR features. Some app requires feature such as GPS or WiFi, which are too common. 

3) Image Recognition

Image recognition has pushed the virtual reality app development forward in every sector. The application helps in recognizing the objects and proving a more detailed knowledge about the object. Reality Kit can help in bridging the gap between print media and digital media by reinventing the storytelling and impress users. Education is the fastest adopters of the AR kit, which has changed the way student understand and interact with the books and content. It has expanded the scope, students perceive the subject. Talking for the retail industry, the kit has eased a lot for the buyers. The printed digital manual has changed into the interactive user experience with branding efforts pushed at behind for offering the varied deals to users. 

On the other hand, AR development has impressively made the Manufacturing industry grow with the future-based design, better product development, and interactive maintenance services. The AR app acknowledges the three-dimension things also, whereas can also be used for monitoring the area for a bigger perspective. 


This feature negates the general understanding of people for augmented reality app development. AR is generally considered to associate with the entertainment industry whereas the use of AR is wider than it seems in the industrial framework. The technology is widely used for localization devices such as beacon which is widely used in the shopping malls and other industries such as localizations e-commerce, healthcare, etc. The AR app can be classified into two categories: where one is the market-based app and another one is location-based maps. AR-based markers make use of predefined markers for AR overlay on top of the image whereas the location-based apps utilize accelerometer, and compass information for displaying AR.

5) Animation

The features such as animation make virtual reality app development more interesting and innovative. Realty Kit enables the customer to approach an item with the machine and trigger the events. The depth of the screen is enhanced with the videos playing when you move into the specific portion. Alongside, the reality kit also enables to log the sensor information such as zooming over the AR scene in a specific place. The developer need not construct and operate the app on the computer for testing manually, every time he changes the scene.



The reality Kit is highly useful in integrating the 3D simulation and for the creation of Augmented Reality apps. The powerful Reality Kit elaborates the future and it is in fact already used by a number of industries such as healthcare, education, eCommerce, and e-commerce breaking the stereotype. The potential AR technology is seamless and a wide range of industries are using it to build the product demos, interactive advertisements and offering the real-time experience to users. When buyers feel and sense the product, he is more likely to buy it. Matellio is a pioneering iPhone app development company, having competent Augmented Reality developers in its team. If you have any AR app idea, share it with a renown app development company to transform it into the actual functional app.

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