Artificial Intelligence
Build impactful AI solutions to infuse smart analytics and intelligent monitoring into your business operations to optimize efficiency and drive quality.

Why Does Your Business Need Artificial Intelligence?

Disrupting the digital arena for quite some time now, artificial intelligence has been driving the entire industry of mobile app possibilities.

Combining AI with machine learning capabilities, developers are integrating algorithms to their mobile and web applications that intuitively enhance the user experience. The mix has already lead to a revolutionary shift in the way developers, businesses, and users interact.

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AI Strategy




Wide Range of AI-based Services to Choose From

Enterprise solutions that meet the diverse demands and organizational goals

Enterprise AI Strategy

AI has emerged as a revolutionary entity driving business strategies with its next-gen business models. Leveraging its potential has led to a transformational shift in the business arena, and Matellio is well-versed with evolving AI models and its transformational journey.

Cognitive AI

Artificial intelligence is poised to change the future as it takes the human-centric roles with an emphasis on robotics process automation. Utilize the power of this humongous data and corresponding context intelligence to upgrade your business processes.

Data Insights

Drive your business to greater heights with AI. At Matellio, we enable enterprises to leverage data science to provide solutions to critical business problems. With expertise in developing data models, data classification techniques and machine learning algorithms, we enable enterprises to manage their data.

AI-powered Solutions for a Wide Range of Industry Verticals

No matter what industry you serve, we have got you covered with cost-effective AI solution development services for enterprises.



AI-powered solutions are enabling retail businesses to drive more opportunities and smarten their retail store. The effective combination not only augments the revenue but also helps retailers to offer better customer service with in-depth analytics.

Inventory planning

Recommendation engines

Upsell and cross-sell channel marketing

Market segmentation

Customer ROM and lifetime value



Industry 4.0 is right here, thanks to the unmatchable potential of Artificial Intelligence. From significant cut in unplanned downtime to intuitively designed products, manufacturers are leveraging AI-enabled analytics to enhance efficiency, product quality, and employees safety.

Demand Forecasting

Process Optimization Telematics

Propensity to Buy

Predictive Maintenance



AI has been finding its niche in the healthcare industry for quite some time now. Streamlining healthcare machine learning, AI-powered healthcare solutions integrate best-in-class functionality to simplify the workflow and deploying models during critical treatments.

Real-time alerts and diagnostics

Disease and risk identification

Proactive health management

Patient triage optimization


Energy and Utilities

Energy and utility sector is undergoing a radical shift from a stable and regulation-oriented environment to a tech-driven arena. AI and automation are driving the industry towards streamlined creation and delivery of products and services.

Power usage analytics

Carbon emission and trading

Customer-specific pricing

Smart demand and supply optimization


Financial Services

AI-powered apps have sparked a whole new era of financial and banking solutions. Enabling constant monitoring and intelligent analytics, AI and finance combination now meet the customers' demands more efficiently by offering smarter, more convenient and safer ways to access, spend, save, and invest their money.

Risk analytics and regulation

Customer segmentation

Creditworthiness evaluation

Cross-selling and upselling


Travel and Hospitality

AI and machine learning-powered recommendation engines and other aids are now leading the travel and hospitality industry. Travel businesses are now driven towards higher success and more revenue, thanks to the personalized experience and a wide range of benefits offered by AI-powered travel apps.

Aircraft scheduling

Dynamic pricing

Social media feedback analysis

Traffic pattern and management

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