AI Face App Development – How to Develop an App Like FaceApp?

Updated on Jan 5th, 2024

AI Face App Development - How to Develop an App Like FaceApp

In today’s digital era, the concept of photo editing apps is growing at a rapid pace. As per a trusted source, the photo editing app market will surpass $402 million by 2030! But what could be the reason for such growth? Well, there are many, but the strongest reason is the introduction of the AI face app. AI face app development has today become the most profitable trend. Whether we talk about apps like Reface or AI app like Lensa, each of the AI photo editing apps have so far generated huge revenues and gained huge popularity. And why not?  

With its ability to understand and interpret visual data, AI face apps have today revolutionized the way we enhance our selfies and unleash our creative potential. One such AI face editing app that is trending today in the market is FaceApp.   

With a 4.4 rating and more than 100M downloads on Play Store, FaceApp has today become a prominent AI face editing app. This AI face-editing app has taken the world by storm with its amazing ability to transform faces. The app can make a person look older, younger, change genders, add smiles, beards, and more. Intrigued?  

You can also benefit from this AI face app concept by creating a custom app. In this blog, we will explore all the features, tech stack, resources required and the development process for AI face app development.

  • AI face app development has become a popular trend in the photo editing app market. The popularity and success of apps like Lensa AI, Reface, and FaceApp are proof of this beneficial trend.   
  • Connect with an experienced AI app development company to create an app like FaceApp. Ensure that the company assists you in market research, digital consulting, development, and testing.   
  • There are several features that you should incorporate, such as beauty filters, picture animation, selfie enhancement, background remover, etc., to make your app successful.   
  • Always pay attention to the UI/UX aspect of your app, as it majorly affects its user experience and, eventually, its success.  
  • Partnering with an experienced AI app development company will help you identify the most suitable and latest market trends that can further enhance the capabilities of your application.  
  • Do not forget to test your app and always follow the Agile development methodology for AI face app development.

What is FaceApp?

Before proceeding with AI face app development and creating an app like FaceApp, let us quickly learn what exactly this app is all about. FaceApp is a leading name in the AI face editing and selfie enhancement app category. This excellent app has made itself a unique brand name in the market due to its phenomenal AI functionalities like age reversing, gender-swapping, selfie enhancement, smart filters, etc.    

Whether you want to see how you might look in the future or take a trip back to your younger self? FaceApp can make it happen. Fascinatingly, you can also use this app to know play with your picture’s present emotion (adding a smile, anger, or sadness), add interactive makeup filters, add a mustache and hair, etc.   

Undoubtedly, the main driving force behind the immense popularity of FaceApp is its impressive utilization of AI technology. This clever app leverages the power of artificial intelligence to generate incredibly realistic facial transformations.   

Why Invest in AI Face App Development Like FaceApp?

The popularity of FaceApp and many other similar applications like Lensa, Reface, etc., are sufficient to support the investment in AI face app development. But if you are still not convinced, here are a few more reasons why you should invest in creating an app like FaceApp:

AI Face App Development - Market Stats

The stats shown above clearly depict that photo editing, especially AI face app development, have a bright future, and this trend is not coming down anytime soon. But what are the other reasons to create an app like FaceApp? Let’s explore:  

Huge Market Potential

Face filters and effects are hugely popular on social media and messaging apps. An AI face app can grab a slice of this multi-billion-dollar market.  


Face transformation effects can spread widely across social networks, fueling growth. FaceApp itself went viral globally.  

Monetization Opportunities

An app like FaceApp can help you generate revenues via in-app purchases for additional filters and effects or unlocking premium features. Third-party advertising is another income stream.  

Top Features to Create a Successful AI Face Editing App Like FaceApp

So now that you have decided to invest in AI face app development let us quickly discuss its main aspect, which is the features. Features play a critical role in defining the success of your custom mobile application. If you have unique and user-centric features that no other competitor provides, then you can easily gain popularity with fewer marketing efforts, just like FaceApp.  

But identifying such features can be a tedious task for you. That’s what experts are for! As a leading mobile app development company, we have listed the top features that must be present in your AI face app, like FaceApp.   

