5 Ways AI Is Transforming The Manufacturing Industry

Updated on Jan 5th, 2024


Gone are the days when manufacturing was all about tedious and mind-boggling operations. With advancements in the digital era, many new technologies came into existence, and AI is one of them. Today, AI in manufacturing has become a trending aspect of the global market.

AI-powered analytics, robots, and machine learning for quality analysis, all these aspects have significantly facilitated manufacturing automation in the past few years. But, what does the future hold for AI in manufacturing? Will it grow exponentially with the great advancements in AI, or will it have stagnant growth?

Well, if you are also looking for answers to similar questions, then you are certainly at the right place! In our today’s blog, we will be exploring the top eight ways in which AI will transform the manufacturing industry in the year 2021. 

So, without wasting much time, let’s quickly cut to the chase!

How is AI used in Manufacturing Industry?

Although AI in manufacturing is not a new concept, it has been evolving with recent technological advancement. Here are a few amazing ways AI is all set to revolutionize the manufacturing sector to a more advanced field. 

1. Smart Maintenance


The first and foremost way in which AI will revolutionize the manufacturing sector is through smart maintenance services. As per a report, almost 29% of AI implementations in manufacturing are for maintaining the machinery and equipment. Predicting the best maintenance time for the machines that are likely to fail is one of AI’s best services in manufacturing.

The leading companies that use AI in manufacturing analyze the images they get from assembly robots to detect a failing component’s signs and indications. Additionally, some of the leading companies even use the predictive maintenance feature of custom AI applications to get advanced information regarding any component’s malfunction. All that eventually helps the companies reduce the unplanned downtime and save a lot of cost and time.       

2. Generative Design

The next big thing that has been trending in the manufacturing automation sector is generative design. It is no surprise that product design has always been a matter of concern in the manufacturing industry. However, it required continuous monitoring and efforts of the designers. But, that’s not the case with AI in manufacturing. 

Today, the leading businesses are using custom AI software solutions to change the way of designing products. All you need is to enter a detailed brief of the product like tolerance limits, type of material, various parameters, and so on, and you are ready to go! The smart AI algorithm explores the best configuration for the given time constraint.  

Additionally, machine learning could also be leveraged to get all the possible design frameworks and choose which design works the best. Manufacturing automation is surely a great aspect for the future market!  

3. Quality Assurance 4.0

Some of you might have heard about Industry 4.0, but what exactly is this Quality 4.0 in the manufacturing industry? Let us know!

We all know that quality assurance has always been a critical aspect for every industry, especially the manufacturing sector. However, in today’s competitive market, it is impossible to maintain a high degree of quality and better market the products simultaneously. That’s where AI in manufacturing comes to play!

With smart AI solutions and custom mobile applications, the manufacturing team gets notifications of the faults that are likely to occur during the items’ production. Smart AI algorithms can detect faults based on many factors like incorrect procedure, deviation from the process, change in materials, etc. 

With all the data provided by smart AI machines, the manufacturing industry’s engineering team could save a lot of time and market better quality products in less time.

4. Robotics Development Services


Robotics is not a new concept in the global sector. However, it has become a popular trend in the manufacturing automation market these days. As of 2018, there were about 74 robots on every 10,000 employees in the manufacturing segment. This number surely increased to a more significant value, and today it is all set to facilitate the concept of AI in manufacturing. 

Unlike the common belief that robots will replace the human in the manufacturing plants, many of the leading companies are leveraging robots to enhance their working operations and provide ease and efficiency to their workers. With the help of ML (Machine Learning) and NLP(Natural Language Processing), the robots efficiently handle all the repetitive and monotonous work, thereby leaving all the effective work for the employees.

Moreover, all the complex tasks like big calculations or change of tools could also be achieved with these custom robotic applications development in no time. Maybe, that’s what a completely manufacturing automation looks like!

5. Accurate Demand Forecast

Demand and supply forecast has been a matter of concern in manufacturing industries that do not use custom AI solutions. However, in all the other firms, AI in manufacturing has been proving an excellent trend. Today, many of the leading manufacturing units are using machine learning and advanced AI applications to predict their demand forecasts accurately.

The machine learning algorithms access the information from all the points like sales, production, and finance to offer the most accurate demand forecast, resulting in cost and time savings. Not only that but with advanced ML systems, the manufacturing industry can even achieve its target with efficiency and could seamlessly manage its inventories.

Besides all the ways mentioned above, there are many more ways in which AI is facilitating manufacturing automation. However, it would be best to adopt only those trends that are beneficial for your manufacturing business. And how can you know that? Simple, by consulting an expert!

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Key Takeaway!

Unlike the common fear of AI replacing humans, many companies are actively leveraging AI in manufacturing. With the exponential use of smart AI applications, it can be said that the manufacturing sector will be accelerated towards higher productivity and efficiency with the help of AI solutions. All you need is to focus more on innovation and wisely select your technology partner.

Do you wish to be better prepared for the changes that AI will bring about to your industry? Reach us today, and transform your manufacturing industry most efficiently. Plus, get an expert consultation on your big business idea free by filling our consultation form!

Till then, Happy Reading! 

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