5 Steps to Win Over Website Visitors

Updated on Jan 23rd, 2024

5 Steps to Win Over Website Visitors

We have seen and this is not new many people are struggling to increase their website traffic, No matter what you do, your website traffic numbers don’t budge…. But why is getting traffic so difficult? The problem could be more likely they are focusing on the wrong metrics or going through inappropriate content. You see, there’s a lot of content, that focuses on increasing the website traffic, moreover, some of it’s old some of it is okay, but there ain’t anything which is actionable. But to actually build your company’s brand the foremost thing is a “USER-FRIENDLY’’ website. You need to learn the steps that are required to make your website a user-friendly website that wins over visitors. A website stays at the heart of the overall brand experience – it could definitely build or break a brand’s reputation.
Additionally, the website provides marketers with a huge opportunity to increase website visitors and convert these visitors into loyal customers.

Five Ways to Win Over the Website Visitors

  1. Provide favorable load speed and functionality
  2. Optimize your conversions
  3. Make your content authentic
  4. Focus on design
  5. Establish Credibility

1: Provide Favorable Speed and Functionality

Speed and functionality are the most common issues that many companies face. Having favorable speed can enhance and improve visitors. If a particular site is taking time to load or has functional issues, the user will ultimately get irritated. Below mentioned are some steps in order to avoid shortfalls:

              A) Resolve Speed Issues

Of course, users pay attention to a site but not for too long. Chances are you would lose every second if page loading is slow an and this also increase the unwanted cost of your business. Mobile sites take two seconds or less than that, it experiences a 15% higher conversion rate. But you need not worry, we can fix the speed issues

1. By optimizing the images you can limit the size of the images to less than 100kb.

2. Make Use of lazy-loading schemes in order to display important sections of your site

3. Go for a content delivery network to render content as fast as possible

4. Google’s Page Speed Insight tool can help you track and resolve the speed issues

5. Suitable quick loading speed is a success for your website.

B) Fix Downtime Issues

At times it happens that a site becomes inaccessible to the target audience when it hits the downtime. In such circumstances its best to:

1. Go for web hosting service that fulfils the basic requirements of your site.

2. Uptime monitors set up to notify you when the site is down.

3. If you are using faulty plug-ins and themes, the chances are more, your site hits the downtime. So, An acceptable downtime experience keeps your site accessible for effective and efficient user experience.

C) Check Error Pages

Keep a track on error pages as well. As error pages are basically those Universe Resource Locators that are no longer into existence. Think like a user, In case you land on a page that is not available to you, you are then bounced to an error page and this where your website could experience a loss. Although, You can keep a track of error pages with the help of site audits on a regular basis. Jot these points once you have identified the errors:
Work hard on your website’s design and content of error pages and make them interactive and user-friendly.
You can also redirect your target audience to an alternative webpage.

2. Optimize Your Conversions

There are website components that could assist a business initiate a conversation with site visitors. For instance, A contact form would help users inquire about products and services you are offering according to your users’ needs.

A) Write Effective Copy

Websites with effective copy can win hearts and build trusts and make use of powerful words can make the message convincing and triggers action.

B) Call to Action

Consider making it easy for your customers to navigate through or site pages in one go and finding the relevant information and details alongside. Call to action, abbreviated as CTA’s helps your users to right landing pages.

C) Make Use of Lead Magnets

Many businesses and companies can provide you with the research reports, e-book tools, templates and white papers in exchange for visitors personal contact details, for instance, companies can channel customers into their sales funnel by offering free social media workbooks. Moreover, not only this but the companies can also generate more sales from their existing organic traffic on their website, by using the effective conversion optimization techniques.

3. Make Your Content Authentic

A website isn’t just an online brochure that communicates business offerings. It is a platform as well where you can establish and maintain a long-term relationship with your visitors. Moreover, audience-centric content in the form of blog posts, infographics, and videos helps you establish a connection with your site visitors. we have jotted down some quick tips to publish authentic and catchy content :

A) Remember, site visitors, are not interested in your products and services rather, They look for solutions to their problems.

B) You could try and Work on defining a content voice. Is it quirky, humorous, or something else? Think, how you can bring out your brand’s personality and market your content as a human-to-human conversation.

4. Focus on Design

Usually, customers are attracted to the website design as they understand about your business through the websites designs and content. Below mentioned points will guide you about how you can implement a design that resonates with your site’s visitors

A) Ensure the consistency of colors, fonts, and styling all across the pages.

B) In order to re-enforce the business identity follow the brand guidelines.

C) While designing the brands website keep your potential audiences in mind, every aspect should be functional and easy for your audience to navigate and locate information.

D) Make use of high-quality images, videos and sophisticated color palette, for instance, Apple’s website.

5. Establish Credibility

As we all know, the websites are the first point of contact for the visitors, and they are looking for the credibility factor at the discovery stage.

A) Customer Testimonials

There can be more user engagement and appreciation by adding testimonial videos because the testimonials act as social proof to the merit of your services.

B) Press Mentions and Quality Seals

The press mentions and quality seals, on the web site’s homepage or “About Us” page, put your business on another league. Showcasing shiny logos can build the right perception of your business.

C) Privacy Policy

The Privacy policies of any website are of utmost importance. As there are some visitors that wary about their personal details. So, a website’s privacy policies showcase transparency about the user-data and communicate its safety.

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Final words

A business website is the first point of contact for visitors and customers. Prospects at the discovery stage are looking for credibility factors. You now have all the action steps. Start putting the system to work and take your website to the next level!  contact us!! hurry!!

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