Age Progression RegressionAge Progression/Regression

The foremost feature that your custom AI face app should have is age progression/regression. By using AI algorithms, the app should be able to analyze the user’s facial features and proportions and make the necessary alterations to make it look younger or older as per the user’s requirements. This involves smoothing wrinkles, changing the shape of the jaw and cheeks, and altering the size of the eyes and ears.     

Gender SwapGender Swap

Gender swapping is another excellent and interactive feature to incorporate in your custom AI face app like FaceApp. The app should detect gender-based traits from the image and alter those traits to generate a gender-swapped image. This can be done by altering the shape of the eyebrows, jawline, and nose, as well as changing the size and fullness of the lips.     

Emotion ChangeEmotion Change

Emotional change is a unique and advanced feature that can add to the success of AI face app development. You can leverage AI development services to detect the user’s neutral facial expression and apply new emotions to the image, such as smiles, tears, anger, etc.     

Beauty FiltersBeauty Filters

The most common yet essential feature that must be present in your custom app like FaceApp is beauty filters. You should enable your users to enhance their skin tone or add a mustache and other filters to their images, just like Snapchat or Instagram does. You can also offer animated versions of the pictures to the users for better engagement.   

Makeup EffectsMakeup Effects

Another essential functionality that must be present in your AI face app like FaceApp is the makeup and special effects feature. Your custom app should offer a library of digital accessories, makeup, facial hair, hats, masks, and other effects that can be overlaid on the user’s face using AI image segmentation and compositing techniques.  

Animation Art GeneratorAnimation/Art Generator

The concept of avatar or art generation is at its peak, and that’s the main reason for the success behind Lensa and other face editing apps. Hence, you should also incorporate such functionality in your custom AI face app like FaceApp. Your app should completely alter the shape and proportions of the user’s face to resemble animals, cartoon characters, aliens, and other non-human forms.

Custom AI Face App Like FaceApp

AI Face App Development – How to Create an App Like FaceApp?

So, we are now at the most important aspect of our blog post, the process of AI face app development. Like other custom mobile applications, creating an app like FaceApp is a complex task. For instance, you need to have knowledge of the latest trends and technologies trending in the picture editing app market.   

Additionally, you are also required to have a professional team of testers, consultants, designers, UI/UX engineers, and developers who are well-versed in AI app development services. Not to mention, the knowledge of the hurdles that might come during the development process also adds to the complexity of AI face app development.  

That’s where a professional AI mobile app development company like Matellio comes into play!  

By partnering with an experienced app development company and hiring dedicated developers from them at flexible pricing models, you can easily streamline various facets of your app development project. Here’s how to get started for creating your custom AI app like FaceApp:  

Understand Your Target Audiences’ Requirements

The foremost step to AI face app development is to understand your target market and target audience. Before launching an app like FaceApp, you need to carefully study the market and its latest demands. For instance, what functionalities are trending, what other competitors are providing, and what unique features your target audience is looking for that you can add to your custom AI face app.   

You can only proceed in the right direction if you have clear requirements. With this market and competitor analysis, you will better understand what features to implement, who your target audience is, and which location to target with what marketing channels. Some leading mobile app development companies can also help you with this market and competitor analysis thing.   

Well, at least Matellio offers free 30-min digital consulting along with complimentary market and competitor analysis services. You can fill out our form to book your free consultation slot.  

Select an Experienced AI App Development Company

The next big step for AI face app development is to partner with an experienced and reliable mobile app development company. A professional app development company will have years-long experience in creating similar AI applications, and they can do the same for you.  

You no longer need to hire developers as you get all the resources under one roof at flexible pricing models. You can even leverage IT staff augmentation services to scale your development team anytime throughout the project. Plus, the perks of implementing the latest trends, features, next-gen tech, and aesthetic designs are also possible only by connecting with an experienced AI app development company.  

So, choose a reliable development partner by exploring their portfolio, customer reviews, and service offerings.   

