How to Develop an AI Copywriting Software like

Updated on Apr 26th, 2024

How to Develop an AI Copywriting Software like

“The only limit to AI is human imagination.”- Chris Duffey.

AI or Artificial Intelligence has eliminated various manual and monotonous tasks by automating them through quick computational power and data-based learning. Gradually, though, AI is entering spaces that are far less tedious. AI art generators, for example, are now extensively used by people to create unique art pieces just with the help of a few texts prompts. In a way, AI is all posed to take over one of the most human-intensive fields of work – creativity. 

Though not as dramatic or visually appealing, AI copywriting software emulates human creativity with as much sophistication. Software like Jasper, CopyAI, WordSmith, etc., are a few of the more popular AI copywriting software that simplifies content generation for businesses from various verticals. The technology such software use is generative AI, and most software engineering companies offering AI development services are now capable of generating such software solutions.

  • AI is gradually overtaking the creative fields and automating tasks like art and content generation.  
  • Jasper AI is one of the most popular AI copywriting software to automate content creation. 
  • Besides generating the content, AI copywriting tools supporting multiple languages can also be used for translation. 
  • Advanced AI copywriting software can even prepare more search engine and sales-optimized content.

What is an AI Copywriting Software, and Why is so Popular?

In the simplest terms, AI copywriting software is a tool that helps users generate extensive content based on a few textual inputs and contextual parameters. For example, if a legal firm wants to draw a contract document, it can provide all the required details, set the context, name the different parties concerned, and the terms of the agreements. Based on all these inputs and trained on millions of similar contractual agreements, it will be able to generate a similar contract.  

This is one of the crudest ways AI copywriting software is used by law firms. The eCommerce industry uses the software to generate creative product descriptions and for marketing agencies to write ad copies, SEO titles and descriptions, and even blog titles and paragraphs. As such, the more advanced an AI copywriting software program is more kinds of content it will be able to write. The content’s complexity and depth also need training and specificity. This is why one AI copywriting software is stealing the limelight these days, namely – Jasper AI. 

Jasper AI is an eponymous AI copywriting software developed and sold by an Austin, Texas-based artificial intelligence company Jasper. Businesses of varied scales and verticals use the software to generate various kinds of content. The capability of the tool to write in-depth content, and that too for a variety of industry and in various formats, make Jasper AI one of the most popular and versatile copywriting AI tools.

Features to Develop for AI Copywriting Software Like Jasper AI

Features to Develop for AI Copywriting Software Like Jasper AI

As mentioned above, it is the versatility of the tool and the strength of its algorithm to write highly contextual write-ups that makes Jasper AI such a famous AI copywriting software. Here are some of the more defining features of the tool you would like to develop in your similar software. 

Streamline Content Creation

For most companies, content creation doesn’t start or end with mere content generation. In fact, there are a lot of steps and flows that go into the making of a content generation workflow, including selecting a type of content, and its title, creating a content brief, and answering major questions around it, like who is the content for, what is it trying to achieve, and where will it get published, etc.  

Furthermore, it’s not always just one content. For example, a company with a strong content marketing plan would want to generate various kinds of content for the same audience with the same intent and context but through different formats, titles, and content briefs. As such, streamlining the content creation workflow can prove to be a game changer for them, and this is where Jasper emerges as the one-stop solution. 

With its pre-built workflow named ‘recipes,’ users can run a series of commands in sequence to generate a desired piece of content rapidly. Recipes are a series of specific commands put together to generate a different kinds of content. Using them, they can ask Jasper to deliver a specific piece of content, be it a landing page, an ad copy, a blog, or even a book. 

Multi-language Content

Today, English is definitely the most used language across the internet. Moreover, since most of the AI copywriting tools are developed in nations with English as the native language, it is taken as a natural consequence that AI copywriting software would prepare only English content. However, when it comes to Jasper AI, this is not the case. 

At present, the tool is used to generate content in more than twenty-five languages, including Bulgarian, Spanish, Japanese, German, and more. As per the latest statistics published by Web Technology surveys, English constitutes substantial, yet only 60% of the entire content on the internet. The other popular languages on the web are Russian, Spanish, German, Turkish, and French.  

Now the popularity of the language does count as an important factor in selecting the language for an AI copywriting tool; it is not the only one. If you’re looking to develop AI copywriting software like Jasper AI, your foremost consideration should be your target audience. If you only want to cater to people knowing the Japanese language, for example, there is no point investing in the training and development of a machine learning model in other languages. The primary focus should then be on translation and developing models for only those languages that are useful for your specific business requirements. 

