9 Benefits of Using Augmented Reality in Mobile App Development

Updated on Jan 16th, 2024

9 Benefits of Using Augmented Reality in Mobile App Development

While the mobile apps have penetrated into all spheres of our lives, the digital ecosystem has been more inclined to find out new ways to give an edge to their business mobile app. However, a flawless mobile app begins with outstanding mobile app development.

One of the promising ways is to combine two trendsetting technologies and yield benefits from the combination. Perhaps, AR and Mobile App Development.

AR has been there for a while and has transformed our lives for better. Not only is the technology celebrated among the innovators and researchers, but also among the users. As techies relentlessly experiment to find new ways of doing things, AR has been exceptional aid to craft brilliant mobile applications. 

Here we are exploring some of these ways.

#1. An Opportunity to Go Beyond Traditional Approach to Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

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As the market is already flooded with lots and lots of mobile apps, USP of your application highly determines its popularity among the users. Let’s explain this with the help of examples.

Imagine pursuing eCommerce app development the non-AR way. So, all your application will have to offer is the same old eCommerce app with some products listed, that users can add to the cart. This is followed by the checkout and then they are done. They can now sit back and wait for their products to be delivered at the doorstep. What special does it offer to the user? Undoubtedly, nothing.

Let’s take another example of real-estate app development. As a conventional app, the mobile application will only be able to provide details of the property or the images at the max. Again, do you have something different to offer here? We doubt.

Let’s check an AR-powered eCommerce application now. The user enters to shop for his favorite apparels. Thanks to the power of augmented reality, the user will actually able to know how does the product go for him. Imagine being this user. It feels priceless, isn’t it?

This is what Augmented Reality does for you by enabling you a golden opportunity to go beyond conventional ideas.

#2. eLearning App Development with Better Learning Experience

eLearning App Development

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Mobile apps are ubiquitous. You need to track fitness? There’s an app for it. You need to shop? There’s is an an app. You need to make travel bookings? Again, you have a mobile app.

And now that they are empowered with Augmented Reality, you are offered with more.

For instance, try using a conventional eLearning mobile app.

Let’s learn how to sketch with the same. You might get videos and a lot more material to help you out. But how about AR-enabled mobile apps? Well, they enable you to have an interactive learning experience while you have an opportunity to implement things in real-time as you learn.

#3. Build Your Brand, Not Only with Mobile App Development but with AR App Development

Offering mobile app that represents your business is cool and all. But, but, but… Offering them a mobile app significantly backed by Augmented Reality is incredible. Helping you establish yourself as an amazing brand, AR enables you to pursue mobile app development with an interactive experience. But that’s not just it.

Imagine being into event management business. While you will surely be eyeing how to develop an event app for your business, we suggest you go for AR-based event app development. Imagine not being at the location physically, but still being there to monitor everything. It is amazing, we know. So, might as well try it.

#4. Real-Life Experience to Augment not Only Reality but Sales TOO

Real-Life Experience

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If your app offers real-life experience, there’s is nothing that can stop you from landing on the user’s smartphone. Capturing live events, or providing a 360-degree view to the destination users are traveling to, can get you the brownie points that nothing other can. eCommerce app development, event app development, telecom app development, or come what may, AR enables the users to relish the out-of-the-box real-life experience.

With an amazing experience, users are for sure to come. And with that, higher conversions, and of course higher sales.

#5. Enhance the Engagement Rate

Engagement Rate

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Augmented Reality apps have the power to engage users more effectively by turning concepts into a digital rendering that overlaps reality. Thanks to aid enabled by AR, users can now relish services like virtual try-on, virtual fitting rooms, virtual home staging, and virtual home improvements.

Except this, mobile app developers can integrate high-end Augmented Reality features in the mobile apps to deliver superb performance in terms of rich, and more engaging experience.

#6. Build Brands with Mobile Apps that Offer Hyper-Relevant Experiences

Apple’s ARKit is expected to usher a completely new era in the mobile app development realm. It simply implies mobile app developers will now have new horizons to explore more with hyper-related experience. iOS/Android app developers will now be able to apply creativity while reimagining the static UI/ UX of existing apps. Simply how we have gone a long way from most basic augmentations of physical spaces to advanced ones like global scavenger hunt of Snapchat.

#7. Time-Saving Mobile App Experience

Assume you are looking for a property. As someone already into AR App development realm, we realize that there are three ways to do the same. The first one is to hire a broker who takes your from places to places, which is extremely time-consuming and that’s why we took a route to the mobile apps. Here, you can shortlist the properties, check out the images and features, and visit the ones that attract you. That said, how does it feel when you go there only to realize that it’s not worth it? Time wasting again.

And that’s where AR-enabled apps come in. You can have a look at the property before you physically go there to shortlist them out. And it saves a lot of your time.

Similar to this, AR can give you multiple advantages by incorporating AR into mobile app development.

#8. Develop Mobile Apps that Users Need

Ready to build a web or mobile application

Difficult as it may sound, landing upon the user’s phone is not a big deal as being one of the frequently used apps. And to ensure that, AR can offer amazing features. You can implement AR during the research phase of mobile app development. It will help you to justify learning the stack and truly understand what features will add value to your mobile application.

#9. Not only Mobile App Development, but AR Also Enables Great Mobile App Maintenance

Okay. Your job does not end at developing a mobile app. You also have to ensure that it offers flawless execution. And AR offers an amazing way to do it. With effective use of AR, you can dig deeper into the mobile app experiences and ensure superb quality and maintenance services. Another way to ensure that your mobile apps are loved and enjoyed by the user.

Time to Hit Mobile App Development the AR Way

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