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Pay heed to features, tech stack, and the resources required

Once you have the essential resources and top trends, it is time to move to the next step and finalize the best features for your AI face app, like FaceApp. As discussed above, features are crucial to defining the success of your custom AI face app. Having the most unique and user-centric features will help you lure more users in a short time.   

So, to help you, we have already listed the most advanced features in the section above. However, as an experienced digital transformation services provider, we strongly suggest you go with a mixture of some basic and some advanced features and then scale with proper feedback and future business growth.   

Now coming to the tech stack, it solely depends on your specific requirements and the features you choose for your custom app like FaceApp. But here’s the common tech stack for AI face app development:  

Deep Learning Frameworks TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras 
Neural Networks Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) 
Face Detection OpenCV, Dlib, or MTCNN (Multi-task Cascaded Convolutional Networks) 
Facial Landmark Detection Dlib or Face-Alignment 
Expression Recognition Deep learning algorithms, like VGG-Face or ResNet 
Image Manipulation PIL (Python Imaging Library) or OpenCV 
Image Transformation and Editing Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and libraries like Pix2Pix or CycleGAN 
Cloud Services AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP 

However, you must note that this is just a basic idea of the tech stack. To know the exact technological requirements for your AI face app development, you can contact our experts and share your specific requirements over a free 30-min consultation call.   

AI Face App Development

Create aesthetic designs and focus on UI/UX

Apart from features and tech stack, UI/UX plays a crucial role in defining the scope and success of your AI face app. Even if you have the most promising features and they are not accessible to your target audience, they are of no use.   

Hence, always focus on simplifying the navigation of your app so that users are well aware of what a certain feature will do. Keep the interface of your app simple yet interactive by making use of the latest UI components like gamification.  

Your hired UI/UX developers will have a better idea of these things if they are experienced. So, always consider choosing a professional app development company so that you can access expert UI/UX developers that have delivered similar projects in the past.   

Develop Your AI App Using the Agile Method

Now that you have all the resources, best designs, features, and tech stack, you are ready to proceed with AI face app development. However, one thing that you must consider while creating an app like FaceApp is to follow the Agile methodology.  

That’s because the Agile method breaks your project into easily manageable sprints. It allows you to get real-time updates on your project after each development stage. That means you can ensure expected and business-focused app development and can even introduce changes at any stage without affecting the previous sprint. Hence, you should always partner with an app development company that follows the Agile methodology.  

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Test Your App and Deploy

Last, but not least, make sure to test your app thoroughly to check it performs optimally on the desired platforms and devices. Testing is, in fact, the most important step that identifies even the minute bugs that were left unidentified during the development process.   

That eventually results in better performance, zero glitches, and a high user experience. We are sure you want all of that for your custom AI face app like FaceApp. Hence, always opt for manual or automated testing services for your custom application.   

Well, you need not worry about this if you partner with a reliable company, as they always offer testing services as an integral part of their app development package. At least Matellio does that. Hence, choose wisely!  

How Much Does AI Face App Development Cost?

So, we are at the most awaited section of our article – the cost of AI face app development. Well, like other custom mobile applications, the cost of creating an app like FaceApp also depends on several factors and majorly on your set of requirements.   

For instance, if you choose all the advanced functionalities, then it would cost more than an app with a mixture of basic and advanced features. Similarly, the number of resources working on your project, the tech stack used, services opted by you, and the complexity of the app also affect the app development cost and time.   

So, to get an exact estimate, you should always discuss your requirements and ideas with expert consultants. They will analyze your business needs and will offer you an accurate estimate based on your requirements.

AI Face App Development

How Can Matellio Help You Create an AI Face App Like FaceApp?

As a leading app development company with expertise in offering business-focused AI development services, we can be your trusted app development partner. Our expert developers can help you create a custom AI face app like FaceApp with your choice of features, designs, and ideas at competitive prices.    

Our consultants can help you create a perfect roadmap based on your requirements and help you choose the most advanced features and tech stack for your project. You also get all the talented resources required for your AI face app development project under one roof. Not to mention you can also leverage our free 30-min consultation call along with complimentary market and competitor research services.  

So, grab this golden opportunity today by creating a custom AI face app like FaceApp with Matellio. Fill out our form to get started!

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