Multiple Use Cases

Jasper, at present, is offering fifty-plus use cases for content creation. These use cases are nothing but the different writing skills on which its algorithm is trained to generate a similar kind of content. It includes paragraph generation, product description, blog post topic ideas, personal bio generator for social profiles, social media ad headline generator, etc. 

Now, if you do want to develop AI copywriting software exactly like Jasper AI, it is ideal that you develop it for as many, if not more, templates. However, if budget is a constraint for you and you have specific content requirements for your business, you should develop the software only for those few.  

For example, if yours is an eCommerce company, you would only want your copywriting tool to be able to generate product descriptions, ad copies, landing pages, and order details. You will not need an AI tool to write a personal Bio or real estate listing. As such, embedding your tool with these use cases would not be beneficial. Instead, you should only pick the more important ones and invest in enhancing them. 

AI Art Generator

Another interesting feature of Jasper AI is that it has nothing to do with writing content. Instead, it’s about supporting that content with relevant visual representation. AI art generator is a new series of AI applications that can generate mesmerizing, unique, and quite creative results only through textual descriptions. 

Mostly these arts are used for the purpose of simple art; many are using these outputs to generate distinctive NFT arts. In fact, most of these arts are being used as NFTs. So, even though you may not be in the arena of NFT right now, you can do so by simply equipping your AI copywriting tool with AI art generation technology. What makes this combination – AI copywriting and art generation, a great pick is that both the technologies are of a generative type and use the advanced concept of AI. Therefore, the infrastructural requirement of one’s deployment would remain majorly the same for the other. Enabling investors to offer two services at the expense of one. 

For your AI copywriting tool, you enhance this service by integrating textual and visual art generation. You can have your AI copywriting software development company merge the two services so that similar text and images can be created through one input and set of parameters to make your content even more effective. 

Sales-optimized Content

Jasper AI has been trained on content that has been optimized by multiple sales personnel with the best-known principles of conversion. Every persuasion tactic known, implemented, and tested can be a part of the training material making to help the team close multiple deals quickly.  

Documentation is of tremendous help to both the marketing and sales departments. It enables the teams to retrieve accurate information and avoid recurrent and unnecessary communications. Instead, with these conversion-optimized documents, they can simply target multiple prospects at a time and make their outreach campaigns more efficient. The documents, which are optimized to improve the chances of conversion, will help convince prospects to buy your products or subscribe to your services. 

Your AI content generation tool, too, can be trained on the publicly available sales document to learn the art of persuasion and implement the same on its outputs. With such a tool in their arsenal, your sales team can eliminate the redundant task of creating a document for every deal and instead automate the entire process. Later, they would only require to enter the custom data that would vary from case to case, rest, everything would be taken care of by your AI copywriting software like Jasper AI. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one of the most important weapons in the arsenal of your inbound marketing team. SEO allows your marketing staff to bring prospects and customers to your website while they are looking for similar services and products on the internet. In fact, 68% of all online experiences today begin with an online search. As such, if you do have an online presence for your business, it is important to optimize its content for search engine results. 

While most companies hire SEO experts and content writers skilled in writing search-engine-optimized content, you can avoid all that by simply building your Jasper AI-like copywriting tool with SEO capabilities. Jasper AI, by itself, already has a use case for generating SEO content like titles and meta descriptions. You can further train your copywriting AI tool to generate SEO landing page content to derive more use out of it.

ai copywriting software development

Benefits of Custom AI Copywriting Software Development Over Pre-Built Solutions

Benefits of Custom AI Copywriting Software Development Over Pre-Built Solutions

Jasper AI is indeed one of the best-known tools today to automate copywriting for various business purposes. Now while this tool is quite extensive, it may not be the perfect solution for you. In fact, if you have a smaller number of use cases, the Jasper AI cost can prove to make the tool less ROI-driven for you. Instead, you can invest in AI copywriting software development to make the tool meet all your specific business requirements. 

Saves Time and MoneyIt Saves Time and Money

Custom AI copywriting software will save you both time and money in deriving the desired output. The high Jasper AI cost is a result of the extensive use cases of the tool. However, most companies do not need all those templates. They only need a few of them and need not pay for the rest. Similarly, having full-fledged copywriting software like Jasper AI will need more time to train your staff since they have to navigate through the entire software to reach the template or feature they require. Instead, through AI development services, they can have custom copywriting software with a UI and features developed just for your team, helping them learn and use the software swiftly. 

More Tailored WritingMore Tailored Writing

By training your AI model on the relevant content for your business and use cases, you can have it generate more tailored content. Such a trained model will result in a more tailored solution that can generate more specific and in-depth content for the given niche. What more? Since your software will already remain aware of your business services and products, it will not need more parameters to understand the context of your content requirement. Instead, it can even present the user with tooltips to select parameters from given options since there will remain only a few of them, to begin with. 

