8 Benefits of Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

Updated on May 15th, 2021

8 Benefits of Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

Wanna order food? You have a mobile app.

Looking for the best travel bookings? Mobile app.

Exploring an all-new place? Mobile app.

Come what may, mobile apps have got you covered, regardless of the activity you want to pursue or the services you are seeking. No wonder there are over 2 million mobile apps on the marketplaces, ALREADY.

As the smartphone apps fill up the internet space, users are excited as ever to experiment with them. Thus setting up a perfect landscape for the entrepreneurs away from the market to finally venture into mobile app development. Once you have finally made up your mind to start with the same, you are much likely to face the dilemma of choosing between a mobile app development company or freelancers.

As an expert in the field, we surely recommend you to go and partner with a well-established mobile app development company. Let’s reason that out for you.

#1. Provides one-stop destination for comprehensive mobile app development

Startup, mid-sized enterprise, or a big brand, a mobile app development company can offer you benefits that no one else can. With a skill set spanning various technologies and verticals, to industry-tested business acumen, companies can help you with everything that you can count as a part of the mobile app development process. These include stages like business consulting and analysis, idea evaluation, development and testing, and last but not least long-lasting maintenance and support. The best part is the entire package wrapped in a packet of the professional, contract-based professional relationship. Additionally, you can seek their help to figure out the best monetization strategy even before you launch your app.

Can you expect these perks from an independent mobile app developer? Certainly not.

#2. Cost-effective mobile app development

Want to hire a freelance mobile app developer? You never know what you are paying for and for how long will you end up bearing those expenses. Similarly, hiring an in-house mobile app development team will only push you to spend more on their training, let alone the cost of infrastructure.

To save yourself from these circumstances and to keep a check on the budget, the best solution is to hire a mobile app development company. That is because outsourcing your requirements to an expert company will ensure that you are only billed for what they deliver. Additionally, you can choose from a wide range of models like fixed-cost, hourly, etc. The invoice will be raised only on the basis of the terms of the agreement. Thus, the overhead cost will be significantly lesser.


#3. Entire technical expertise that you need at a single place

With freelance mobile app developers, you are not always sure of the standard of tools being used. Moreover, getting the package of ios app development and android app development at one place is nearly impossible, not to talk of less industry exposure due to which they are incapable of staying abreast of latest trends in mobile app development.

That’s not a case with the mobile app development companies. Whether you are looking for ios app development or android app development, be it eCommerce mobile app solutions that you need, or another vertical, you can find all the experts under one roof. Not only this, mobile app development companies need to maintain a standard of services that require them to keep up-to-the-minute tools, licenses, certificates, and software. Thus, saving you from falling into legal issues. Moreover, having a broader clientele, they are well aware of what could go wrong during the process and stay abreast of the latest trends in the arena.

#4. Hassle-free workflow

Mobile app development companies offer you a state-of-the-art workflow that assures query resolution in minimal time. Establishing well-tested communication models, you can reach out to the project managers whenever you need and also access detailed reports on the project progress. Furthermore, finding solutions in case of disapprovals is readily handled.

#5. Round-the-clock team availability

Hiring freelance mobile app developers can be a risky affair. There may be times when they are not available to work on your project at a crucial time due to personal obligations or health issues. Moreover, at times they are overladen with work and hence fail to attend your project.

That’s, however, not a case with mobile app development companies. In case, one of the developers resigns from the position, or falls sick; there will always be someone to replace him/her. Additionally, when you want to raise a support and maintenance request, you can reach out to them any time of the day.

#6. All the legal obligations handled

Businesses via digital medium have a plethora of benefits. That said, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are free from issues on the whole. After all, chances of fraud and legal issues can never be overlooked.

Another reason why you should always prefer mobile app development companies over other alternatives. Reputable organizations help you eliminate the chances of falling into the legal traps. Being legal entities themselves, they offer you stability and peace of mind to help you rest assured with an agreement that clearly mentions all the terms precisely.

Moreover, they’ll help you get sorted with all the required documents at the beginning itself. Thus, you don’t have to go through a painful process.

#7. Your project adds weight to their portfolio and hence is important to them (Too)

Mobile app development companies have a reputation to take care of. Your project is a part of their portfolio, something that they willingly flaunt. Moreover, positive feedback from you will speak volume of their services. Just another reason for you to hire them. No one will ever prefer playing with one’s own reputation by delivering low-quality projects. It won’t only reflect on their portfolio but also are well aware that a client who wasn’t served good enough has multiple platforms to register their reviews.

#8. High-end security and reliability

While freelancers can pack their bags and move to another location, that’s not a case with the mobile app development companies. Imagining an entire unit packed up and relocated is just impossible. Thus, serving the client with the perk of reliability.

Continuing with the benefits of hiring a mobile app development company, companies are very conscious of their security standards. Thus, they ensure that the client’s data and application are highly protected, unlike freelancers.

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The above-mentioned reasons have clearly reasoned out why you should only go for mobile app development companies rather than other alternatives. In case of second thoughts, request a free estimation and get insights into the result-driven and quality-focussed strategy of Matellio.


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