The 5 Most Common Mistakes SMBs Make When Designing their New Website

Updated on Apr 20th, 2021

The most common mistake people do with revamped websites is that they don’t pay close attention to the end result that goes live for the entire world to see. So a site representing business results with mistakes and glitches. We cant skip the reality that small and medium businesses are the backbones of many world economies. But most of them cant survive in the long run when it comes to longevity in the market. Many of the business don’t realize the importance of a “well-designed” websites for the business. And many of them don’t prioritize the web design hence, they fail miserably. 

In fact, many of the small-medium businesses don’t have the website or apps and they don’t even understand the need for the same. No matter what, businesses have to understand the need and importance of the website to enhance their sales. 

We live in a world where having a website is no more an option, its a necessity and has to be a priority. A poorly designed website cannot survive in the long-run market and even in the monetary terms. The website has to be designed in such a way so that it could attract the customers and could offer them a good user experience. As a small or medium business owner, it would be essential, to give it a thought to design a website, which will help you in becoming famous, and more easy to sell the products and services. 

The business has to be visible online if it’s not, you are likely to lose the competition. 

Some of Web Design Mistakes Small & Medium Businesses Generally Make are:

  • Outsourced supplier management

 For small or medium businesses outsourcing could be a good idea, businesses that can recognize they ain’t good at everything are the ones who go further in business. However, delegation is a different thing. The website project manager has a complete right to sign off or to keep track of the things properly. This can be done if customers have decided on the suppliers, they can provide them with timely and clear feedback so suppliers would be able to do better work for the customers.  

  • Puzzling information

The first and foremost step here is to “convince” the users so that they could stay at your website for a long time. So obviously you have very little time or probably seconds to engage your users. If you’re unable to do that, chances are more that they would switch to another site. Providing relevant information may force them to stick to your website. Even when there’s too much going on, on your website, then also you’re prone to lose the visitors. That too within seconds. Even crowded Websites could cause trouble if you want to grow. Here the best thing could be to avoid busy designs for your websites that take time to load and at times create confusion for the visitors. 

  • Too few happenings

Just like the crowded websites, even the websites that have too little going on them, are also making the mistakes. It is very essential to provide relevant information to the customers. It’s better that you should not leave too much on the idea of the customer causing them to leave your website. Obviously, your customers are keen to know about you and your work. Catering to the needs of the visitors and providing the information they’ve been looking for, would be really good for the websites and automatically could generate your revenues. 

  • Irrelevant images

The graphics and the images are a powerful weapon, these could actually make or break your site. You need to provide a glance at the images to your visitors so that they’d be able to understand what are you trying to convey. You could also feature it and to ensure that your website is liked and preferred by the visitors, keep the navigation menu in front so that it will be easy for the visitors to find one.

  • Simple and quick

People, in general, ask someone else to help them. In this case, mistakes are made. Here, a website requires a lot of planning, preparation, time and attention. Otherwise, people would obviously underestimate and disvalue. They either realize it’s time-consuming and lacking the skills they were expecting, or they don’t realize what is needed. 

If you realize that your business needs a new website, you need to plan beforehand so it would look effortless. Plan in advance, what exactly you want, what it is for, what result you want out of it. Similarly, plan; design, content, wireframing, etc all these activities need attention. Rushing the plan would definitely create a problem. However, there is a scope to improve every time, designs are the social strategy and are very crucial to generate audience and revenues. We know websites are never finished, so lets hit the nail on its head by avoiding all these mentioned mistakes.

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