Selected Multi-language ContentSelected Multi-language Content

Another reason for Jasper AI’s cost to remain so high is that it supports over twenty-five global languages and dialects. Now your business may not be operating in as many locations to derive the benefit of so many languages. Therefore, paying for all of them is not a great idea. Instead, with custom AI copywriting software, you can have your Machine Learning model trained only on those documents and languages as are required by you. 

Automate Oversimplified WritingAutomate Oversimplified Writing

Not all kinds of copywriting require time and effort. In fact, copies for CTAs, ads, FAQs, and technical product descriptions, only need a model trained in framing sentence structures. With a little input from users, they can then generate hundreds of varied copies in a very short amount of time. These kinds of copies can quickly be automated through custom AI copywriting software. Since these copies are easy to create, and there is no dearth of data to train the model, you can much more easily develop complete enterprise solutions with an API for this small feature.

AI Copywriting Software Development Process

Jasper AI is one of the best-known off-the-shelf AI software for copywriting with a huge range of extensive features. With the software, you can generate a variety of content for varied contexts and niches. All you need to do is pick your template, input the required parameters, and set the context, and that’s it. With such a simple interface, Jasper AI is known for its extensive offerings, offerings that are duly accounted for in its packages. Now while the software is reasonably priced, there’s no reason why you should pay for it if you don’t require all those rich features. Instead, you may require some custom features, which you can achieve through custom AI copywriting software development services.  

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Research and Requirement AnalysisResearch and Requirement Analysis

The first step of the AI copywriting software development process starts with market research and requirement analysis. It is an important step of the process as it helps determine whether you require to build custom software or an enterprise solution with API and other third-party tools. You must understand what kind of content generation you wish to automate and what parameters and training data you can make available. Based on both these considerations, you can decide what your exact requirements are, what could be the feasibility of adding them to the AI copywriting software, and how much budget you should invest in it.  

Features SelectionFeatures Selection

Once you’re sure of your business’ content requirements and the derived benefits of its automation, you can finalize the features you would like to develop. Here you can definitely keep the features of Jasper AI as the major reference, but the final selection must always reflect your specific business requirements and goals. Some of the more common features you can develop for your AI copywriting software include a custom dictionary, language support as per your requirements, the ability to set the different contexts, customize the template with additional parameters, etc.  

Hire a Development TeamHire a Development Team

With all the features decided, the next step involves coding and development of the AI copywriting software. Since the software has AI in its center, you will definitely need to hire AI developers with experience and skills in NLP models like GPT-3. Other than AI/machine learning developers, you will need the skills of UX experts to simplify the software’s offerings for the users. Since there can be multiple parameters involved in the generation of content, end users must be able to enter the required inputs easily, and this would require excellent UX development services. Other than AI and UX developers, you will also need the help of a project manager to manage the development lifecycle and QA engineers to test the software and its functionality.   

Test and DeployTest and Deploy

When it comes to complex AI software development like Jasper AI, it is better to fix the flaws in the production phase itself rather than waiting for users to raise their concerns. Generative AI is anyways a new technology, and as such, any error or bug post-deployment can cause major concerns among the early adopters. Not to mention, deploying AI software with generative capabilities cost both money and time in model training and development. This is why testing must be done iteratively at every step to ensure minor bugs do not snowball into major production flaws.  

Software UpgradeSoftware Upgrade

AI copywriting software is only as effective and efficient as the data and content its model has been trained upon. This is why the development lifecycle of the software should not end at its deployment. The software will be used to generate content and then edit it too based on the user inputs, feedback, and edits. The AI model here should be enabled to learn from this feedback and make itself more robust to fit the business requirements. These learnings can then be deployed later with version upgrades to keep growing the value of the software for its target audience. 

Wrapping Up!

Copywriting is one of those business tasks that remained notoriously difficult to automate. Since copywriting requires human creativity, it becomes tricky to replicate such a capability through computer devices. Jasper AI is breaking all these stereotypes, bringing a new era of AI copywriting. Now Jasper AI is quite a popular and useful tool with a multitude of features, but it may still not be the best solution for you. The Jasper AI cost includes so many extensive features that it can run over a company’s marketing budget quickly without reaping the benefits. Instead, one can invest in custom AI copywriting software development and have it developed for the exact business requirements to save both money in development and time in software training. If you are looking to develop such a custom solution, all you need to do is share your requirements with us. Matellio, with its extensive experience in software development services and unparalleled skills in AI and ML development, can help you automate your copywriting processes seamlessly.

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